Warid introduces 4G LTE Wingle and MiFi

Warid has launched the 4G LTE Broadband Wingle and MiFi device today.

Warid Wingle:

The Warid Wingle connects to internet using multiple devices and offers high speed 4G LTE internet of up to 150Mbps with coverage in all major cities nationwide.

Warid’s Wingle can support up to 10 users simultaneously.  It can be controlled via smart phone and functions such as plugging in a car charger, laptop USB port or even directly to a power outlet using an adaptor.

Warid MiFi:

Warid is also offering 4G LTE MiFi, a portable and rechargeable device that can transmit WiFi signals from the 4G LTE MiFi on the go.  On purchase of Warid’S 4G LTE Wingle & Mifi devices, customers get Double volume for first three months.

Price and Packages:

The Warid Wingle can be purchased for PKR. 2500 and users can opt for a price plan (per month rate) ranging from PKR.1500 to PKR.3000, each offering two shared connections and options for data usage.

A special Wingle promotion also gives customers the option of getting the device for FREE along with 60GB data month for 3 months for PKR.5,999.

Commenting on the launch of 4G LTE Wingle, Mr. Asim Ali, Director of Pricing, Segments & VAS at Warid Telecom said:

We have always aimed at expanding our services to exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Due to the increasing demand for high-speed internet on the go, we hope that the new Wingle device will fulfill our customers’ requirement and increase their convenience.

  • Excellent initiation of Wingles by Warid.Warid will be able to capture more than 1 million customers within 6 months through this introduction.Well done Warid.Keep it up.

    • Bhai, ye 4g he… Abhi k lehaz se warid ke packages sub se sastey hein 4g mein…
      Aur wese bhi.. Waqt k sath sath prices drop hoti rahein gi jub dusrey networks warid k sath competition create krein ge… ;)

      • yeah this is true that in Pakistan operators are offering some of the cheapest 4g packages. . . . Zongs has also upped the game …. see the latest article on Zong 4g … and compare it with warid’s packages considering the fact that on zong you have 3g to fall back on when 4g is not available (its not the case with Warid) and Zong has 2-3 times faster speeds than warid

        • Just read the article, its awesome! But also, there is one point that particularly annoys me, its only for karachi :( but nevertheless, i think it’ll soon be available in my city as well ;)
          Also, there is one thing, warid ain’t gonna just sit there and watch the show… they’re also gonna compete…. i hope…

          • you know the thing i like about Warid is their coverage of LTE …it’s impressive… I mean they are pushing it. . and that’s good for competition . . . . it’s because of warid that 4g will roll-out faster. Had Warid not been in the competition .. 4G roll-out would’ve been much slower.

  • Every 3G/4G user will have to check which mobile internet service is providing fastest speed in his area and select it accordingly. In some places, Warid 4G is best and at some places, Warid 4G will be very down and Zong 4G will be fast. So every user will select according to their ares irrespective of price plans

  • friends i need help…
    i wana buy buy mifi so i should use all networks sims in it (unlock) now i am cofused in between ptcl charji cloud and warid mifi cloud ? which one would be better ..as both prices (3500) are same ?
    how can i get these devices for unlocking whithout subscribing to their defult pacage for one month ?……….kindly help plzzz

    • Dear Hamza, First, We will have to check, Which Huawei Model is being offered by Warid to use its LTE services as Zong is offering 150 Mbps Huawei E8278 Wingle in 12000 and Huawei E8231 as 3G Wingle ( Telenor / Zong )

      For Time being, Huawei E3276 is available as 4G Dongle in Pakistani Market which is used by me. I tested it over Warid network. It donot support Warid LTE and unable to connect with Zong 4G LTE.

      So, Warid is offering 4G Wingle device at very very low price. But you will have to unlock it using unlocking software available at internet. But there is risk of damage during unlocking the device.

      For Islamabad/ RWP, Warid launched very cheap package 100 PKR for 5G – 7 Days. Keep patience, InshAllah same package would be availble to rest of cities also.

        • We have no choice to buy Zong / Warid locked devices until unless Huawei step forward into market by introducing its Unlocked Dongles, Wingles, MiFi via its retail network. I hate PeeTeeCL – They are farud cheaters …

        • Yes bro its 3g. Zong 4g is not yet available in multan. Sometime its even touch 17mbps.

          And ptcl charji huawei 5377u-872 is available in the market. I got it box pack for Rs. 3200. Got it unlocked from a local mobile shop. And now it can be used with any sim.

        • bro i can safely say that its zong’s 3g … cuz i have personally used both zong’s 3g and 4g … and in my testing and from results posted here in comments by different people from different cities i can say that zong’s 3g is capable enough to offer what warid is offering on its 4g. . . . .

        • Absolutely wrong. No where do they say 150 Mbps is for WiFi network. They say it is maximum for internet.

                • I know. That is why I said 7% of theoretical. You shouldn’t make decisions based on that 11mbps is lot of bandwidth. If the competition gives you 20 mbps at a lower price. One should buy that. Its about who gives you the most speed with the least price.

                  • obviously right now prices and coverage are the issue for most of users. speeds are good enough depending upon your area.

              • This is common sense. There might be a mistake in the column or a change of perspective. check specs of any wifi router on Dlink/Tplink websites and then you will come to know.
                100Mbps or 150Mbps is wifi network data transfer speed not internet speed.

        • It is Huawei Dongle (Hardware) Capacity to support 150 Mbps – CAT 3 or CAT 4. Huawei also offer 450 Mbps devices – CAT 9 LTE for LTE-A networks ….

  • in both the wingle and mifi you can have only 2 secondary users. That is rubbish. It should work like a wireless router where anyone with a password can connect and use the net.

    • I’m from Model Town Lahore, Don’t have a phone which supports Warid LTE but I need a good internet connection for my PC is warid wingle or mifi is a good option? As wateen went down and I hate Pee TCL.

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