Apple iOS 8.4 Is Now Available

Apple’s latest iOS release, version 8.4 is now live. The update brings a few new features, most notable being Apple Music and several bug fixes to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It will be sent to the iPhone 4S and later models, and iPad 2 and later.

The most anticipated feature here is the Apple Music service, which is a paid music streaming service. Free for the first three months, it will cost you $9.99 per month to get access to all the music that you want from your favorite artists.

A major part of it is Beats 1, which is a worldwide, 24-hour radio service which gives you access to shows, exclusive interviews and music. Users will be able to create their own radio stations or log-in to existing ones. Due to these announcements, the iOS Music app has been heavily redesigned and revamped to include the new features.

Other features include mainly bug fixes but there are a few noteworthy additions here and there. iBooks now features audiobooks, and “Made for iBooks” on the iPhone. You can also pre-order a particular book in a series beforehand.

An issue which prevented GPS apps from providing location details has been fixed, and so is the bug which allowed deleted Watch apps to reinstall themselves.

As you would expect, the update is the last major release until iOS 9 hits this fall. It doesn’t bring anything earth-shattering to the table but it is still welcome. Expect it to hit your iPhones soon.

  • Guest Reader

    How about the notorious and most annoying bug (at least in 4S/iOS 8.3) that constantly drops WiFi signal? Fixed or not?

    • Tnt4ever

      you can try & test , no issue in ipad 2 , air, 5s , 6+

    • Ammar

      4S? Time to move on dude…