Senate Approves the Capital University of Science and Technology in Islamabad

The Senate has passed a bill approving the foundation of a new university in Islamabad. The new university will go by the name of Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST). The bill had previously been passed by the National Assembly Lower House on the 18th of May.

The establishment of the new university was proposed by the Muhammad Ali Jinnah Trust in Islamabad. It will be a part of the largest educational network in Pakistan, the Punjab Group of Colleges. Punjab Group of Colleges accounts for several colleges throughout the country since 1985. The group also owns the Muhammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi, the University of Central Punjab in Lahore, the Allied Schools and the Resource Academia.

The institute is reported to employ at least 50 PhD and 70 MS qualified professors

The new university will consist of specialist departments for electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. While Computer Sciences, Biosciences and a relatively new field named Bioinformatics will also be a part of the new establishment. The University will follow HEC guidelines and offer 4-years Bachelors courses, 2-years Masters of Science and 3-years PhDs qualifications. The institute is reported to employ at least 50 PhD and 70 MS qualified professors.

CUST will also be able to open new campuses, research centers, and colleges in other cities of the country after the approval from their Board of Governors. The approval of CUST is amongst the HEC’s plan to start 5 universities and 36 campuses within the next three-year period.

Laying the foundations of HEC approved higher education institutions will always be good for the country and the people but we will have to wait and see if the corporate body having its main settlement in Islamabad will be able to ensure a high standard of quality education or just fill the job market with more unworthy qualified engineers and researchers.

Source: Dunya News

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  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (Islamabad Campus) is being renamed to CUST. All departments will remain the same i.e. EE, CE, ME, CS, SE, BI, BBA etc

    Still no info whether the old students will get their credits transferred to CUST or will get their degree with MAJU name.

      • Yup, MAJU was fine. They’re changing because MAJU (ISB) was based on the charter from Sindh government and main campus is in Karachi so all ratings derived from that campus whereas the ISB campus is way better than the KHI one.

        I don’t really like this but it is what it is…

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