Who will Stop QMobile from Lying on National TV?

Another day, another blatant falsehood on national television by a company that’s seemingly outsourcing its marketing to Fiverr.

QMobile, which has been in the news numerous times for misleading advertisement, has not seemingly learned its lesson.

This time, they have advertised their S1 smartphone as having a HD display while in reality it’s a FWVGA display (854×480).

bbScreen-grab from QMobile S1 TVC

With a pixels per inch density below 200, QMobile claims in the TVC that its phone has an HD display, which is a lie.

Honestly, we’re even tired of covering this but we feel like we have to. With no laws in place to keep such advertisements in check, we feel like it’s our responsibility to call out these shady marketing practices which target those who don’t understand the nuances of technology.

We are wondering who (from the government) can come up to stop Qmobile from lying to Pakistanis. One simply shouldn’t be allowed say whatever it want to (including lies) after buying airtime from TV stations.

One simply shouldn’t be allowed say whatever it want to (including lies) after buying airtime from TV stations

This is the utmost limit that QMobile has crossed. QMobile really should be ashamed of itself. Such incidents have been so common that we are starting to sound like a broken record. They have done amazingly well to consolidate a very significant chunk of the Pakistani mobile market but they are hurting themselves in the eyes of consumers by straight up lying in their commercials.

We also call upon the regulatory bodies to ensure that companies don’t get away with such lies on national television.


QMobile was quick to react and fix the TVC. Now TVC mentions the display of its S1 phone as “5” IPS Display”.

Check below screen-grab of the updated TVC:


Thank you Hashim and HK for screen-grabs.

QMobile’s previous gimmicks:

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • aoo bahi Qmobile k hamatio ajao

    • mane

      Please #BANQMOBILE

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    The term is national media not TV.
    If speeches of some immature politicians published and lies of IK shown half of day for 126 days then allow them too.

    • usman raza

      O Pai pehle Apne name k saaath se “Dr” to hataa Axact k Jaali Degree waale….. Phir agli baat kreen…. Haain… Kesa Diya…. :D :D

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        I was Dr. before the exact. learn facts first. I was Dr. when I did my program on ARY and the moment I left they start trolling that my degrees are fake and now the same propaganda. ARY is the first channel where I appeared as doctor.No axact and you were born then

    • Sultan Sarfraz Khan

      The more appropriate wud b “if people can tolerate me the whole day in blessed month of Ramzan, they should accept it as well”

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        you hit the head of the nail.
        Don’t do this, people like me. If I appear that mean they watch me otherwise no channel offered me 10 million for ramzan only.

        • Dan The Destroyer Assman

          You begairat kameenay bc

        • Honestly I dont watch these shows. And “they” are those people who are kinda Juglee. They need to have some self respect :’3 But but but I have watched some videos in which some needy people are invited to such Inaam shows and you guys ask for donations. I like that part, That is a good thing to do in Ramadan.

  • Ateek Sheikh

    I love Qmobile as I have a relationship with them because I was one of the tricked person to buy a Qmobile but then Allah gave me Hidaya and now I’m better than fine.
    Long Live Qmobile !

    • Mohsin Alee

      U have relationship with qmobile?


      • Ateek Sheikh

        Your question should be what type of relationship?

    • mane

      You are a joker Ateek.


      • Ateek Sheikh

        Don’t be judgmental !!
        Have you understood my statement or was there any grammatical mistake?

    • Nasir Hameed

      You are an obvious idiot Mr. Ateek

      • Ateek Sheikh

        How you came to this conclusion my love ?

  • Fixed now! 5″ IPS Display

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    Bhai jan inka “world’s slimmest smartphone” wala kaam bhi jhut he. Oppo and some other companies have made even slimmer phones ! So its a lie as well!

  • Hashim

    Fixed now

  • HK

    no HD now.

  • Eli Ehsan

    All they need to do is hire a guy who checks whether or not an asterik ” * ” is placed at such dodgy claims.. #CorporateRule101

  • Saqib

    Can you please explain the difference between HD and IPS display for those who are less tech savvy like me?

    • Syeda Sidra

      HD means having resolution of 720×1280 so it will result in a sharp screen (with higher pixel density)

    • Syeda Sidra

      IPS is a screen technology. It is sort of way how pixels are arranged on the screen. (In-Plane switching)

    • Mohsin Alee

      Google it -_-

  • Hassan Ali Syed

    hahaha true !! pr awaam bewaqoof hy woh tou zaroor khareeday ge… For everyone’s information HD screen has a resolution of 1280 x 720 with an aspect ratio of 16:9…

    • Mohsin Alee

      True that.

      • Malik Faraz

        I m support q mobile bcz it is best Pakistan selling phone brand and it is also affordable for every citizen of Pakistan

        • Faryaad na karo bhai. Affordable hai but chakta bilkul bhi naho. Like suppose you bought a QMobile for 15k and it mess-ups, citizen k 15k to gae na :|

  • Mohsin Alee

    Qmobile crap is getting on nerves these days.

  • Omar

    QMobile Z9. -_-
    World’s slimmest phone.
    I mean like seriously? -_-
    Lies, lies everywhere.

  • M Waseem Akhtar

    What about songs used by qmobile in tvcs? I hope someday Ellie Goulding will sue qmobile for using her song of movie “fifty shades of grey”.

  • Suhair Jamal

    khareednay do Q mobile kay aashiqo ko Qmobile. i doubt they sell Qmobile anymore, im guessing more than half the production lot is given for free in Inam Ghar or other similar shows on different channels.

  • Hamza

    In sab ko choro…or ye dekho bhai..got the txt this morning

  • Ibrahim

    I learned my lesson the hard way. Bought a QMobile i10 for my wife, and straight out of the box a lot of its features just wouldn’t work. No Google Play access, glitchy camera, faulty charger that failed on the third charge, etc. So I went to their service centre. After some posturing, they agreed to give us a replacement in 2 weeks – not for the charger mind you because that’s not under warranty.

    After two weeks, we were given a ‘new’ unit, only it had about 80 pictures of some dude with his goats and cows inside, and its charging port didn’t work. So they basically took our phone and gave it to somebody else and took somebody else’s phone and gave it to us as a ‘new’ phone.

    I naturally protested, and the guy at the customer service desk tried to get cocky with me. By this point in time, I was so insanely pissed that I just yelled myself hoarse. Stood there and refused to move until they gave me a new phone. The guy was still trying to be fresh with me, so I just lost it. Threatened to sue. Told them I was a journalist and this would not end well for them. Even called the police to register a fraud FIR.

    Then they relented (or basically the guy at the counter wet himself) and said I could have a replacement in a week. I got a new phone a week later, which functioned for a while and then its motherboard died. I found out a couple of weeks after that QMobile discontinued that model because even they didn’t know how to fix the darned thing.

    Awful experience.

    • Geekpk

      who told u to buy qmobile?do some research before buying phones.

      • Ibrahim

        You, sir, have clearly never been married.

        • Geekpk

          called police just to get a mobile Qmobile replacement. Pathetic journalist u are really lol.

    • qmobile_hater

      QMOBILE should rename them as FartMobile …… If its not out, its ok… the moment it gets out ……. vanishes !

  • Malik Faraz

    I m support q mobile bcz it is best Pakistan selling phone brand and it is also affordable for every citizen of Pakistan and you have no right to speak against qmobile

  • there so many other important issues in Pakistan which need to be stop but still its going on for many years then who cares for just a mobile tvc :P

  • Idrees Muhammed

    In our country, there is no department to check these fake advertisements. Orient AC claims 80 watts of electricity consumption on all national newspapers and no check from government. There is an advertisement from a doctor having a degree MBBAS. Hakeems and Homeopaths claims to cure all the diseases for which developed countries have not been able to discover any medicines. Is there any government in this country???

  • Ammar

    When will ProPakistani going to highlight the fact that Zong advertises its 4G speeds as ‘up to 150mbps’ where as in reality they will never cross 35-40mbps.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    I was listening to an ad of Mobilink on way back home from work, where they were promoting a phone they are offering. No i am shocked to hear “2.8 inches ki bari screen”. Now any thing bigger than 4.5 inches can be a called screen for mobile but not 2.8 inches.

    You are right with your point, our organizations need to fix their advertisement policies and give info more correctly and responsibly.

  • Pakistan main koi kanoon nai her package k sat lika hota hia free free free free free unlimited unlimited unlimited

  • Muhammad Yasir

    NO ONE … simply ban them from here and request Gionee OR BLU to come take their place for BETTER and more up to date tech at much MUCH lesser prices !