Who will Stop QMobile from Lying on National TV?

Another day, another blatant falsehood on national television by a company that’s seemingly outsourcing its marketing to Fiverr.

QMobile, which has been in the news numerous times for misleading advertisement, has not seemingly learned its lesson.

This time, they have advertised their S1 smartphone as having a HD display while in reality it’s a FWVGA display (854×480).

bbScreen-grab from QMobile S1 TVC

With a pixels per inch density below 200, QMobile claims in the TVC that its phone has an HD display, which is a lie.

Honestly, we’re even tired of covering this but we feel like we have to. With no laws in place to keep such advertisements in check, we feel like it’s our responsibility to call out these shady marketing practices which target those who don’t understand the nuances of technology.

We are wondering who (from the government) can come up to stop Qmobile from lying to Pakistanis. One simply shouldn’t be allowed say whatever it want to (including lies) after buying airtime from TV stations.

One simply shouldn’t be allowed say whatever it want to (including lies) after buying airtime from TV stations

This is the utmost limit that QMobile has crossed. QMobile really should be ashamed of itself. Such incidents have been so common that we are starting to sound like a broken record. They have done amazingly well to consolidate a very significant chunk of the Pakistani mobile market but they are hurting themselves in the eyes of consumers by straight up lying in their commercials.

We also call upon the regulatory bodies to ensure that companies don’t get away with such lies on national television.


QMobile was quick to react and fix the TVC. Now TVC mentions the display of its S1 phone as “5” IPS Display”.

Check below screen-grab of the updated TVC:


Thank you Hashim and HK for screen-grabs.

QMobile’s previous gimmicks:

Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani.