Telcos Increase 3G Prices by 19.5% due to New Internet Tax

Ufone and Mobilink have increased 3G prices by 19.5% due to new tax that is imposed by Punjab government that it once agreed to take back but then backed off from the stance.

Since Punjab government is not issuing the reversal notification for internet taxes and situation has remained ambiguous since the announcement of withdrawal of taxes by Punjab Finance Minister in her budget speech, operators have decided to increase the tariffs for mobile internet so that they don’t have to pay the taxes from their own pockets.

Telenor, Zong and Warid are likely to increase their 3G, 2G, 4G tariffs with similar rate as well. Announcement for increase in tariffs from remaining operators is expected with-in next couple of days.


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New increased tariffs will be applicable country-wide, despite the fact that taxes on internet in Sindh and KPK are on hold due to court orders.

Telcos told ProPakistani that despite mobile internet taxes are on stay in Sindh and KPK, they will charge customers for the data services as courts may decide the matter either way and they might have to pay taxes for whole withheld duration if cases are decided against them.

Mobile users shouldn’t complain telcos for this increase in 3G rates, but yes they can go to the government and protest against newly imposed taxes

“This is why new tax by Punjab has tuned out to be very crucial as our fight against taxes has only widened and it has become hard for us to litigate three provinces against internet taxes”, said one official of a cellular company.

He said that customers shouldn’t complain telcos for this increase in 3G rates, but yes they can go to their government and protest against newly imposed taxes which are the main reason behind this revised tariffs.



SMS Broadcast to Customers from Mobilink

After increased tariffs, new rates for 3G services will be as following:

  • Ufone:
    • Daily Lite 3G Bucket: Rs. 11.95 (Old price: Rs. 10)
    • Daily Heavy 3G Bucket: Rs. 17.93 (Old Price: Rs. 15)
    • Daily Special 3G Bucket: Rs. 5.93 (Old Price: Rs. 5)
    • Mega Internet 3G Bucket: Rs. 7.17 (Old Price: Rs. 6)
    • 3 Day 3G Bucket: Rs. 29.88 (Old price: Rs. 25)
    • Weekly Lite 3G Bucket: Rs. 59.75 (Old Price: Rs. 50)
    • Weekly Heavy 3G Bucket: Rs. 149.38 (Old Price: Rs. 125)
    • Monthly 1GB 3G Bucket: Rs. 298.75 (Old Price: Rs. 250)
    • Monthly 3GB 3G Bucket: Rs. 597.50 (Old Price: Rs. 500)
    • Monthly 10GB 3G Bucket: Rs. 1,195 (Old Price: Rs. 1,000)
    • Social Daily Bucket: Rs. 5.98 (Old Price: Rs. 5)
    • Social Monthly Bucket: Rs. 59.75 (Old Price: Rs. 50)
    • Default Tariff: Rs. 23.90 per MB (Old Price: Rs. 20 per MB)
    • Applicable from: August 4th, 2015
  • Mobilink
    • Daily Lite Internet: Rs. 9.56 (Old Price: Rs. 8)
    • 3G Daily: Rs. 17.925 (Old Price: Rs. 15)
    • 3G Daily Super: Rs. 29.875 (Old price: Rs. 25)
    • 3G 3-Day: Rs. 41.825 (Old Price: Rs.35)
    • 3G Weekly: Rs. 71.7 (Old Price: Rs.60)
    • 3G Weekly Super: Rs. 119.5 (Old Price: Rs. 100)
    • 3G Monthly 2GB: Rs. 239 (Old Price: Rs. 200)
    • 3G Monthly 4500MB: Rs. 478 (Old Price: Rs. 400)
    • 3G Monthly 12000MB: Rs. 1195 (Old Price: Rs. 1,000)
    • 3G Hybrid Monthly: Rs. 478 (Old Price: Rs. 400)
    • Default Base Rate: Rs. 21.51 per MB (Old Rate: Rs. 18 per MB)
    • Applicable from July 24th, 2015

We see that this increase in tariff against taxes will help no one, rather a negative impact (of up to Rs. 200 billion loss per year) is expected on Pakistan’s economy. But who’s going to listen?

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Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

      • Acha 2014 main ppp ki government nay lagaya tha ye tax
        chawal he mari ha

        • Don’t reply if you are a unaware of the facts, you pathetic piece of sh****t who is using fake ids of other people, dsl pe tax 2012 mai pppp ne lagaya hai jo mai kpk mai pe kar raha hoon every month….

          • 2012 main ap jese chawlon pay laga hoga.werna baqi log 2013 say day rahay hain.wahan ki youthia gov nay lgaya tha.

  • what about 14% WHT on Internet? If we count that than Price goes up for Rs.1500 Packages . And for DATA SIM, all Operators except warid are deducting recharge tax. Mean in data SIM that comes with wingle or any other device i,e you load Rs.100 and Get 75, like normal SIM. For Data SIM there should be no recharge tax and we get complete balance. in warid Data SIM if you load Rs.100 than you get complete 100. But Now WHT 14% is also applicable In warid For 1500 Monthly Package You have to Load 1500 but now 1500 + 14% wht to activate package. And in other operators i.e in te;enor 3G connect Rs.1100 Package you have to load more than 1400 to get 1100. And for 1500 + package you have to load more than 2000 to activate bundle after WHT and normal card load recharge.

    • Mobile Internet is taxed at 14% for withholding tax as well. So all card loads (for data Sims as well) will be deducted with wht at first.

      • But on recharging DATA SIM except warid all operators are deducting Recharge Taxes like normal SIM, which seems sense less. The DATA SIM is made only for internet, so how they compete with EVO/WiMax Operators. There should be complete recharge balance on Data SIM and only newly imposed 14%WHT will be deducted. Otherwise these so called DATA SIM’s are useless to replace other broadband.

      • Dear Aamir Bhai, if someone regularly pays income tax, can they claim withholding tax and get that 14 percent back? If yes, how to do so?

        • File your tax return. You can claim withholding tax of all your sims and ptcl. You may also claim withholding tax paid through banks for banking transactions.
          Don’t forgat to get tax certificates from your sim operators by calling their helplines. Banks also provide similar certificates showing withholding tax paid.
          Plz note that only withholding tax can be claimed, GST cannot be claimed.

          • Mobile companies provide online tax details if you have account on their website.just download it from there

  • abi aye ga yahan aik PMLN ka doggy jo amir liquid ka naam use ker raha hou ga aur bolay ga key international market prices key mutabiq kia hai duniya mien internet ki prices oper ja rahye haein esliye tax laya hai. sharam nahe ati PMLN key supporters ko bi

  • 3G Hybrid Monthly: Rs. 478 (Old Price: Rs. 400)

    ^3G hybrid was always 478, have been subscribing to it since a few months.

  • Shame on Government a billionaire and poor giving the same taxes no equal distribution of wealth i am sick tired of government taxes and their performance . N league and PPP are the cancer for Pakistan but public still don’t understand

    • yup.. peak hours giving speeds around 2-3 Mbps at 4.30PM. Speeds increased to double in the non-peak hours touching 5-6 Mbps at 11PM and increased even further to 11-12 Mbps when tested post-midnight early morning at 2AM. That average between 1.5 Mbps in peak hours to 3 Mbps in non-peak hours. The upload speeds were consistently low with peak speeds just touching 1 Mbps.

        • sure.. most welcome :D
          Reliance Jio Infocomm (RJIL), which is preparing to launch unlimited 4G services at 100Mbps in India. Till now, we got unlimited RJIL 4G WIFI without any cost. speed is around 60 to 70Mbps.
          RJIL also offer LIVE TV services over its 4th Generation LTE network with Android run set top box (STB). its same like google TV or Apple TV in USA.
          The 4G betwork based ‘JIO PLAY LIVE TV’ can serve as third alternative available in India apart from CABLE TV, DTH & IPTV service.

  • Stop using mobile internet for a month. The result impact will be positive. The best way to reverse these taxes is simply boycott and restrict the internet usage. Governments has imposed these taxes as they are failure to increase tax net from rich. Mobile internet sector is on rise so they decided to impose tax on this sector despite the fact there are already a huge burden of taxes on this sector.

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