Breaking: Punjab Government Withdraws Taxes on Internet!

Punjab Government has withdrawn the taxes that it had recently imposed on internet, we have checked with sources in Lahore.

Withdrawal of taxes on internet were announced in today’s budget Speech by Dr Ayesha Ghaus, Finance Minister Punjab, in Punjab Assembly. She said that Punjab government has decided to not to tax internet in the province.

Punjab Government had imposed 19.5% taxes on May 28th, 2015 through an SRO. Taxes were applicable on all sorts of data usage including DSL, 3G, 4G, EVDO, WiMAX, FTTH, etc. from May 29th, 2015.

Punjab shares 56% of total internet users in Pakistan

It was feared that other provinces could follow Punjab by taxing all kinds of internet, including mobile data.

Punjab’s decision for taxing internet met with massive criticism from industry and consumers alike. Stakeholders raised voice against the taxes and cautioned the provincial government of the monetary losses that national economy could face due to internet taxes.

Punjab’s decision will discourage any future efforts from federal and other provincial governments for taxing the internet.

Digital publishers also raised voice against the taxes and blacked out their websites in protest against the said taxes.

Leading websites including,,,, Comics by ArsalanThe News Tribe, Pak Hungama, NetMag and dozens of other websites and internet celebrities joined the campaign and kept their home-screens black in protest against internet taxes.

All protesting digital publishers and bloggers announced the immediate stoppage of black-out campaign.

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Dr. Ismail Shah, also rejected the taxes and played a role in convincing Punjab government for taking back the taxes.

ICT3, a think tank on telecom, through its president Sohaib Sheikh, also played a vital role in raising the concerns of the industry.

Reversal of taxes on Internet will act as a catalyst for internet (and smartphones) uptake in the country. Not to mention, internet users grew 500% during past one year and this growth is likely to sustain for at least next three years.

Punjab’s decision for reversal of internet taxes will discourage any future efforts from federal and other provincial governments for taxing the internet.


Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • It merits mentioning here that KPK and Sindh governments are already taxing wired internet but this blog was sleeping that time to report.
    We will see when paid bloggers start campaign to stop the DSL tax. It’s the same tax on internet services and I guess the wired services are more common than 3G and 4G in KPK and Sindh.
    I also want to see all youthias who were abusing government, when they will start to abuse their governments against DSL tax in their provinces.
    I see all reports saying other provinces might follow punjab but didn’t say that taxing internet not started by punjab whether DSL OR 3G 4G.
    Also when they started to tax there were no 3G services.
    Punjab is best and Punjab government and other governments Sucks.
    * I personally like these services to be taxed.

    • I’ve been living in KPK for 3 years, I haven’t paid any internet tax as you said.

      • yes because you are a youthia who can simply lie just like their leader.
        tax is on 1500+ amount.
        why don’t you ask Aamir Atta, he is from same party as you…

          • then go above and read the news again.
            It merits mentioning here that KPK and Sindh governments are already taxing wired internet, however mobile data isn’t taxed in any province of Pakistan.

            • Let’s do some math! 19.5/100*1500=292.5. The person who can afford Rs.1500, of course, Rs.292.5 is not a problem for him. But I prefer that the people of KPK should use 3G instead of 1500’s DSL connection. You can get an amazing speed, data etc below Rs.1500 easily. I know it’s not justice, it should be same with KPK and Sindh. By the way, I’m not a supporter of any party. I don’t vote, haven’t ever voted nor I will.

              • you will vote when Army officially become part of politics and participate in elections rather to go for Martial law

                  • yeah and you are among few of those who are against.
                    I wish army contest elections so they know their value

                    • I have to say, Ok! Listen! Open your ear!! I need the same government form that was run by Hazrat Umer (R.A). The world had been running very fantastically even before the invention of democraZy. Haven’t you read the past stories? From where it was always started? Once a king, he was very justice etc. The world was perfect, Man! You haven’t read the history? what was the real purpose behind in creating democraZy? This debate is going to be long! That I don’t want!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not possible in the modern age, I know!!

                    • If you need the same government, first you need the same people we have that time.
                      government say log nahi bantay junbk logon main say government banti ha.

                    • I do my best to become perfect. I know the government is the same as per deeds of the people of the nation. Why don’t you become a perfect person? If you become the one then the second person will be good, in this way, the whole nation will be good. But we are the nation who’re waiting for the day when all will be virtuous. I know it’s impossible to implement the government form that I need but the USA doesn’t want rather its silly propaganda against Islam in the form of ISIS is going on that’s achieving good goals in spreading hate against ISLAM. Let’s wait for Dajjal and Hazrat Isa (R.A) when the whole world will enjoy the true beauty of Islam.

        • yes, There is Tax and it’s a big amount. I live in KPK.
          I guess it’s 400 PKR.
          Just to mention, if Someone can afford internet and have PC/laptop, then paying a Tax is not a big Deal.

          • yup but it’s big deal in punjab.
            Mobile py internet k packages bhi gareeb log nahi karwatay. They hardly got 2G phone

            • Agree with you Dr. Amir. Actually, problem is that Imran Khan is like a atai doctor. Iski hukumat mulk bech k kha bhi jaye gi to amir ata jesy log support kren gy ky abi naye aye hn moka do. Shame.

              • naye aye say yaad aya
                Multan jalsay main Asad Umar taqrir k doran bola k 30 saal say yahan k logon nay apko kia dia… to sath kharay shah mehmood qureshi nay ghusay say asad umar ko dekhna shuru ker dia

                • People I also support PML-N ..actually I’m a hardcore supporter and I’m proud of that …Let’s just don’t politicize this blog …. let them talk dirty who do …let’s just not give a damn about what these (Imrani) supporters say .. . ignore their hate comments and try to harmonize with them. . . as this is a tech blog not a political .. though i agree with you that Amir bhai is often biased .. . but at end of the day he’s a good blogger and I enjoy majority of the articles on this site … *phew*

                    • Hardcore Supporter / Hardcore Fan / Die hard Fan
                      These are almost the same Terms Dr. Saab . . . . ap ko kia laga k kuch different matlb hai iska??

          • Dsl is taxed from the time when there is no 3G.
            Issue is taxing internet whether wired or wireless.

      • :) Because PTCL has filed a case against internet charge in the High Court, and mobile companies are paying KPK Sales tax on their data services from their own pocket.

    • Wot bloggers did? They did nothing. It was already decided that the tax will be reversed. They just promoted themselves as an anti state element.

      • Anti punjab actually.
        let’s see what they do against DSL tax in KPK and Sindh

        • Yeah, but they did not speak for year now… why would they speak now? Its simply anti punjab. Kpk ky pas punjab ka qarz deny ky pesy ni to hm ny inka qarz maaf kr dya. Kpk ky refunds pending hain, roz mangty hain, hm ny unko wo b dy dye. We are big brothers but they don’t like us.

      • it was already decided that they will reverse it, but they issued an SRO to do a stunt. Please app chup kar jayain or I will block you without considering freedom of speech.

        • hahahaha
          that’s the only thing you can do.
          if you criticize then accept the criticism of others.

            • Chawlon ki bhi base hoti hai koi.
              obviously yahan posts main kuch chawal nazar ati ha to he wese nechy coment atay hain.
              Taali aik hath say nahi bajti.
              I saw your comment jahan apne usko kaha you are paid to write this comment… to wo apko kisi ka paid bana raha.
              agar aese block kerna ha to yahan boht kuch hota hai…apne personal ho kay kiya hai aesa.
              ap public ho or comment walay public personality nahi.

            • So that healthier discussions may take place, I would suggest to block this “Aalim” for good.

              • Just give me your home address! I will send you a box of mango along with an atomic bomb. :P

                  • The atomic bomb has been launched, and the box of mango is attached at the tip. You will get the gift while sleeping when you reach the stage of NON-REM Sleep :D

          • chal dafa hou ja , to phir aye ga humhien pata hai. tera hisab wohi hai jo pindi key changer jab islamabad atey haien jo harqatien kertai haien to wohi harqatien yahan kerta hai

      • Look buddy, from past few days I am seeing that you’re constantly writing comments against Aamir Atta and for other bloggers. All you have been doing is bashing. I don’t know if it’s your personal grudge or what but it really is not helping anybody instead promoting hate.

    • He did nothing except propaganda.
      Now you people pay taxes on DSL services in KPK and Sindh but can’t say anything because hating punjab is your mission which is the reason punjab is ahead than others

  • i live in sindh but .. don’t want to tax should be increased anymore in pakistan .. already lot of taxes we r giving .. and in return we don’t see any kind of development in sindh and neither see any merit on jobs .. even spsc doesn’t give jobs on merit…

  • Wow great news. This is called the “POWER OF PEOPLE”. Jab tak Pakistan ki saari Qoum apni is Taaqat ko realize nai ker leti, tab tak Pakistan ka haal nahi badley ga.

    • Cases in both provinces (for dsl internet) are in courts, won’t be an issue to block them.

      • ‘won’t be an issue to block them.’ yeh wala parth samajh nahi aya sir, thoda sa desi tareke se samjha dain please, main gaoon ka hon na..

      • I asked you plenty times that why you didn’t report when the DSL services taxed in 2013. 3G and 4G was about to launch that time and taxing DSL was big issue, bigger then this issue. It was big threat to 3G and 4G.
        Why Propakistani didn’t consider it important?
        PS. Don’t run away by arguing matter in court now.

        • Well, Dr sb, it was fun to see your role in the past. Now, you are just too much attached to this forum and it isn’t interesting anymore. I wish you could be more playful again.

  • There seems to be some confusion here. Internet services are already fully taxable in KPK, while they are taxable in Sindh, if usage per month exceeds Rs. 1,500 or if the data speed exceeds 2mbps. Punjab was simply following these two provinces.

    Also, Punjab thus far has not taken back the notification of May 28, whereby they had charged tax on data/Internet. What this report is telling us is only an “announcement” on the Assembly floor. Legally and technically, the Punjab Sales Tax on Internet is still applicable (unless that notice is taken back, or Punjab Finance Bill amends the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act 2012).

    I may add that even the Federal Government was contemplating charge of FED on Internet, but they backed off at the last moment. We should rather all hail PTCL and telcos for resisting and not imposing these taxes.

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