Punjab Food Authority Website Goes Down Due to Excessive Bandwidth

The official website of the Punjab Food Authority has gone down and it’s showing a bandwidth exceeded message.

The PFA has been making a lot of headlines lately so the increased attention has clearly translated to more traffic on their website.

As is with most government websites though, the infrastructure seems to be inadequate for the increased number of hits the website is now getting.

Recently, the PFA announced that it had conducted raids against more than thousand food units, took action against more than 500 restaurants and issued notices to 284 shopkeepers for improvement of cleanliness. DCOs of all 36 districts of Punjab were also directed to carry out this exercise in their respective districts.

To take it one step ahead as a permanent solution to this problem, CM Shahbaz Sharif has announced that the restaurants all over Punjab will be graded on the basis of standard of food, security, cleanliness, quality of water etc. and the grades will be displayed at the gates of all the restaurants. Punjab Food Authority in collaboration with CM’s Special Monitoring Unit -SMU has already started working on this project.

Clearly there’s a lot activity going on at PFA’s end and this is an area where a lot of public interest has increased over past few weeks. Considering the feedback, time has come that all government bodies in general and Punjab Food Authority in specific should put more efforts in streamlining its online infrastructure.

Getting a better server should be its top priority, while down the line PFA can get a dynamic and mobile friendly website that should intimate real-time certification status or hygiene conditions of restaurants and food outlets. So anyone should be able to check real-time status for any restaurant before visiting it.

An app, for the purpose, could add further value to what PFA has resorted to achieve with its recent activity.

Thanks Haseeb Sarwar for tip.

Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]