iNew Smartphones, a New Brand, to Hit Pakistani Shelves Soon

The news is that iNew — a Chinese brand — has plans to launch its Smartphones in competitive Pakistani market with-in next 8-10 days, we have checked with sources.

According to details we have received so far, iNew will be launching its four Android devices in a single go with-in August 2015. Company has done all the homework, including getting a NOC from PTA and appointing a distributor in the country.

Mr. Alan Chen, CEO iNew Pakistan, in an email communication said: “We are absolutely focused to launch iNew Smartphones in Pakistan. We are committed to bring latest innovative technology solutions to our customers”

We are told that these introductory iNew phones will be priced between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 25,000 and will come with stock version of Android OS.

According to a source who had a chance to experience iNew phones first hand said that build quality is going to be the most prominent feature of iNew phones. Specifications are also going to be better than what we have in market for the prices iNew devices will come with.

iNew Pakistan in fact announced today that it has appointed Mobile Masters as the regional distributor for iNew smartphones and accessories in central Punjab.

Keep watching this space for more details on iNew devices, prices and specification.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • They have been selling online all over the world. I think the products are very good, haven’t used them.

    • No, Apple doesn’t care. If Apple went around suing random Chinese companies trying to copy it, Xiaomi would be the first in line. Xiaomi copies Apple so blatantly even its CEO dresses and acts like Steve Jobs!

      Also, Nokia manufactured an exact copy of iPad mini with Nokia N1 and didn’t get sued either.

        • I see your IQ is less than the number of letters in “dress sense”, because it’s called attire, not freaking “dress sense”. But for the sake of argument, name one other CEO who dresses similarly AND whose company blatantly rips off Apple. Take your time, get back to me in an year or two.

          • It’s funny how you think intelligence has something to do with vocabulary. One quick google search can prove you’ve the wits of a five year old.

            It was your argument, let me quote you again, “Xiaomi copies Apple so blatantly even its CEO dresses and acts like Steve Jobs!”

            According to your statement, just because he dress like Steve Jobs, it is hence proved that his company copies Apple. You sir, are an idiot.

      • N1 is nowhere copy of ipad.
        I used both of them and look technical specifications. nothing has been copied and about Nokia, they failed themselves but never copy anyone neither any European company will do that.
        Only asians copy everything.
        japan didn’t make the first car
        samsung or lg didn’t made the first television or mobile.lenovo no.1 didn’t made the first laptop or computer
        all asians and only asians copy everything

  • elefone and ulefone must be sold in pakistan.
    Ye daraz wala bhi kaam kay phone nahi bechta

  • Panasonic and Alcatel(read TCL) also in the queue to hit Pakistani markets soon
    Most probably distributed by M&P

        • llol so pakistan isn’t business friendly?
          u need to open up ur economy and markets for the whole world
          u people dont shop online?

          • no … what i MEANT to say is … online services are quite chosy here …
            we dont have paypal yet … and you’re talking amazon , you guys are lucky to have , and even the FAMED snapdeal …

          • there’s no paypal and amazon here …
            thats the problem

            Pakistan is not a “not business friendly” place … but people (read govt) is sooo pathetic , they cant give us basic standard of care and welfare … , so how do you expect sophisticated business and tech facilities to be provided to us ?

            • how are the internet services? because India isn’t much ahead in rural infra and stuff but e-commerce is blooming so fast that even rural India is connected to their services

            • also here startups are growing at a rapid pace….for example Flipkart (Indian version of Amazon)

              Also some of our startups have gone global already like Zomato…Red Bus….InMobi

              • Internet services are gud…and startups and freelancing is growing rapidly here too…we have some good e-commerce store…but they are not as good as amazon, flipkart…..

    • xiaomi sirf online sell kerta hai.haan ye hai k pakistan main koi online store nahi jo official partner ho.

      • official partner to ni…but aik reseller h…wo b shayd kc aur reseller sy buy krta… allmytech[dot]pk

            • the real problem is xiaomi accessories is that there are so many fake ones. even they have serial number and you can always check online but when you buy from internet it is hard to tell original from fake.

      • I have xiaomi note 3g bought from China. I dont like its miui but at least they have updated it from jelly beans to kit kat. Pakistan mein itna ziada tax/customs jo hai everyone wants UAE smuggled phone.

  • One plus should sale their phones like others :( everyone cannot purchase and follow that online peocedure.

  • The brand that copies oppo phones with pride.. We are just having 2nd copy phones introduced officially in the market

  • thet are launching v7 and l1 which will be big flop due to 2100mah batteries which are joke now a days for smart phone

      • L4 has 5000mah battery and 64bit processor but only drawback 1gb ram but i guess thats enough for 64bit phone

        • actually people are starting to vouch for 3gb phones as the bare minimum for 64 bit phones for OPTIMAL performance …

          BUT as you know , in pakistan , we always make cheap concessions … so a 2gb ram 64 bit phone , WITH VERY DECENT pricing might just break the market …

          BUT they need to arrive here first -_- !

  • but why would u need PayPal? LOL

    here e-commerce services have reached rural places….and there is something called…”cash on delivery”…u have to pay when the product is delivered to u

    • hey , now …. dont take us as heathens ! :p

      what im saying is … you guys have way wayy more facilities than we do and not to mention the very strong currency rate and an abundance of chinese phone companies as well as big brands of other things having official presence in your country… all this helps bring prices down and makes it all the more affordable for you guys to buy flagships and the latest tech the very very niftiest of the nifty rates…

      now , while the e-commerce is in top gear here too , and mind you , we have some outstanding startups as well .. BUT , the currency is too weak !! we have to pay an “unwarranted” premium for ANYTHING good we need to purchase …. the import customs are a farce …

      we dont even have an amazon/ebay equivalent , like you do (in the form of flipkart , as u said)

      things are really really expensive here … prices are retarded and we just can’t purchase even mid-range hardware at decent prices…
      everyone’s hell bent on making “untidy” profits here …

      i believe i should have explained this to you before ..

  • Copying isn’t a crime, copying blatantly with unimpressive hardware is a crime!
    and the latter is a crime which is punished pretty awesomely too!

    • shipping charges ? Credit card hidden charges ?

      Indians have it all at home … we don’t , see the difference bro … its like a gazillion meters wide , how’d u miss it ?

  • chinese brands would definitly go to India…cuz they have a big market of abt 1.252 billion….so they are not so keen on coming to Pakistan….Oppo started selling phones in Pakistan…but their phones are so expensive..

    • well , others should learn from Oppo’s downfall … expensive phones DONT succeed in this country …
      however , phones like the BRAND NEW! Redmi Note 2 , if priced humanely , will succeed faster than the speed of light …

      • expensive phones will sell if u have reputation like samsung/iPhone…people say if u r gonna buy phone this expensive….why not buy from samsung or ay other brand?

        and THAT Redmi Note 2 is amazing…amazed by the price and the specs…wud defenilty buy it

  • I ordered this phone online through as a second phone. Its an absolute joy using it. Good built quality and overall user experience.

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