TPL’s Personal Trakkers Are Pakistan’s First Personal Tracking Solutions

TPL Holdings has launched the first range of personal monitoring devices aimed to assist in case of emergencies.

Personal Trakker (PT) and Personal Trakker 2 (PT 2) are available across Pakistan and help you keep track of your loved ones, your network or other individuals.

Right now, the company is offering two models.

Personal Trakker:

sos-alert-button-personal-trakkingPT is a handy little small locator that comes with an emergency alert SOS button and live location using maps.

In addition, you get smart features like geo-fencing, which can easily let you establish ‘safe zones’. As soon as you enter or leave a safe zone, you’d be notified of the activity.

Here’s a list of the features it offers.

tpl pt features

Personal Trakker 2:

personal-trakking-2-watchPT 2 comes with a much more comprehensive feature set and doubles up as a watch. It offers video calling as well as SMS in addition to the smart location technology.

Personally, we can’t wait to get our hands on these devices to see if they work as well as promised. If they do, they could be a very important gadget for the peace of mind of parents in particular.

Here’s a list of the features it offers.

tpl pt 2 features

Emergency Alert System:

The most important feature of the trackers is probably their emergency alert system. Upon pressing the SOS button for three seconds, a call to the primary account holder is sent. The tracker will cycle through your contacts and keep trying to call them until someone picks up. Once they do, they can hear everything that’s going on. Your location is also sent to 3 pre-programmed numbers via SMS as soon you press the emergency button.


TPL has decided to opt for the service model with their personal trackers. Initially, you’d have to pay around Rs 27,000 to set up either PT or PT 2 and the annual service charges would set you back around Rs 7,200.

That comes around to Rs 600 per month and in our opinion, it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind you’d get.

  • One time setup cost: Rs. 27,000 for both devices
  • Annual recurring charges: Rs. 7,200 for both devices

In exchange, you would get the tracker, an accompanying mobile app, a SIM card and full user training.


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  • one most economical solution, better to enabled android device manager on mobile phone and locate them when ever you want.

  • good for peace of mind of parents who have school going children. Those who don’t want to give mobile phones to their small children, can give these devices to carry in pocket or as a wearable locket. Very nice product.

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