Kamyabi: Ammar Mumtaz, Founder of Burning Brownie and The Warehouse [Video Blog]

In the Kamyabi video blog series by Amer Qureshi for ProPakistani, we help you unlock the doors to success.

In this episode, Amer gets to talk with Ammar Mumtaz, who has found the very popular Burning Brownie coffee shop in addition to The Warehouse, a new eatery. In this video Amer tries to figure out the way that lead Ammar to setup and then scale up his business successfully.

He also finds out what it takes to make a perfect cup of coffee!

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  • LOL! Did you just talk about hygiene in the kitchen and then quickly move to making a cup of coffee where right after tapping the quarter filter, he touched the ground coffee with the palm of his hand multiple times? Hmmm

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