How to Disable Video Auto Play Feature on Facebook?

Facebook, in a bid to increase video plays, has enabled auto play of all videos on timelines by default for every Facebook user. Technically speaking all videos — appearing on your timeline — play automatically when you scroll down the timeline by default, creating a lot of panic among the Facebook users.

This auto play feature of Facebook videos is very irritating at times, especially when you are on a slow internet connection. These auto play of Facebook videos consume a lot of bandwidth and slow down everything that you are doing over internet.

Moreover, auto play of Facebook Videos may also cost you extra if you are using a limited data plan.

And ultimately it should be your choice for playing a video or otherwise, and not Facebook’s to auto play all the videos that are thrown at you.

But luckily there’s a way of disabling Auto Play feature of Facebook Videos, and its simple. Just follow below instructions and auto play of Facebook Videos will be disabled in 20 seconds.

How to Disable Auto Play of Facebook Videos:

Step 1: Go to Facebook “Settings” (through drop down menu on top right) or by clicking this link:


Step 2:  Click on “Videos” in left menu


Step 2: On Video Setting Page, change the auto-play setting by selecting “Off” for auto play of Facebook Videos.


And you are Done!

How to Disable Auto Play Facebook Videos for Mobile Apps:

You can adjust the Facebook app’s auto-play settings to On, Wi-Fi only or Off.

Step 1: Open the Facebook app

Step 2: Tap

Step 2: Scroll down and tap App Settings


Step 3: Tap Video Auto-play

Facebook_007Step 4: Choose “Off”


Above screen-grabs are from an Android phone. To adjust the auto-play settings on your iPhone or iPad, follow same instructions for your iOS devices.

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      • A video doesn’t pre-load if its not clicked. So yes, turning off the auto-play will certainly save a lot of bandwidth, and will especially reduce the annoyance A LOT.

        • Except it doesn’t. The videos do preload and if you have been using IDM, you would know. Also, how do you think the videos start without buffer when you have just clicked on it after reloading your homepage? Low pings on fb server because of super-awesome PTCL services? Oh please.

          • Try explaining the data bandwidth being used by chrome while i loaded a certain facebook page full of videos. The browsing did stop as you can see from SS but the ‘download with idm’ button and lag-free video streaming when you click indicates it does pre-load.

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