PTA Outs 3G / 4G QoS Survey Results for 2015

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority today published the results for its recently conducted Quality of Service Survey results for mobile operators’ 2G, 3G and 4G services. This is authority’s first QoS survey after the auction of 3G/4G spectrum.

PTA said that results are based on Quality of Service survey that it conducted in various cities across Pakistan during 2015.

QoS Survey Results for 3G Services 

Mobilink topped the charts for their 3G services with average download speeds of 4.04Mbps and average upload speeds of 3.17Mbps on its network.

Zong remained second with average download speed of 3.66Mbps and average upload speed of 2.93Mbps across various cities of Pakistan.

Telenor scored average download speeds of 2.22 Mbps and average upload speeds of 1Mbps while Ufone’s average download speed stood at 1.27Mbps and average upload speeds of 1Mbps.

Clearly the 10Mhz blocks of 3G spectrum helped Zong and Mobilink to offer better 3G speeds to consumers.


QoS Survey Results for 4G Services 

There are currently two 4G operators in country and Zong topped the 4G speeds with 9.4Mbps average download speed and 6.1Mbps of average download speeds.

Warid, the other 4G operator, managed to achieve 5.95Mbps of average download speeds and 2.9Mbps of average upload speeds for its 4G LTE services.


QoS Survey Results for 2G Services 

2G services for all operators remained with-in the defined threshold levels, except for couple of instances. Overall 2G services remained above standard and almost all operators were closely ranked for majority of 2G KPIs.

  • Moblink topped for network uptime with a total of 0.23% of downtime experienced on its network
  • Telenor topped for “Grade of Service” with 0.55%
  • Telenor remained most accessible network with 99.56% accessibility
  • Mobilink scored best for call connection time with 5.04 seconds
  • Warid remained best for call completion ratio with 99.54%
  • Telenor’s End to End Call quality remained best with 3.78 MOS (Read below note for more info on this)
  • Ufone and Warid scored 100% for Inter System Handover of CS voice
  • Warid topped for end to end SMS delivery time with 3.1 seconds

Note: Mean Opinion Score or MOS is matrix used to measure call quality. MOS scores ranges from 1 for worst quality to 5 for excellent quality of call.


City wise 3G QoS KPIs for Mobilink


City wise 3G QoS KPIs for Ufone


City wise 3G QoS KPIs for Telenor


City wise 3G QoS KPIs for Zong


City wise 4G QoS KPIs for Zong


City wise 4G QoS KPIs for Warid


Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Telenor and ufone are providing the most pathetic 3G Speed.
    whereas Mobilink and Zong are providing the best <3

    • Dunno abt teleno,zong n ufone…
      But 3g speed of mobilink in peak hrs is super low… abt 100 KB /S…
      But during off-peak… it goes to a respectable 500-600 KB/S

  • Proud to be a part of Mobilink. They have really improved a lot since past 2 years and I hope they will keep this momentum in future as well.

    Meanwhile, it is time for Ufone to reconsider their policies and pay more attention towards improvement of services instead of making random humourous ads.

    Telenor is also doing well but only department they are lacking is voice/call quality.

    Zong has only one major issue; Coverage/Signal Strength.

    Once Warid was known because of its quality services and strong network but things are getting messed up every passing day.

    • Mobilink has slow speed and low signal strength? This is the first I’m hearing about it. I have been a Mobilink customer for the past 4-5 years and with the exception of a few signal-dead-zones, like underground spots, some hospital spaces, etc., I always get full signals. Their 3G speeds are one of the best too. Though it could be the case that you’re in a different city than I am.

    • Mobilink n zong both has 10 MHz frequency that mean they can cater more user with single 3g cell site but the Zong frequency has smaller radius than Mobilink thats why zong need more tower sites to cover same area as compaired to mobilink .While telenor n Ufone has 5MHz frequency that take more 3g cell sited to cover less users

  • hahahah. Are you joking? mobilink is top of the speed. this is shit. only zong provide best speed & Telenor at 2nd place. I personally experience in Lahore & Murree. Rawalpindi & Gujranwala.
    Zong always got the top speed.
    1- Zong
    2- Telenor

  • I m not satisfied with the statistics issued.
    Mobilink jazz Internet 3G bundle’s are totally waist of money.

    • Weekly bundles are real value for money. You get 1500MB data in just Rs.72 and there’s another bundle, Weekly Premium; 2500MB with unlimited usage (10GB) from 2AM to 9AM in just Rs.119.

  • PTA is drunk. You got to be kidding me! Mobilink leading in 3G services? Seriously? It’s been Zong that has been leading 3G all the way! They blow Mobilink out of the water, easily! Like, give me a break! Mobilink doesn’t even give consistent speeds. I’d rate Telenor ahead of Mobilink 3G on any given day. This survey is flawed, BIG TIME!

    • True. In Lahore specially, zong is the best, second best option is telenor. Zong 4g is giving 40mbps easily, zong 3g 14 mbps and telenor 3g 9 mbps in johar town, model town areas. Mobilink is not giving more than 2 mbps on 3g

    • Hahahaha ufone is the worst of the lot! Wait, only their night time bucket is of some use, otherwise, they suck! :’D

      • Ufone is best ,its packages/QOS and speed. Speed of 1Mbps is enough considering none of the operators offer unlimited downloads (1GB or 2GB or 3GB or 4GB…) ,we have download cap here.

  • I am getting average 1Mbps speed in Ufone network ,which is good enough for me. Most important thing is ,signals, quality of service and specially packages of Ufone are awesome. Love Ufone network ,Tum he to ho

    • Lol 1 Mbps is considered stupidly slow bro… grow up!
      Packages?? Whatsapp ki call per tou in choron ne paisey lene shuru kr diye… packages ka achar dalein ?

  • when it comes to quality zong is way better than all operators. dont know how mobilink topped the chart. mobilink should be on no.3 after telenor.

    • Zong is worst ,66% success rate in inter system hand-over ,thats poor quality. Ufone and Warid scored 100%

  • The results appear fake & paid for! PTA is invited to compare coverage of all operators inside homes in G-10/1, Islamabad area only. Telenor is the worst followed by Mobilink. I had got my Telenor no mnp after being fed up with poor 3G coverage & fluctuating signals not only in my area as well as where ever I visited in Pakistan, except Lahore. With regards to Mobilink its 3G signals keep fluctuating in my area causing irregular browsing, despite having 2 towers. I have always have got best 3G coverage from Zong & best 4G from Warid in covered areas.

  • I live in hassan abdal i used telenor zong and mobilink 3g telenor in dat time gave me 4mb speed zong 7mb jazz almost 5mb at night when i checked only telenor which gave me 8.35mb and downloading speed in uc browser is almost 900kbps

  • TBH, I have used all the networks but which network works best for me is Zong. How did mobilink top the chart is something I don’t find it easy to digest O.o

    • yeah the city which is feeding the punjabi lobby has been left out. lets just make karachi into an independent country and see where these paindus get their money from

      • What are u guys making to feed Punjabis? Even Faisalabad has more rate of tax payment per person and making agricultural and industrial goods. But still we Pendus love karachi as it is part of our Pakistan and you guys too being a Pakistan irrespect to your views Bout Us

      • I am a Karachite….and I disagree with you !
        See there are some cities in every country which is their economic Hub, but that doesn’t mean you demand separation !
        This typical mind set is the main reason, not the Punjabi Lobby for less development in Karachi…..

      • Yes, almost all of the veg. and fruits are grown in Karachi I guess. Your agriculture is very important for the economy.

  • i am using Ufone and Warid,
    Both drop from 3g and 4g to the 2g connection, respectively even in coverage areas of Lahore.
    Inside buildings it is hard to access Ufone 3g but Warid is accessible most of the time.
    however, coverage areas are still to be maximized by both networks.

    • I also experienced that 4g-2g effect on warid… a bit annoying… but then i upgraded to android lollipop…. now its working fine… no sudden sluggish speeds… rock-solid 1 MB/s during peak… 1.5-2 MB/S off peak…

  • For quetta city zong is the best i get 4mb avg . . Almost anywhere in city . Tried mobilink tlenor all sucked. . .

  • wo sub to theek hay KOI PTCL EVO ka bhi saurvay to kary k wo AWAM ko kitna LOOT raha hay oorrr bay waqoof bana raha hay…
    koi hay to in ko LAGAM DAY

  • lol Pakistani standards… 256kbps as standard for 3G ?? BTW all these surveys are lies, every Telco is substandard in Pakistan. you have to be on Road or even on hill peak to get some speed.

  • bhai meray pas to zong b hai aur mobilink b..
    mobilink k 3 signals atay gain aur zong k 4 wo b 4G lte par
    700-800 KBps say zada speed nahe ati jab k mobilink py 1.5 to 1.8 MBps constant speed ati hai..

    • So, only Karachi is feeding 200 million people all alone? Every single person and even a village in Pakistan has its own importace.
      Spread Nationalism rather than provincialism. #PakistanZindabad

    • You probabaly thought MQM belongs to other provinces who collect bhatta from Karachites ?

      • Relax brother, He clearly is Indian person, These are the only people who are more keen to break Pakistan and keep talking about it. Ignore them, I am Karachity and proud Pakistani. I also think they should have conduct servey in Karachi as well, It’s premier commercial hub of Pakistan, and quality of service is what people searches here and are vary about it :)

  • Ufone have still not covered 50% of Karachi so no speed results.
    Warid 4G speed is 12 Mbps. (Screenshot Not available right now)

  • Ufone is the best. Most of the outdoor places in Lahore & Islamabad have 3 Mbps download speed.

  • Mobilink have not even bothered to add its 3G coverage map on its website unlike other telcos. Its claim of covering 200 or 300 plus cities is hallow. Near my home one tower is on 3G for months and my tower still on 2G for months. Also in a major city (rawalpindi) on major places like commercial market and saddar etc, mobilink is still running 2G. They are not giving continuous 3G coverage but just ON Off thing…

    Most annoying is unavailability of 3G coverage Map.

    • Yes you are exactly right. Mobilink in Karachi (biggest city) is not constant with its 3G signal even. Mostly on open roads, we shift to GSM from 3G, due to event threshold.

      I m an RF Consultant, and can conclude this that that report is paid. Just see the signal levels where they performed testing…….Even a junior RF Engineer knows that what threshold level is required to perform data throughput testing.

      The entity who hires consultant for auctioning 3G and 4G lic, think what credibility they have.

  • Its depends on signal strength.. In Faisalabad during peak hours mobilink is No.1 and zong is No.2.

  • close