Google’s Primer App Offers Marketing Lessons On-The-Go

Google has launched a new app that helps professional and to-be professional learn a thing or two about the latest trends in marketing in the new internet era. The app was named Primer and a testing version was launched in last October.

Primer offers mini marketing lessons to professionals willing to learn about Google specific marketing techniques including search engine marketing, media coverage, content marketing and much more. A newly designed, more detailed and stable app was released for iOS and Android last month.

The new app adds a beautiful material design interface to the app and brings more lessons along with it. Google says that the app will keep on introducing new lessons every week so that the users can stay updated on everything related to marketing.

The app can be of use to marketers in for small businesses and large corporations alike to keep up with the latest tools and skills that can make their jobs easier. Primer offers bite sized lessons which can be viewed even when the user is offline. The app does not bring long boring lessons. Instead, it focuses on letting the users learn small things whenever they have a couple of minutes of spare time.


The app features three pages; Featured Lessons, All Lessons and Your Queue. When you start the app, you have the option to view four categories named Advertising, Content, Measurement and Strategy. Topics can be explored by browsing each of these categories. Additional topics that seem to be interesting can be added to queue so that you don’t forget to view them whenever you have spare time.

Primer offers a Featured lessons page which offers latest and recommended lessons based on each user’s personal profile. Users can store their progress in their profile to keep track of what they have learned. It is also possible to save content or share it with whoever may find it useful.

Users have the option to turn on notifications so that they can stay updated whenever any topics are introduced into the app. There is an option to turn on email notifications for the same purpose too. Personalised “next steps” are also part of the app that let its users apply their new knowledge In short activities giving them a custom starting point. These activities could be anything like letting customers know about a sale, announcing new products or sending birthday greetings.


Google Primer includes topics from a very wide range including topics that are very basic to some that are for advanced professionals. Google says that the lessons are “jargon free”, making them easy to understand for the common person.

Google developed the content by asking industry experts on the matter and simplified the language for new users and added related interactive sessions to let users test themselves as they learn new stuff. Learning stuff using the app is a pleasurable experience as the app uses very beautiful animations and there can be no better example on how to develop an app that looks great and serves it purpose very well.

The idea behind the app is definitely to get new users to use more Google tools and services but the app is just as useful to those who are used to Google services and are looking for a training aid. The app is free to download from the Play Store and ITunes.

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