CNIC Numbers Become NTN Numbers, Return Submission Mandatory for Everyone

A new SRO issued yesterday by Federal Board of Revenue has said that NADRA issued CNIC numbers will become NTN (National Tax Number) for all Pakistanis and anyone submitting tax returns can use his/her CNIC in place of NTN numbers.

To eliminate the need of NTN for submitting returns, SRO said that any Pakistani holding a CNIC can submit his/her tax returns with CNIC number in place of NTN.

However, a simpler e-enrollment will be required to submit additional tax-related details that are usually not present on CNIC. This e-enrollment will be considered as registration of the individual and once done a person will be considered a tax filler.

FBR said that such e-enrollment is mandatory for every Pakistani, including companies, sole proprietorship, partnership firms, association of person and foreign nationals.

In order to submit tax returns, e-enrollment for CNIC card holders can be done on FBR’s website by clicking this link.

Not to be mentioned, all those individuals who don’t own computerized CNIC cards will have to go through NTN registration process for submitting their returns.

FBR’s SRO on above details can be downloaded from this link.

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    • If it is adjustable withholding tax such as, motor vehicle, electricity, mobile cards etc. (most of the withholding tax on expenses) can be claimed as refund by the person not having any income by filing return with zero income. other option is to claim these paid taxes in the next year against the income of that year.

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  • Is there any article/guide on how a citizen can file tax online? If there’s one that explains procedure in simple steps that would be great.

    • They also have to file returns but no need to pay any Income Tax, Feel free to Contact at this no 03132205627 for filling Income Tax Returns (Salary Individuals).

  • So whats the point of filing tax say my mom who is living on monthly income from nation saving account which are already being taxed? Oh yeah she get taxed on the phone and gets further taxed on buying good. And you want her to pay taxes again???????????????

    • The idea is for anyone involved in economic activity to file their returns even if the tax liability on income is 0. Regarding your mother where the source of income is national saving account or other saving accounts, simply ask for the certificate of the income tax paid on profit which is 10 percent from the bank or the institution. There will be no additional tax on income earned as profit from banks. Also, since she’s paying taxes on phone or other utilities are adjustable, and you can claim a refund from FBR. You getting the refund is a separate story. FBR should run awareness campaigns..

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  • Who cares. They would still not get a dime of income tax from me except stolen WH tax, Sales tax, FED and blah blah. Haram Daar did it again.

  • Great… All that is left are our driver’s license, vehicle registration, arm’s registration and all llb else… Merge it into our CNIC database

    • Similarly, there are people who are paying Income Tax (e.g. Mobile Phone Cards, Tax on Cash Withdrawal) but they do not file the Tax Return

  • I am also an overseas Pakistani, living out of Pakistan for 18 years. I would like to know the procedure of filing the tax return online. Many thanks for your guidance.

    • Feel free to Contact at this no 03132205627 for filling Income Tax Returns (Salary Individuals).


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