Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Is The Cheapest Fitness Tracker With A Heart Rate Sensor

While fitness trackers from someone like Fitbit and Nike are unarguably very cool-looking, they often command a high price point, which is not always within the reach of most people. Thankfully, it’s Xiaomi to the rescue, with its new Mi Band 1S which costs a meager $15.

That brings it within the range of the stringiest and it’s not like it is some cheap knockoff put together with no budget either. Coming (impressively) with a heart-rate monitor, the Mi Band 1S will be also able to count your steps and monitor your sleep.

Its funky design may not go along well with your formal look, but it sure does come with IP67 dust and water protection. On the front, you get three LEDs to go along with vibration for notifications. Dimensions come in at 37 x 14 x 9.9 mm.


Among other things, the Band 1S will be able to unlock your phone. It will likely be compatible with both Android and iOS. Battery capacity is set at 45 mAh, which should provide as much as 30 days worth endurance.

In case, you don’t need to measure your heart-rate, the older version will retail for even cheaper, at $11. Given that the sales of the original Mi Band reached 10 million, expect the Mi Band 1S to create an explosion, too.

Look for it in an (online) store near you when it goes live for sale on the 11th of November. We should also mention that it’s predecessor is available at CheezMall for PKR 1999 right now.

    • bhai mycousin ordered some products of xiaomi online ,after the custom and taxes ,price almost jump to 50% more ,so i will prefeer cheezmall

    • and there is strong chance that product may not be original ,bcz nowadays a large replicas are availbe in market due to growing popularity of xiaomi

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