KheloKricket Keeps Score: The Only Portal for Cricket Players

KheloKricket, a joint venture of I-Cricket and Azam Jalal Khan of Digitz, announced the launch of their cricket venture on Friday, 10th October 2015. KheloKricket is Pakistan’s first social hub for the cricket players, looking to cover teams on a school, university, company and amateur level, and providing them with a platform where they can display their scorecards, team news, player profiles, challenge opponents and essentially have a record of their matches. Each aspect of the website is shareable on social media, staying in line with the concept of celebrating the love for cricket.

“With Pakistan entering a 3G era and corporate and amateur cricket growing considerably over the last few years, it made sense to finally give a voice to the cricket player”, said Hadeel Obaid, Co-founder, KheloKricket. “At the moment there is no database of statistics and players of teams on a grassroots level, and we are aiming to fill that gap.”

Khelo Kricket started in Karachi with over 25 grounds in the city and aims to cover matches on a lower level in different cities across the country. Cricket breeds competition and by providing this service and using the power of social media, centuries and wickets can finally be shared on Facebook and Twitter with friends, sparking rivalries and promoting cricket. Before launch, Khelo Kricket opened its registration with 75 teams coming on board and those numbers increase every day.

“Players love to exaggerate their scores. KheloKricket can finally end all debates; the proof is in the averages”, said Iraj Tarique, opener of registered team Lagaan.

While most websites out there target the average fan, is geared specifically towards those who play cricket. The venture was built with the idea of giving recognition and breathing life back into a sport that was growing quietly with nobody watching.

“KheloKricket was founded on passion and the hope to revive and celebrate local cricket. Hadeel and Taimur’s vision and energy is a winning combination and I am happy to be a part of this positive addition for our cricket players”, said Azam Jalal Khan, COO Digitz.

The portal is currently part of the second group of start-ups being incubated at the Nest I/O and with the help of mentors and workshops, the team at Khelo Kricket have found new avenues to reach their target markets across all four segments.

To learn more about KheloKricket, visit the website at or send in your team details to [email protected]

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