MONT5 is Reviving Pakistan’s Leather Industry and Here’s How

Did you know that the leather industry is the second largest value-added sector in Pakistan, that too with an annual export earning of over $1 billion? But the real kicker is, that this figure should’ve been much higher. Pakistan exports raw leather products more than turning it into a product that could enable it to fetch 10x the revenue. Sadly, this isn’t hyperbole.

Here’s another remarkable fact. In some 5 years, Bangladesh’s leather industry has grown at an annual compound rate of 25%, recently surpassing $1 billion in exports value. How did it accomplish it?  A great business-friendly climate that has brought many global OEMs to its market that’s how. Even some Pakistani leather businesses have set up shop there.


The State of Leather Exports from 2007 to 2013

Can the Pakistani leather industry achieve similar pinnacles of breakneck growth? Yes, it can. MONT5, a Pakistani startup has the answer.

What is MONT5?

By now it is evident that the Pakistani leather industry as a whole needs fresh perspectives and ideas. MONT5 is focusing its efforts on reviving the whole industry and here’s how:

‘Pakistan has been known for producing top quality leather products and many big brands get their leather products manufactured from Pakistan based on OEM model. It is quite unfortunate that the country which manufactures for the big brands, doesn’t have any single international leather brand of it’s own, MONT5 wants to become one.’ – Zia Ghafoor, CEO of MONT5

Mr. Ghafoor believes that the time is right for Pakistan to have some globally renowned leather brands of her own. And MONT5 wants to do just that by way of Tailor-made, Customized, and Premier Leather Jackets.

6 - Collar closeup

Collar Closeup 

The name for the company is a good play on the five mountainous peaks that Pakistan possesses. Since the company is making waves internationally, Mr. Ghafoor and co. wanted to highlight something that evokes a positive image and feel-good factor for Pakistan. Just like those mountains are naturally engineered to withstand the vagaries of nature and time, MONT5’s premium leather jackets are designed to do the same, making them a world-class Pakistani brand in the making.

Leather Products Made with the Finest Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

MONT5 uses a variety of different leather types such as calf, sheep, nubuck top grain leather. According to MONT5, different jackets are produced via different tanning processes, from tanneries situated in Sialkot. All of their products undergo a strict quality check to ensure that only the finest and impeccable ones make the cut.

These jackets are designed to last a lifetime, like the 5 peaks that prove as the inspiration behind the MONT5 brand name.

MONT5 has an edge when it comes to price-to-quality ratio. Leather is an expensive commodity no doubt, but MONT5 has a sustainable business model that serves as a win-win for all stakeholders involved here. For starters, foregoing traditional advertising costs are just one of the ways it keeps prices of its products down.

14 - Cost Comparison

The Price Wars – A High Street Brand vs MONT5

The company eliminates the middlemen, connecting craftsmen, tanneries, and customers in a way that ensures that prices are kept down. Craftsmen are not just kept on the sidelines but are entitled to all benefits and perks as the regular team. Pension, healthcare, education benefits are provided to empower craftsmen and their families.

13 - Cost Benefit Analysis

Value for Money


How did the Idea for MONT5 Develop?

The company may have just met its funding goals in Kickstarter, but the idea for MONT5 began to take form 2 years ago from today. The team visited Sialkot, saw the abysmal state of the leather industry here, decided to do something about it by collaborating with designers and craftsmen to uplift a whole industrial sector.


The Team

The end result of this partnership – a fashion line designed for today’s modern man. An empowered craftsman. An industry being revived and put on the path to prosperity. Pakistan’s leather industry is all geared to fetch handsome returns for the national exchequer.

We hope startups like MONT5 and Markhor pave the way for more Pakistani entrepreneurs to launch their ideas with a global focus. Pakistan is not for want of talent, but proper implementation and thinking makes all the difference. Here’s to more success stories from the land of 5 mountains above 8000 meters.

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    • Hey Bilal, you can back our kickstarter campain when you back the campaign you select your reward and some of these rewards are jackets.

      After the kickstarter campaign ends the jackets would be available online.

  • The problem with Pakistani Start ups are their desire to become rich very quickly which later on turn them into a failure or give them very little success.i have bought leather jackets from brands like H and M, American Eagle, Pull and Bear and many others in less than 400 dollars.Until and unless MONT5 is comparing themselves with luxury brands like Armani and Louis Vuitton

    • Hey Zain, absolutely H&M , Berksha, Zara . They all do leather jackets for less than $400 . That’s genuine leather not top grain leather, No one does top grain personalisation at less than a thousand bucks.

      You cans see the difference in leather types and how they compare on the kickstarter detail page

      • ok…got your point…but the fact remain that your focus is international market (like many other startups in pak) forgetting that Pakistan itself is a market of 200 million people(1% of which is 2 million). this is my concern and suggestion as well.focus on your own country as well if you want to turn this into a huge success. i wanted to buy this but price is out of reach for even higher middle class Pakistanis

        • You’re right Zain there are some amazing brands that are serving the local market from Outfitters to Stone Age. The idea here is to create a Pakistani international brand so we can bring in the revenue from outside and boost exports.

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