Kaymu to Offer Black Friday Deals with Up to 57% Discounts

After Daraz, Kaymu.PK today announced that it will offer special Black Friday deals with up to 57% discounts on items in various categories, on November 27th, 2015.

Kaymu said that this introduction mainly comprises of the offers that are essential for each user and come with numerous benefits of discounts and amenities.

Kaymu.pk said that it is trying to be very clear on what’s being offered and how to avail the discounts on Black Friday.

Few of the classifications that are supported by Kaymu for product sale includes.

Fragrances: This is one of the soothing dreams of each person to smell good for longer periods of times. Kaymu has plenty of such scents or fragrances that are capable of providing pleasure and are wondrous enough to be displayed on Black Friday shopping sites.

Cosmetics: If you are considering to look more appealing then try to wear cosmetics offered by Kaymu that are high in excellence and contain the impurity free ingredients.

Apparels: What you wear represents the real image of your whole personality. The imaginative and enduring collection of dresses, pants and other wearables are explicitly offered by Kaymu.pk on Black Friday to amuse your day.

Electronics: Mobile phones, headphones and laptops are such devices that you use every day. The inclusion of many of the other electronics with these essentials has made its way to accomplish the sale target of Kaymu.pk.

Discounts: Kaymu said that there will be different rate of discount for various products on Black Friday with as high as 57% discount on certain items. It said that discount details will be made available on November 27th only.

      • tired of seeing people being scammed for age old tech for draconian prices … even india … sri lanka have it better than us in terms of prices of tech and general high-level amenities likes cars etc. thing is our economy is bad enough and now profiteers are making it even harder to handle … dollar to rupee conversion rate is shambolic due to shameless govt and public mentality and everything costs in upwards of 2x the actual cost…

        isnt this the worst place to live … where every general amenity is criminally over priced ?

        • Hey. I agree with almost everything that you said. What methods can you propose to help us fix these problems?

          • first things first … i don’t care who takes the helm on the political throne … they NEED TO REMEMBER ONE DARN THING :

            – DO NOT DEVALUE YOUR OWN GODDAMN CURRENCY. Stop fearing america and other super-powers’ economical prowess. venezuela’s hugo chavez (who just died about a year ago) openly defied american influence on global stage AND made sure his country functioned well enough to uphold its own economy …. and become self-sustaining. sadly pakis are despicable cowards who cant stand up to their colonial overlords …

            we can’t do that since we are already too far behind , more so even than some poorer, african countries in sectors like education.

            losing out to dollar has made us lose all control over economy. im not a economics or commerce student but im pretty sure , that gold reserves guarantee stability in currency conversion. and atm its not holding well here locally… don’t think we have enough gold reserve to keep the rupee afloat for much longer at 1$=105 , we may lose ground or gain v.little… useless either way

            – next up , is to make sure how taxation is handled. the RICH and i mean F I L T H Y rich are not taxed at all … they have way too much power and are feared way more than they deserve to be. now i really wanted to avoid taking names but its high time. regardless of political affiliation , pretty much all mnas mpas and high ranking govt officials dont file taxes. people like farooq sattar , nawaz sharif , zardari and pretty much any other big name politician will never ever file taxes. that means that the national exchequer ( the govt cash reserves , where all govt elected reps are paid bills from) has to pull cash from somewhere … it does so by imposing absolutely criminal tax on imports of ALL electronics AND vehicles and pretty much anything u bring in from abroad. even wondered why chocolates like mars , snickers , twix cost so much ? why does the imported Oreo cost rs 90 – 120 ?
            this disparity already means we , the populace , are already on the wrong side and the FBR is penalising us as well … Ironic and INFURIATING , isnt it ? unless taxation is handled properly and people OTHER than the local populace is taxed properly , the country will keep suffering

            – wake the hel up people , don’t be afraid to raise ur voice against unfair prices (ironic , as atm v.few ppl are doing it here) everyone from shopkeepers to big brands try to swindle and over charge u. unless u stop being their sheep and stand up to your self … don’t expect the pricing situation to improve … for once , put the eastern mindset aside … push away the low level mentality and the backward misconceptions and think for yourself , as an independent person … not as a dependent thinker but as an independent one!

        • Yeah right, why not ask people in the AU or Brazil for that matter? The have 2x the prices we have. Stop blaming and start taking responsibility.

          • yea sure genius … im a profiteer and a business man who’s ripping off imbeciles in pak thats why i should take responsibility because its my fault …

            open ur blind eyes , sheep ! im the one making all the noises AGAINST the draconian prices … good to know there are people who think im the actual wrong-doer …

            well , no mistaking about the majority of pakis being imbeciles :D ~!

            • Yeah, calling people names, just tells others the kind of man you are. I would rather live my happy life and let you whine over how miserable you feel to be a Pakistani.

              • oh please … either ur in denial or have dispensable income , either way, you seem misfit to this discussion and i would rather not waste my time arguing with people like u

              • Waqas please stop arguing, whatever yasir is saying is the silent voice of many of us. So instead u discourage someone for raising voice n educating people, u should encourage such acts. Every seller here is ripping buyers n consumers from daraz to dodhwala. It’s a highway robbery. We get milk at 85 in khi whereas official rate is 70 n the cherry on top is that even after charging highest rate for a litre of milk, they will never give u accurate 1 litre it would b lesser quantity though forget abt the quality after water n injections n washing powder mixed.
                Now even we complaint to the authorities they pay no heed. So how can we change the system? When the system administrators are not doing their job.

                • Buy ur own buffalo, equation solved, or do all the right things others r doing wrong :/ dont just blame blame blame n do nothing about it

                  • Shame on you for ur rubbish talk. U might bhi a khandani bhenswala but everybody is not. So it’s not blame it’s reality.

                    • your misspelling is adorable :p

                      and your misdemeanor , goes a long way in telling a lot about you…

                    • yeah … and u must have snatched kashmir from India already … bold claims for someone who talks worse than a clerk working for KMC.

                      talking about black sheep … its people like u … who can’t face the truth and most definitely , can’t stand up to it. boy , if there was a way to purge this land of such impurity , we might have been way ahead of India and similar nations in all aspect … but over-population and wastage of vital national resources on baggage like u has slowed this country down to a standstill. so the eating up country part … is a slap on your own sorry face !

                      its time the govt started taking radical steps to curb over population… starting with taking out stupid sheep and blind imbeciles , like the ones senselessly blabbering in this thread. there’s no place for good-for-nothing people on this planet and pakistan may just be the last resort for such species

                  • yeah … well if being a millionaire was as common as being an illiterate rascal in this country .. maybe people would buy their own buffalo and attempt to right the wrongs…
                    sadly overpopulation ate away at this country’s resources and couple that with the lazy and low-level mentality of the majority of this nation’s populace means that resources are being drained by good-for-nothing leeches who are sucking the country dry.

                    go figure.

                • thats the hard truth … nobody EVER encourages anything in this society. this is the eastern mindset i have mentioned , TIME AND AGAIN !
                  as it goes … everyone wants to be on top of the world , move forward in life … nothing wrong with that …
                  BUT ; they are more than willing to step over other people , elbow people in the face , deceive and disorientate others in their quest to do so. everyone thinks for themselves and can’t stand the fact of others moving forward… hence there’s no such thing as collaboration or collective thinking. when people are so shamefully opportunistic and so morbidly selfish , there’s no chance of any good change happening in society. since everyone thinks for themselves AND nobody actually cares about improving the general situation.

                  there’s no chance of a change without any union b/w people. so , when i posted here , i knew i would face locals infested with this mindset … even sadder is the fact that they don’t realize all these goings on in the back-end AFFECTS them too … its a whole new level of stupid…
                  they’re only interested in implementing what their mindset and mentality dictates , i.e discouraging everything AND in general being shamefully selfish.

                  • I was kinda thinking the same today..
                    why are we behind as a nation
                    the answer i thought

                    we pull legs (of our own people) to get on top
                    instead of doing better (than other people) to get on top

                    so as a nation we are progressing, may be, but our speed is nowhere near world. and please don’t blame the doodhwala.
                    He is doing at his level, we are doing at our level [which i guess seems okay to us, because its us, not doodhwala :) ]

                    • exactly … its understandable that envy is part of human nature .. BUT once the host allows it to thrive and prosper , its becomes jealousy which can be classified as a vicious cousin of envy. its like a latent hatred for any other person doing better than you … and sadly this exists ALOT in our society , really really sad to say.

                      Of-course , people in other countries aren’t saints … they also have the same drawbacks as any other humans BUT , due to their mentality , their way of thinking and their take on society , especially for its greater good , means that they are able to curb the possibility of harboring ill thoughts for the fellow countrymen. Instead , they all work together , regardless of the races and ethnicity that exist in their countries , for the sake of their nation. no such concept exists here … only horrid bias and venomous hatred for the other person. WHICH IS WHY WE ARE SOO BEHIND OTHER COUNTRIES … even some which are poorer (many african nations) than us and smaller than us (maldives , sri lanka).

                      i appreciate your realization of the bitter and unimaginably sad truth of our society… i hope this society , for all its shortcomings and flaws … can at least do one better and have more people like u in its ranks.

        • Muhammad Yasir bun, Yasir Arafat na bun…………………isnt this the worst place to live…………bhai time nikaal kar MURR Jaoo…DOOB MURRO

                • sorry admin , never intended to mess up the forum discipline but sometimes certain people make it v.hard to refrain from delivering a fitting reprisal…
                  as you can clearly see in this thread.

                  P.S : honored to know the admins have taken note of my presence :) . thankyou for your kind recognition ^_^

          • well , why don’t u just f u c o f f , u f u c i n g d i s g r a c e who can’t accept the hard truth ?

            i always expect j a c k a s s e s like u to pop up with their dumb tongues in local sites like there…

            thats a f u c i n g s t u p i d name u got tho :D

            • most of U said is True we all know how things go in here U r not enlightening anybody…But Ur way of conveying is Total wrong…U can win an argument by insulting others but U cant win a heart…

          • thankyou for your kind words …
            relieving to finally hear from someone who understands , since …
            as you can see above , all im getting is a whole lot of hostility and illiterate hate-mail

            • I am frustrated.
              I feel your pain.
              I can feel how frustrated you are!
              And why wouldn’t we be frustrated when we are filled up with people’s who are having hatred hatred and just hatred within them in their whole body.

              • there … u just said it. the sad truth our society is horribly plagued with.
                im relieved to know im not the only one who sees things the way i do …

                i appreciate your understanding of the situation. thankyou for your support :)

                • I may not be an experienced person but my thoughts are that when this nation becomes rightful as an individual in their everyday task and start to think for this country not just for their self then it can lead to a much better Pakistan.

                  I used to hate all the politicians and curse Pakistan every now and then, har rooz Nawaz Shareef, Altaf Hussain ya Zardari ko burra barra kehta tha lekin ab I realized k yeh hum loog hi hain jo 1st of all corrupt hochuky hain to the extreme limit.

                  Doodh wala kuch paise bachata hai aur doodh mei milawat kar deta hai.
                  Khud bijli chori karte hain and jab load shedding hoti hai tou KElectic ko gaaliyan dete hain.
                  Car mechanic new parts k paise le k used parts daal deta hai

                  Office mein agar koi thore paise ziada de de tou uska kaam fouran karra deta hai.

                  Kisi jagah LINE laggi ho tou agar koi jannay wala mil jaye to uska kaam kar dain gay hum pehle aesa kyun? :(

                  Paan khaa k road pe ja rahay hain and thook dete hain. Road k konay mei baith k peshab kar dete hain? Yeh kya hai ?
                  Yeh roads, gali, ilaqay, metro yeh sab hamari chezain hain. Hamare lie banai hain and hum hi own ni karte. Gattar k dhakkan chori kar k le jatay hain kya hai yeh sab? Koi mobile dene se refuse karta hai tou usay gun ka butt mar dete hain ya ziada demagh kharab hoa to sedha goli mar dete hain.
                  Inteha se ziada ghaleez to hum khud hain. Apne mulk se sincere nahi. Apne ap se bhe sincere nahi. Har jagah bas chahatay hain k apna faida ho samne wala ka jitna bhe loss ho jai in any way we dont care.

                  And iss ka haal sirf yehi hai k ya to zameeer zinda hojai hum logo ka(Which I feel is really really seems like impossible) ya phir itni saaakhti hojai Army/LEA se k har chote se chote ghalats acts per unke lie strict Action ho. Signal toro, fine bharo, road pe paan thoko, gele kapray se road saaf karo, Public property’s pe Baba Junaid Bangali k ads banao, khudi phir uss ko saaf kar k clean paint karo.

                  Mein khud itna frustuate ho chuka hu k mein khud ab Germany move kar raha hu for my higher studies and plan bhe mera yehi hai k wahin shadi kar k permanent settle hojaon Mein ne 2 test de diay hain and 2 test rehte hain In’Sha’Allah I will move from my homeland. kyun k Pakistan k politians se ziada yahan ki awaam un se bhe ziada courrupt aur selfish to its limit hochuki hai. :)

                  The moral is ap apne ap ko theek karo pehle warna I don’t think k koi miracle hoga and society poori sudhaar jai gi khud se.(I am Sorry to say).

                  May Allah Bless Pakistan and let brotherhood establish among these countrymen.

                  • truth well said and well written.
                    i cant imagine the tremendous effort and expression it took to write all that down.

                    well , at least a few of us realize and admit whats REALLY wrong here … unlike the rest of the sheep , who keep going on the same damn monotonous path and keep following the same vicious cycle. its simply sickening !

                    one man or even one group , can’t change the course of how a country functions. this needs to be a true group effort (which seems near impossible here) like the french revolution (despite being deadly) , something so massive and so well spread on a country-wide basis, that it runs riot throughout everything that’s wrong here. it’ll remain a fantasy unless something really REALLY changes for the good here.

                    I wish you best of luck and an auspicious life in Germany. i wish i could tell you better , but i think its wise that you stay in Germany for the long-term … as you can see for yourself , yahan ache logon ki qadar nahi hai.

                    Amen to your prayer , bro .

            • Yasir calm down…. i feel your pain…. whatever you said is true…. some ignorant guests are clearly talking rubbish…. just know that some guests are standing by whatever you said. Bravo.

              • thankyou for your support , highly appreciate it.
                maybe there’s still hope for the local situation if people like you can come together ….
                we desperately need a structured and organized approach from people who think-alike and positively. :)

  • propakistani = advertising agency for fake online sales of kamyu , daraz and others !

  • HomeShopping took similar initiative and named it White Friday and offering discounts up to 70% from November 27 to 30th. I can see tough competition between e-commerce websites but untimately it will benefit the buyer. #DigitalPakistan

  • Although People who think like Yasir are few. It is true. But these are the few ones due to whom some sleeping people wake up. Start doing which is actually call of the time and Pakistan as a nation is still surviving. But decorum of the educated forum should always be taken care of which is the sign of courage to do bigger good.

    • thankyou for your benign words… i appreciate your understanding of the matter.

      and im sorry again , for going out of bounds in the discussion … but like i said before , these people make it v.hard to hold back.

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