Zouhair Khaliq and Parvez Abbasi Join Hands to Foster Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Pakistanis can be quite an enterprising lot when it comes to business ideas. Pakistani entrepreneurs for their part are always looking to get the best mentorship and resources that suits their goals and ambitions.

But in order to achieve their dreams, they need the guiding hand of professionals more often than not. Most of them fail because there are no financial, technical or commercial resources that make all the difference between success and failure.

Enter TeamUp – An Upcoming Innovation Hub For Entrepreneurs, Investors and Mentors

TeamUp is a new entrant to the ranks of Pakistani incubators such as Plan9, The Nest I/O and others. It’s headed by two veterans of the telecom industry who know the ins-and-outs of the Pakistani’s tech sector better than anyone else.

We have Zouhair Khaliq and Parvez Abbasi, both with a string of successful technology and mobile launches behind them.


What Does TeamUp Offer Budding Entrepreneurs?

As mentioned above, TeamUp is the brainchild of Parvez Abbasi and Zouhair Khaliq and they’re bringing their experience and expertise towards nurturing Pakistani startups with a difference.

Currently they work with startups separately instead of in batches, ensuring that new entrepreneurial projects get their undivided attention.

If you are a scrappy startup or entrepreneur hoping to pitch your idea and get noticed, you can get registered with TeamUp here.

There are no barriers for any entrepreneur or startup to join them, no matter what stage or phase they happen to be at. At TeamUp, the process of getting your startup off the ground is accomplished by:

  • fine-tuning an idea and making it business-friendly
  • building it with the resources they require
  • keeping the project costs competitive and lean
  • marketing/selling the finished product
  • helping startups to ultimately secure much-needed investment from investors.

How can Investors and Mentors Benefit from TeamUp?

TeamUp refines startups with a business-friendly case, making it easier for investors to know when they are pitched solid ideas with potential. Investors that are on the lookout for solid startups with a business strategy in hand can approach easily. Demos are given by worthy startups in order to secure funding from a proven platform.

If you want to invest in a startup, you can submit your details here.

If you’re an individual who wants to provide their expertise to tomorrow’s runaway successes, then you can even apply for a mentorship role here.

Firms that have Benefited from TeamUp

Here are some of the startups that have been launched under the tutelage of TeamUp:

  • Pakistan Man: Pakistan’s first comic book superhero by Hasan Sohail Siddiqui. You can see him in action here.
  • Smart Home: Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Life Safety and Home Protection services. Need we say more? Check them out here.
  • MyMobilePK: An online smartphone and tablets retailer with all the best brands under one website, MyMobile.Pk caters to mobile fans. They can be found here.

We hope that incubators and accelerators in Pakistan like TeamUp continue to nurture entrepreneurship and play their role in making us economically dynamic.

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  • I have great expectations from Zouhair and Pervez. You are really giving back to Pakistan what it has given to you. If you need any help from people like me, just ask!

    Salman Ansari

  • Met Mr. Parvez at LCL 2015. He’s the right guy for you if you have some solid business idea. He’ll surely get you investors.

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