By 2050, Pakistan Can Achieve Highest Solar Power Potential Worldwide

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While IT companies like Apple and Google have been making strides towards ensuring that all their operations are powered by renewable energy or have a minimal ill effect on the world’s atmosphere, these are only a couple of companies. There are millions of businesses around the world and billions of people directly causing the global warming effect. It’s clear that everyone needs to play their part in improving the environment so that the future looks nothing like how the apocalyptic movies depict the next century.

There is Good News If Stanford and MIT Studies on Renewable Energy Are Considered

A group of studies from the MIT, the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University and the University of California bring a detailed plan and conclude that a renewable energy powered world is indeed a possibility by 2050. This study is a glimmer of hope in the otherwise long list of studies claiming irreparable effects on the environment by the middle of the 21st century.

The study by the MIT research team suggests that the current solar technology is capable of getting us there if implemented appropriately. Stanford University and the University of California have analysed the roadmaps of a total of 139 countries to estimate the amount of energy these countries would require in the future. The teams working on it then compared the potential that these countries have for producing renewable energy from wind power, solar power and hydroelectric power sources. After comparing both, the renewable energy potential and the estimated power requirement of these countries, they found that it is indeed possible to fulfil global power requirements via renewable power sources.

“People who are trying to prevent this change would argue that it’s too expensive, or there’s just not enough power, or they try to say that it’s unreliable, that it will take too much land area or resources. What this shows is that all these claims are mythical.” – Mark Z. Jacobson, director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program

How does Pakistan Stack Up with its Future Renewable Energy Potential?

The teams even made an interactive global map available here which shows the projected energy mix on each of the analysed countries. The map lists the potential that Pakistan has and what sort of benefits the population can reap if the country follows their projected plans. The study reports that Pakistan has a potential of producing 92 percent of its electricity requirements via solar energy, at a rate that’s amongst the highest in the world. 58.1 percent of that electricity can be produced by solar plants and 15 percent via Concentrated Solar Plants (CSP). Pakistan also has the potential for producing 4.8 percent electricity via wind power and 2.9 percent using hydroelectric energy.

Advantages for Pakistan

The study claims that this plan will produce 291,110 long-term (over 40 years) jobs in the construction sector and 239,989 long-term jobs in the operations division. Health costs will be reduced by $916.2 billion which will be about 21% of the whole GDP in 2050. The plan will pay for itself in just one year from air pollution and climate cost savings. Air pollution will be reduced by 14 times. The money aspect will be another positive prospect as the electricity will cost two-thirds of what it would if the electric production continues according to the current estimates. The government will save $3,469 per person via energy, health and climate costs per person.

The study’s roadmap and estimates may be the only hope that we have got to fix the environment before the situation gets out of hand. Head to the interactive map for more interesting facts about each of the analysed countries. The financial benefits alone should be more than enough to justify moving to renewable energy as soon as possible.

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  • Pehle ganja shareef apni solar panel company khol lein… phir sochein ge wo iss mamley par taakey unko paisey milein.

  • Global warming due to CO2 is hoax. If it is not then stop drinking carbonated bottles and driving vehicles.

    • they actually have invented some special plant through genetics and bio-chem to ABSORB the excess CO2 and we can counter the greenhouse effect , IF thats whats causing all the global warming fiasco

    • Its not just CO2, the real problem is CO and CFCs which kill the ozone. Other impurities in the air which cause acid rains. Just because Pakistan is one of the less affected countries doesn’t mean its not happening. The weather is changing and countries closer to the sea will drown and soon we will be cough more than we breathe.
      Is it not clear enough with the number of patients in Lahore and Karachi compared to Islamabad or a distant village or city like Chitral.

      • CFCs are not used anymore.
        CO changes to CO2 once entered atmosphere.
        Excessive CO2 comes back to earth as carbonic acid and acidic rain. So, air gets cleaned. Acid is extremely diluted so does not cause any harm.
        Actual Reason for climate change is classified.

        • CFCs are still used in Air conditioning, Refrigeration and aerosols. You need to check your sources because no alternatives have been widely adopted.
          CO changes to CO2 yes, but it reacts with O3(Ozone) hence breaking Ozone layer.
          CO2 is one of the least reactive gases since C has a uniquely strong bond structure. So no there’s no chance of CO2 reacting with rain water and coming down. And CO2 is also water resistant and passes through water and stays with the rest of the air.
          Acid Rain is real especially is industrial zones. You should search for acid rain effects on Google original Google images.
          Finally, even if we believe the conspiracy theory, it does not justify not to control the above-mentioned problems.

          • Stop believing too much in lies fed by corporations and governments.
            CO2 is now used for refrigeration. For faster chilling nitrogen is alternatively used. CFCs are banned all over the world.
            No body gives a damn about carbonated drinks manufacturers who are the biggest consumers and producers of CO2. No body takes carbon tax from them. If CO2 is greenhouse gas, production of these drinks should be banned universally.
            And if you ask me i am a kind of conspiracy theorist. This climate change is happening because ionosphere is heated to change direction of air. During beijing and london olympics it was made sure rain should not fall during event. America, Russia, uk and china they all have weather stations where they manipulate weather. The massive energy used during heating ionosphere is actually causing all this global warming mess.

            • Oh no they aren’t lies. Whatever I stated in my previous comment is using my own knowledge, study and personal experience.
              And I am not disagreeing with you because almost everything is a theory or an estimate so we can’t ignore conspiracy theories until they are proven incorrect.
              But what I am saying is that no matter what they say or don’t say, the effects of acidic gases, CO2, CFCs are real. If we fix a the part which we are aware of it will bring the hidden causes (similar to the ones you mentioned) to surface.

            • And what you are saying about use of CFCs in incorrect. Yes the alternatives are being used around the world but still majority of the population and equipment still utilities CFCs. Eg the gas they fill in ACs here is a CFC, nitrogen is used for cooling not refrigeration the alternative to CFCs is ammonia if I remember correctly.

              • What you get filled in car ac and split when gas leaks out! That’s carbon dioxide not cfc. If you own some old ac may be 25 years old, that may carry cfc in it.
                In turkey and thailand, ice cream sellers use liquid nitrogen ice cream machines that within no seconds freeze the ice cream. They prepare that on sight and sell to customers. Liquid nitrogen is extremely good and fast refrigeration gas.

                • That is what I am trying to tell you Nitrogen can only be used for cooling and can only be used once because its liquid Nitrogen and it converts into a gas causing and endothermic reaction thus cooling everything around it. Its not a refrigerant but can be used to cool anything instantly.
                  Yes CO2 is being used in ACs but only car ACs for now and the adoption is very low for anything else. Its adoption is at less than 1% at present. Mercedes has announced a car with CO2 AC and VW introduced them in late 2013. You can google for more info on this.
                  Most of the equipment still uses CFCs. Any new AC or Refrigerator that you are seeing in Pakistan is still using CFCs.

          • Do you even know that onr volcano excretes more co2 than many cities combined watch great global warming swindle documentry.

            • The answer to your statement lies in your own words. You said volcanoes produce more CO2 than “many cities”. We are talking about the whole world here.
              Even if volcanoes produce a share of CO2, it does not nullify that humans are producing a LOT of CO2. Every micro percent of CO2 increase has a major effect on the world and no one can deny we are producing way more than that. We can’t control volcanoes but we can control ourselves.

              • Aadil you haven’t seen the documentary and haven’t heard the other side. I cant put everything on simple comment. What I meant was Scientist’s witnessed that when human’s were producing more actually the impact of global warming went down? How is that possible? Watch the documentary and read the counter arguments you will understand.

                • Yes I didn’t watch the documentary instead I searched for volcanoes and their production of CO2.
                  I heard about that though. That temperatures went down despite increase in CO2. It still doesn’t mean that we should not prevent increase of CO2 and other gases.
                  Like I said in another comment, preventing the causes of dangerous effects on earth will only bring the hidden causes to surface.

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