Breaking: After Hamid Mir, Multiple Geo Twitter Accounts Get Hacked

Adding insult to injury, three further accounts related to Geo TV have been hacked by the very same hacker, who is now going by the name of ‘MickyLeakz’. Twitter accounts for Geo News English, Geo News Urdu and Rana Jawad (Director for News for Geo), were hacked a short while ago.

It’s curious why Geo TV is the only network affected by the hacks. Hamid Mir’s bank statements and emails getting leaked might have been an isolated incident. But with more Geo related accounts getting hacked, it’s starting to look like a well thought out attack. Right now, the hacker appears to be a lone wolf doing it for kicks but that could be a ruse to deflect attention.

We are sure internal investigations are already underway and it maybe it’s worthwhile to consider whether this is an inside job. Putting a keylogger on a computer is the easiest thing in the world and it makes more sense than an entire network being compromised. It could very well be disgruntled employees wanting to exact revenge for perceived injustice. You also can’t discount the possibility whether this is just an orchestrated drama to get more publicity.

Regardless, if nothing else, this hacking spree will force news organizations to take the security of their networks and their social media channels much more seriously.
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  • This seems so true! “You also can’t discount the possibility whether this is just an orchestrated drama to get more publicity”

  • “Putting a keylogger on a computer is the easiest thing in the world”

    Can you please shed some light on this as to how this is the easiest thing in the world? Here is the complexity involved in pulling this off:

    1. Get access to target user’s computer without them noticing.
    2. Getting access to unlocked computer or getting their password is another feat.
    3. Install keylogger (let’s assume the user has Admin access to his workstation computer).
    4. Help me understand how you are going to access those logs on that user’s computer?

    • Answer to point 1: Very easy, lunch time, prayer time, employee on leave.
      Answer to point 2: Assuming that the person responsible is an insider, he can request the user for the password since in offices usually remote connections are used.
      Answer to point 3: Installing is not a problem. The problem is to make the keylogger/RAT FUD. This requires some basic knowledge of cryptography and since tutorials on making a keylogger or RAT FUD are easily available online (along with the tools) it won’t be a big problem.
      Answer to point 4: Phishing, session hijacking, keylogging etc. Possibilities are endless.

      Some aspects of these hacks point towards an insider job but some are against it. For example: Were all of the victims using the same computer or local network? I don’t think so. Probably all of the victims have got a laptop/smartphone and they would have no need to use office computers to access their twitter account.
      The posts of the hacker are somewhat unusual and unconventional.

      • I understand that it is not impossible to achieve, but it is still not the easiest thing in the world.

        Even if user is away from his laptop, how would you break into his laptop without password? Also other colleagues will be around their workplace.

        Nobody share their passwords anymore. And we are talking about senior management of Geo here.

        Hacking of generic accounts make sense cause they must have been shared between multiple employees.

        • Please note I didn’t said anything about accessing laptops. I was talking about accessing the office computers or office network. As for the passwords, there are certain ways to get it.

        • Windows passwords are so easy to hack. Once i forgot my Windows 7 password. I hacked it by loading a software on a USB.

  • I think somebody have access to Geo Active Directory/Exchange so keep on changing passwords. There are always some service accounts with domain admin access whose password lots of people know. Geo should invest more in hiring better skilled IT people.

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