Indian TATA Group to Buy DTH License in Pakistan Through a Front Company: Report

TATA Group — Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered out of Mumbai, is all set to buy DTH license in Pakistan through a proxy company, revealed Dr. Shahid Masood in his TV program recently.

Citing an unnamed source out of New Delhi, Dr. Shahid Masood said that TATA Group — that already enjoys the illegal monopoly of DTH services in Pakistan — is now set to buy DTH license in Pakistan through a front company.

Anchor, while explaining the arrangement, said that TATA group won’t buy this license directly, instead a front company will be managing TATA’s business in Pakistan. However, investment, returns and all other business functions will be controlled by TATA group.

Indian company’s effort, in collaboration with the CM, to hijack DTH auction is alarming

Dr. Shahid claimed that, according to his source, TATA group was given assurance in this regard by a son of Chief Minister of a larger province of Pakistan during his visit to India.

No marks for guessing who the anchor was referring to, the sad part is that, if proven true, this could mean that ordinary Pakistanis stand to lose a lot from this development.

Just imagine. A sole Indian company TATA introducing, handling and running the DTH in Pakistan through a subsidiary or front company.

History of the DTH Auction Issue in Pakistan

Ever since DTH process was started back in 2003, it faced hurdles upon hurdles with legal proceedings delaying the auction process on one pretext or another. Whatever the case may be, the government of the day was deprived of huge potential to earn directly.

In addition to this, numerous employment opportunities were lost whose sole beneficiaries were to be the very people of Pakistan. Not only that, but the national exchequer lost a handsome opportunity to earn taxes.

Outside our borders, a brief look around Asia reveals that our neighboring countries like China, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka either have a fully functional DTH distribution service or they are on course to set up the same in near future. DTH platform is not only yielding huge taxes and fees to the Government, they also are being effectively used as a means of disseminating education and training at the doorstep of households.

Besides, illegal DTH penetration is a huge challenge faced by PEMRA with Indian programming and culture directly relayed without any check and balance. Some might argue that same Indian content is being broadcasted via Cinemas and Internet, but is the country benefiting from this? In terms of taxes and technological advancement that is?

The whole operation of illegal DTH is ab initio void and challenges the very writ of the Government. There are more than 3 million subscribers to illegal DTH operations, due to which 3 Billion Rupees are being lost monthly without any tax revenue for the Government. The actual potential of DTH is not being not explored, which happens to be a multi-billion market just waiting to be tapped.

One way adopted by PEMRA in collaboration with FIA was to crack down on the dealers and distributors of DTH equipment and services but in vain. The arrival of such equipment from China and Dubai through smuggling is the root issue where PEMRA does not have any jurisdiction, but the Customs department does.

Recently, the concerned authorities must have had resorted to auction DTH Distribution Licenses to overcome this illegal activity comprising financial loss but as expected, like in 2003, the process has again faced a delay.

This time, however, the delay came due to internal management issues as the long-awaited appointment of PEMRA chairman was done at a time when the DTH license auction was almost nearing its ultimate fate.

All the shortlisted applicants were shocked to receive a memo from PEMRA that the said process, which was going smoothly, has been halted.

On a personal note, being a true patriot who wants Pakistan to flourish in all walks of life on its own, the intervention of an Indian company in collaboration with the CM to hijack and cancel the DTH auction is a major setback.

Financial losses, deprivation of general public from viewing channels of their choice, taking away the right of learning and a parental-controls features for TV viewership are matters which need attention at this point of time.

PakSat is also being deprived of huge potential to use its satellites for this venture which by the way can earn millions through leasing out its equipment for DTH.

Unhindered completion of DTH License auction can potentially allow FDI worth billions, create thousands of job opportunities, contribute significantly to Government treasury and kick start a new technological era in Pakistan. Delays like the past will only serve the vested interests of a select few.

  • Things are going out of hand very rapidly…. We need to get in touch with our Namaz… Otherwise ….

    • Good point, if my memory serves right, there was a program by Dr. Shahid Masood, in which he claimed that Agencies (Most likely he was referring to CIA) can listen to your conversations using Mobile phones, even if they are powered off, and battery has been removed …..

      • he is dr qayamat masood.. sirf jhot bolta hai ye or kuch nahi.
        saal sy isne dimag khrab kiya hai bs bolta rehta ye honay ja rha to wo honay ja rha..

        • kaka kya hone ja raha hey ye tou pata nhi par ye mujhe pata hey tu dozakh k sab se nichle darjey main ho ga insha Allah.

        • Unhon ny kai saal chawlain maar k cds me documentry banai jisy us waqat k kisi b achay chanel ny nashar krnay sy mazrat kr li

      • technically its possible. Phones have on-board cell to remember at least time/date and most likely other things. Unless you disassemble your phone, you are not exactly safe from prying ears.

  • Tata Billa, Ambani and Mittalls are sponsors and partners of our Noora league so how come they won’t get DTH license? Surely they will through their front-men like Honda Shahbaz and alike.

    • Mittals shared business is with jehangir tareen and his financial advisor is shaukat aziz or shortcut aziz..

      • Tou kia yahan Pakistan main nai East India Company khol lain? Shareef Brothers aur unki aaney wali nasal k business k liye?

  • Lol. Admin. Cable per to jese aik bhi indian channel ni chalta? Na hi Pakistan mai kbhi koi indian DTH service chall rahi hai…

  • Dr shahid qayamat masood.. jub isko notice bhejo to boothi bana k bhaag jata… aik saal say qayamat ka elaan ker raha hai jo aaj tak ayi nahi.. propakistani k aamir atta saab ko lagta ha ispr sy job ki offer agae hai.
    TATA buy ker raha hai to achi baat ha ker lay buy ..koi mana nhi hona chahye or dono countries main aese relations honi chahyen..

  • PEMRA should restart this process asap so that million of $ come to Pakistan as investment. Pakistan is already late in this techonolgy same as we were in 3g and 4g. this investment will bring a lot of job oppertunities in Pakistan and this project will benefit not only Pakistan TV viewers but open a lot of other business opportunities for local businessmen, and now PEMRA should throw out those Indian backed companies by completing fair DTH lisencing process.

    • why throw back and on what basis and why businesses from neighbors aren’t allowed here. you probably didn’t aware that after 2005 most businessman from pakistan mainly from karachi due to the instability here they started businesses in india and bangladesh.

      • when Pakistani investors can invest then why we welcome to a Indian company to take over our media ? why can’t you say anything about the illegal DTH in Pakistan ? million of dollars are going out from Pakistan on monthly basis is this not a loss to Pakistan ?

        • illegal dth services availed by millions of pakistanis or indians?
          that would be better if they do business legally or they will continue as illegally and you will cry more on them but not yourself.

      • The said investments by Pakistanis were in manufacturing industries. Media is a sensitive issue as it can change peoples’ mind, used for propaganda etc.

        • if you really think media is sensitive issue then please check your media first who is already played by some unknown hands or to be more clear controlled by establishment and they already changed perceptions and people’s mind here. if i go in detail my comment will be deleted, like i said everything controlled here.

  • I’m all up for it as long as the quality of content is there. That means the usual sports channels and documentary channels in High Definition. I’ll definitely pass the usual Indian Kanjar Khana (no offense) though..

  • so what is the problem if tata is coming to pakistan with dth tecnology..thats great news….we surely get rid of cable operators and poor service they provide….even tata is coming with their real name that also very cool guys at least we can pay them directly like we pay to zong,warid etc…if you go defence clifton you guys know each and every home hav these type of small dishes installed on their homes front…..well by the way alll the family these days used to see indian dramas these days for their entertainment i think that is not bad at all.. think wisely and widely.

  • So we want FDI to come in heaps load but not from India?! God Save the rationality (no matter how meagre of it is left) in us purestanis…

  • First of all This Doctor is Not in his sense now. First he is a very good anchor but now he is blaming goverenment all times in any matter.
    The question is what happens if Indian company invests in Pakistan for DTH Licence????? India se Match khelna ur phir paise ly k haar jana jaiz hai per India ki company agar Pakistan mein investement kare to kiya ho jata hai??? Karne do Business ki koi sarhad nhi hoti… Ap bhi india mein kro ap ko kisi ne roka hai, india k business men dunya mein 4 th aur fth numbers per hain auir ap ka ameer tareen admi 162 number per ata hai.

  • LOL PAKISTANI’s.. kuch bhi matlab.. :D :D

    phele Qmobile ko lekar paresan tha MICROMAX ki company hai..

    ab TATA ko le kar.. :D :D

    agar TATA DTH business kare bhi tumhare pakistan me toh kya jayega..

    TATA ko long time experience hai DTH me.. so TATA better DTH service dega,

    recently, Vodafone ne India me 4G launch kiya 1800mhz band (1x5mhz) par Voda ka 4G speed 101Mbps+ hai..

    jab ki humare India company ka AIRTEL & RJIO ka 4G 2300Mhz band (1x20Mhz) par only 40-50Mbps hai.. jab ki itne spectrum me 200Mbps+ hona chahiye tha..

    yeh isilye hai kyunki Vodafone experience of 4G operation in 19 countries across the globe.

    check this Vodafone INDIA 4G screenshot:-

  • Control of air-waves Control of air-waves is critical weapon in the 5thGeneration War. The 5th GW defeats a Nation by psychologically and economically crippling her and
    subjugating without fighting an actual war. It make people believe in other’s culture,
    propaganda and ideology and slowly forgetting the reasons for its own existence.
    How about asking Endia to let Kashmiris decide their own future and not kill
    Muslims for eating beef and allow Pakistani TV channels to air in their country.

    • Do you seriously believe in that conspiracy theory? Tata isn’t going to control the “air waves” and what’s all this talk about “5thGeneration War”. The fact is that a multinational company is planning to expand its operations into pakistan and the end consumers will benefit because at then end of the day we’ll be getting a better service compared to right now.

  • Seriously? Dr. Shahid Masood….. and you think it’s even worth discussing? Big-time disappointed with propakistani :(

  • DTH is “Direct to Home”, but I’d call it “Direct to Heart”. Because of these Fuhush channels, Satan has infiltrated in our hearts. As a consequence, we have been deprived of overall goodness in life like Halal Rizq, Obedient Children, love of Allah and His Prophet, getting ready for Akhira, and Sukoon in life. Greed of more and more wealth and Dunya is our goal. Only the dust of grave will fill this greed. May Allah protect us from Satan, his followers and our Nafs.

      • @Mainichi yes an atheist can be moral (even though all they care about is to criticize other religions which according to them is no offence) BUT a TRUE Muslim is a perfect definition of what Morality IS.Following the teachings of Islam from the quran and sunnah only can lead to a Perfect human being like out Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who was Morally AT THE TOP. He is what a Muslim IS and not a single atheist can be compared to him.He who treated non believers and even his enemies who use to hurt him kindly.He is WHat a Muslim is.

        Whose teachings we Muslims have unfortunately forgotten.
        We call ourselves Muslims but don’t follow the footsteps of our Prophet.We are hollow from the inside.And thats why we are morally wrong and corrupt

        A remainder For PAKIS something which they have forgotten and for which thousands of muslims of subcontinent laid their precious lives
        “Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us.”
        Muhammad Ali Jinnah

        • The point I’m trying to make here is that you don’t need something like religion to become moral. I’m not telling you to foresake religion; I’m just saying that If you need religion JUST to be moral, there is something fundamentally wrong with you. Morality is a social construct and social institutions like religion help enforce it BUT they are not necessary.

          I feel like I’ll be spammed to hell (or worse) If I share my MAL here :^)

    • @Mainichi yes an atheist can be moral (even though all they care about is to criticize other religions which according to them is no offence) BUT a TRUE Muslim is a perfect definition of what Morality IS.Following the teachings of Islam from the quran and sunnah only can lead to a Perfect human being like out Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who was Morally AT THE TOP.
      Whose teachings we Muslims have unfortunately forgotten.
      We call ourselves Muslims but don’t follow the footsteps of our Prophet.We are hollow from the inside.

      A remainder For PAKIS something which they have forgotten and for which thousands of muslims of subcontinent laid their precious lives
      “Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us.”
      ―Muhammad Ali Jinnah

  • What is the big deal? Pakistan is issuing DTH licences. An Indian firm wants to purchase one of the licences for which it will pay Pakistan’s government, just like any other bidder. It will then have to abide by regulations set by Pakistan’s PEMRA and invest in its service as per locally set standards. This will bring investment, create jobs and give the firm a chance to provide its services within local legal framework….which Pakistan itself will control!

    So what’s the big deal with it?

  • Amir Sahib now we’ve to read conspiracies theories over here, please do not do that just write what is authentic and you’ve a valid source NOT this oxShit Please

  • what you claim was said by dr qayamat masood who is known liar. give proof of what he said then open your mouth.same advice for dr qayamat and his followers.

    • Giving personal name like Qayamat Masood is a trait of people who lack logic and intellect. Not to mention some one told me u r a compounder who didnt passed MBBS exam and fantasize about being a doctor some day through a fake degree. And what I claimed is from Pemra not from any one else. here is the link for readers and our beloved fantasy Doctor sb.
      Now, my beloved fantasy doctor sahib produce some counter arguments with facts and figures otherwise you are losing your credibility and people here will keep on laughing at your wishful thinking..

      • hey idiot MBBS is not required to become doctor.
        second yes ye is qayamat masood and what he claims he never ever produce and evidence and the link you gave is another story and what qayamat masood claims is another.
        I am not the stupid who beleives in Pakistani media and stories here, the media ranked 150th in the world is worth avoiding and igonrants like you believes only.

        • I hope some one didn’t gave u a PHD degree. And my God boy you need some ears to say your inner feelings. You are crying like a 16 year old girl nahi nahin sab ghalat hen mama sirf main theek hun, mjy nahin pata saray meri baat maano.
          If Pakistani Media is so untrue what are you doing here at propakistani? You must be a part of some think tank discussions in goofy university of Colorado .But I think it needs intellect.Question was about facts not about a personality. A single person is nothing. An organization like PEMRA officially declared some facts which I put forward here but as far as I see you lack analysis and keep on repeating what u have already said.

          • it;s not me who crying, it’s you. you have nothing t say except some foolish views on my degree probably you heard on local media which i already explained controlled your(kids) mind here.
            What you share about PEMRA has nothing to do with above all discussion we had.

  • Prime Time me 80% channels pe indian content laga hota hai. Aur baki jo Pakistani dramas etc lagte b hain woh b indian se kam nahi. Yeh so called channels woh hain jo us waqt indian channels k Pakistan me chalne k khilaf thay aur aaj… yehi channels family time me indian content barhe fakhar k sath dikhate hain..

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