PEMRA Postpones Auction of DTH Licenses Just Three Days Ahead of Bidding

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) today postponed the Direct to Home (DTH) licenses’ bidding, just three days ahead of scheduled bidding that was to be held on Monday, December 7, 2015.

Decision was taken during authority meeting today that included Mr. Absar Alam, who assumed his responsibilities as Chairman of PEMRA just today.

While postponing the earlier announced schedule, authority directed to prepare a detailed working paper for consideration of the Authority keeping in view all legal aspects and security issues regarding the DTH project.

PEMRA expressed its resolve to complete the DTH process at the earliest without compromising on law in a transparent and fair manner.

Mr. Absar Alam, during the meeting today, asked the Authority Members that he has been entrusted the charge of PEMRA at a time when besides other challenges and required initiatives, PEMRA is going to commence the biggest and most significant project of its history i.e. Direct to Home (DTH) project which involves multi-million dollars of investments and revenues.

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Mr. Alam said that he has hardly joined the authority as its Chairman and now he is being asked to follow the bidding time line of December 7, 2015 for the DTH.

He expressed that it’s not possible for him to take any decision / position on such an important and significant project unless he is not briefed about the details, its committee, criteria, procedures, guidelines and other important legal matters in detail.

Therefore, in order to address these issues and to eschew foreseeable legal complications, he requested the Authority that the scheduled bidding may be delayed for him to fully understand the project.

Chairman PEMRA said that he believes in Freedom of Expression and Speech as enshrined in the Article 19 of the Constitution of Pakistan and would, therefore, prefer consultative approach that includes all stakeholders so that the impending challenges, regulatory / tariff issues etc could amicably be addressed.

Chairman said that PEMRA should not be perceived as some kind of martinet, imposing arbitrary sanctions on media.

Bidding for DTH licenses was also discussed with the law experts present in the meeting including the Secretary Ministry of Law, Justice (R) Raza Khan, Former Judge High Court, Justice (R) Ijaz Ahmed Ch. and Mr. Ali Shah Gilani, Advocate High Court.

Authority said that new date for the bidding of DTH licenses will be discussed during next meeting and will be announced at a later time.

  • its just to show and make feel others that how important i am.
    just dirty politics . seems they were sleeping and unaware of steps involved in auction

  • Lol chairman banney se pehle kya sarak pe aloo ki redhi lagata tha ye chairman jo uss ko pata nahi k kya hoga iss auction per???!

  • Some body ask this ahole when all this was being planned in october and november…and all this time when bids were recived why was he sleeping…anyways its pakistan jaisi awam waisay leader

      • I get that but seeing that he’s appointed as the chairman, he’s not exactly new to this and was already pretty familiar with all the details of the auction in his earlier position.

      • u cant defend a N00B and especially when he is being awarded for his “performance” for defending the party in GOVT, infact a political N00B. this just shows how much merit is important to PMLN period

    • If in Lahore, Karachi of Islamabad, buy DWN
      If in Faislabad, Buy AIRTV
      For Pakpatan, Okara you can try DOABA TV

      • DWN has exactly one HD channel, as opposed to 41 on DishTV. Their STB also costs three times as much.

  • TV Channels are Saying that this sudden move is being made to Favor a Certain Media Group in Auction as Every One knows who could be that the PML (N) Favors the Most.

  • Agar merit pe selection hoti to yay bahana na lagata k isay sari proceedings ko samajnay k liyay time chahiye.

  • Mr Absar was appointed about a month ago, why did he postpone taking charge to 1st of December, just to sabotage dth auction? Pak dth is already ten years too late. Has he already been influenced by Cable operators? Why does this government want to keep Pakistan in the dark ages?

  • if you believe in Freedom of expression then let me be blunt mr.Chairman… You’re a n00b & pathetically incompetent if you can’t assume such responsibility which is described in your JOB description clearly…

  • Let’s connect the dots: Geo TV was interested to apply for DTH but was barred by PEMRA because a broadcaster can not apply for DTH. Geo didn’t like that and it started a campaign in its newspapers against PEMRA that nowhere in the world this happens that broadcasters are disallowed to operate DTH. Parvez Rasheed (who loves Geo more than anything else. Remember his quotable quotes “Hum ghulail nahi, daleel walo k saath hain”) instructs PEMRA to delay DTH licensing until new chairman Absar Alam (Favorite of PMLN. The way he defended PMLN during dharna days is a proof) gets appointed. PEMRA doesn’t accept this. Now, when Absar Alam is there, the DTH auction has been delayed. It’s all being done to pave way for Geo TV to bid and win DTH. Everyone (PMLN, Parvaiz Rasheed, Absar Alam and Geo) wants Geo to win DTH license because it is in interest of all these parties.

  • Pemra is an Institution which should not be dependent on who is the chairman. What a lame excuse to derail the process. Its high time that we held institutions above personalities- sad day for Pakistan

  • Height of nonsense. Foreign investors will never trust on this shit again. This is why nobody invests in Pakistan.

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