8 Companies to Bid Next Week for 3 DTH Licenses in Pakistan

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has shortlisted 8 companies for participation in the bidding for Direct to Home (DTH) Licensing scheduled to be held on December 07, 2015.

These 8 applicants companies for participation in the bidding for DTH Licensing include;

  1. 1M/s Sardar Builders (Pvt.) Limited.
  2. M/s Parus Media & Broadcast (Pvt.) Limited.
  3. M/s Mastro Media Distribution (Pvt.) Limited.
  4. M/s HB DTH (Pvt.) Limited.
  5. M/s IQ Communications (Pvt.) Limited.
  6. M/s Nayatel (Pvt.) Limited.
  7. M/s Shahzad CGG (Pvt.) Limited.
  8. M/s Sharif Feed Mills (Pvt.) Limited.


According to sources, 10 companies had submitted applications to participate in the bid but two were rejected. PEMRA has announced that it will be issuing 3 DTH (Direct-to-Home) Licenses to companies interested in establishing and operating DTH services and distribution in Pakistan.

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After the auction, licensees will be authorized to uplink their services from within Pakistan. Licensees will be under strict order to distribute channels that are authorised for viewership by PEMRA. Initially, DTH services will be limited to 20 in-house thematic channels per license and only one license per organization.

Licensees will be able to broadcast television and radio channels alongside value added services

License duration has been finalized to be 15 years on a nonexclusive basis as three licenses will be sold this year. Licensees will be able to broadcast television and radio channels alongside value added services which may include video on demand and many other features. Owner companies will also have the choice of launching internet services which are limited to browsing and streaming under the stated rules.

According to experts, DTH has a lot of market potential for investors and it is expected that the service will result in a lot of investment & employment opportunities fetching speedy return on investment. The availability of legal DTH in Pakistan will also help in curbing the proliferation of illegal DTH of neighboring countries in Pakistan which is causing loss of millions of rupees to the national exchequer annually. The launch of this service will be a step forward towards meeting the direction of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for digitalization of broadcast media & distribution services.

According to experts, DTH has a lot of market potential with speedy return on investment and ample investment & employment opportunities

It may be recalled that an advertisement inviting applications for award of DTH Licenses was published in newspapers on 10th September, 2015 while uploading the Information Memorandum (IM) containing eligibility criteria, License Terms and condition, application forms etc. at PEMRA website www.pemra.gov.pk.

The last date for submission of applicants for DTH licenses was 6th November, 2015. Ten companies had submitted their applications / proposals till the closing date. The applications received were evaluated as per eligibility criteria given in the DTH Regualations-2015 and Information Memorandum uploaded at PEMRA website.

These (08) shortlisted companies have now been invited to participate in bidding process, scheduled to be held on 7th December, 2015, as per timeline approved by the Authority.

  • nawaz family company going to get one license for sure :) e.g
    M/s Sharif Feed Mills (Pvt.) Limited.

  • Parus Media is a strong contender and is in my radar list since long. It is either fully or partially owned by a Russian company General Satellite, that is eyeing Pakistani DTH since long (Just google Russia Pakistan DTH). Here is official website of Parus DTH http://pmb.com.pk/

  • Ooo finally!
    I hope dth operators provide cheap packages though… else it’ll be quite hard dor them to strive…
    Also, make that 2 licences as 1 of them is going to be taken by ganja feed mills for sure.

  • Also, ive heard that with dth u can also use internet throught a different kind of STB…is it true? If yes, is it feasible in pakistan?

  • cable tv, charges per month 300/-PKR. unlimited number of channels including banned channels, internet, torrented new movies,,, and still PTA says DTH has huge potential in Pakistan :p

    • Unlimited number of channels? That’s interesting. Analog cable (to whom we pay 200-300) can not carry more than 90 channels and we know how is the quality of channels places in last numbers.

    • Yea that’s easily available but the quality is extremely bad, especially if you’re watching on a big screen TV.

    • I usually don’t comment but i think i should now. First , i am using worldcall stb and they are giving me dth service awesomely and very cheaply (it is 500 rupees quarterly) and with 120 channels and also new movies being watched. Quality at its best. maximum number os channels are HD channels. I like it peronally cause i am using it over 6 months

        • Dear Asif.. then DTH is an abbreviation of? Kindly let me know, i don’t know what DTH called

          • @umaishassankhan:disqus if you read article carefully then you must know DTH means ‘Direct to Home’ its clearly stated in the article.

          • DTH stands for Direct-To-Home (satellite) television. DTH is defined as the reception of satellite programmers with a personal dish in an individual home. And an individual Set Top Box (STB) empowering you to pick & choose you bundles of choice and pay for what you watch.

            • yani ka purana zmana phir aaraha hay.. and most of the people to opt Dish TV which is illegal other than India but people prefer it all the way… lol

      • Lol, who told you their channels are in HD? Because their STB is not even HD capable. The maximum it can output is 480p. It’s so easy to fool some people it’s not even funny.

    • I”m pretty sure once DTH is launched, those 300 will jump to 400 or maybe 500, coz DTH operators are gonna make PEMRA curb all the banned channels & cancel licenses of cable walas who refuse to do so.. BECAUSE PURESTAN.. :D

      • they will not, they will always have an edge. DTH Business plan depends upon QUANTITY. Looking at the ground realities, there will be only 10% market for DTH operators.

        • 10%!!! don’t be generous with the numbers man… I’m expecting 3 to 4% max!! but those meagre numbers still will make HUGE profits than cable walas.

    • Yeah, all in glorious stretched out 480p on that brand new UHD TV. By that logic, dial up internet is free so we should all ditch our high speed fiber and 4g connections? It’s a shame that in 2015, there’s not a single digital TV channel in Pakistan. The sooner we get rid of the abomination that is local cable, the better.

  • It has huge potential in pakistan, we are fed up of cable tv with poor picture and sound quality. One has to understand its important. Its not like 3G/4G whereas the operator have to install costly 3G/4G hardware in every site. What matter is its monthly charges and number of channels.

    • Will there be advertisement like they are shown on ptv sports ?? Fed up of cable damn it

  • DTH services will be limited to 20 in-house thematic channels per license and only one license per organization.

    what means?

    • it means 20 in house channels plus all other channels licensed or landing rights issued by pemra

  • Anyone has any confirmed updates of when ajk and gb would be getting the 3g/4g services?
    I heard in january they were start trails? Is that true
    Can you confirm amir bhai? @aamir7

  • 1 out of 3 will go to M/s Sharif Feed Mills (Pvt.) Limited.

    Owned by Hamza Shahbaz they aren’t trying to hide anymore.

  • and the winners are

    1) M/s Sharif Feed Mills (Pvt.) Limited.
    2) M/s Nayatel (Pvt.) Limited.
    3) they need bidding

  • As long as PEMRA continues its moral policing and restricting landing rights for foreign channels, DTH will not be a success here. Also, how typical of everyone to simply ignore the blatant conflict of interest here, auction karanay walon ki apni company bhi hissa le rahi hai

  • With illegal Indian DTH set-top-boxes on the market, local DTH service providers will suffer or sell their business just like Warid did.
    PEMRA must take necessary measures to keep the momentum alive.

  • Yes that is GS group of Russia, the strongest contender. But that Lifafa anchor, Absar Alam i think, who was appointed as Chairman PEMRA has asked to postpone this auction process on the directions of government. So all those waiting for DTH service since long are requested to keep on waiting…

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