Mobile Networks Go Offline in Islamabad / Rawalpindi

Mobile networks in majority of Islamabad and some parts of Rawalpindi went offline at around 12PM, without any prior information or knowledge to consumers, we have checked.

Mobile phone companies aren’t saying anything while communication with PTA wasn’t established as mobile phone networks are down.

A source, however, in a mobile phone company confirmed ProPakistani that services were closed on PTA’s directive, but he didn’t want to comment anything on duration of down-time.

Another source, in another company, confirmed ProPakistani that networks are likely to remain down for at least 2 hours for security reasons.

While the official wasn’t sure about the reason behind the service closure, but said that its possibly related to an operation near G6, Islamabad.

We are trying to get hold of more information, and will update this story if and when we get any further info.

Such sudden network closures, especially when its a usual business day, is very alarming. This not only hurts businesses and consumers alike but emergency situations deteriorate further when there are no communication tools available to masses.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Chehlam of Muharram always performed on 20th safar ul muzaffar and today is 28th safar ul muzaffar. And it use to perform around the world not only in Islamabad and some parts of Rawalpindi :)

      • When I got out of home today for office, all roads were blocked by containers (Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi) and upon inquiring I was told that these are blocked due to Chehlum Jaloos.

        • Yes, here they use to have these dates since long in RWP/ISB some parts , some specific Imam Bargahs

        • Then there might be a case but usualy and this year too chehlum jaloos was organized on 20th safar

          • Kehne ko tum Rizvi ho … kamal hai kaise syed ho itna b nahi pata k aj syedon k sardar, jannat k malik Imam Hassan A.s ki shahadat ka din hai… us munasbat se jaloos hain….. Afsos k tum log Aaley nabi ko bhol gae bas naam k sath barey barey tag lagana yad rakha!

            • I was just pointing out that today is not chehlam of Muharram shohdaa’s. No need to be so critical. I know what is my relation to aal e Muhammad s.a.w.w and I dont have any body’s approval to prove this as God is only and better knowledged Judge.
              Khuda hum sab ko estqamat ke rastay pe chalne ki toufeeq ata farmaye. Ameen

              • O bhai mere chehlum ka matlab hai 40 din. Or Waqya e Karbala 10 Muharram ko hua tha. Is hisab se Waqya e Karbala ke 40 din 20 safar ko puray hotay hain. Us k baad koi bhi itna bara jaloos nhi nikalta jis ki waja se service block ki jae. Ap shayd is article ko 20 safar k din ka samajh rahe ho.

  • in westridge, chur chowk (rwp cantt) the area (school, college whatever the F) is shut for traffic as well. ink chehlum e khatam nae ho rahay. and now this! mobile networks are shut.

  • on every Friday from last friday phone got out of service from 12 till 2 dont know the reason but i think PTA want to test which network is working like obedient
    servant lol.

  • its part of NAP to stop Burqa Aziz from spewing telephonic verbal diarrhea on Friday sermons…. :) hahahahahahha Whattta NAP…….

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