Anusha Rehman Gets GEM-Tech Global Achievers Award 2015

Anusha Rehman, Minister for State for Telecom and IT, has been awarded with GEM-Tech Global Achievers Award in recognition of her exceptional efforts to boost women’s empowerment through ICTs.

She was given the award at a ceremony held on the sidelines of World Summit on the Information Society in New York today.

Hosted by United Nations Agencies UN Women and ITU, the annual Gender Equality and Mainstreaming in Technology (GEM-TECH) Awards recognize that technology is a uniquely powerful means for transforming the lives of women and helping redress the global gender gap.

Jointly organized by UN agencies ITU and UN Women, the awards recognize the tremendous power of ICTs to transform women’s lives by providing them with better access to education, information, support networks, employment opportunities, avenues for political participation, and devices and apps that can improve personal safety.

Anusha Rehman is given the award for initiating a number of projects and programmes that have had a profound impact on the ICT sector in Pakistan – in particular, she has enhanced the role of women in the sector and enabled women in general to benefit from ICT.

The initiatives include a special program for disadvantaged girls, which gives girls access to learning computer science and economic opportunities, and a startup incubator program, which offers mentorship, commercial, legal and financial help for young people and young women in particular.

Anusha has also undertaken several other policy and legislative initiatives with direct relevance to furthering women’s empowerment.

GEM Global Achievers awards are celebrated this year as part of the 20-year commemoration of the Beijing Platform for Action.

The 2015 GEM-TECH awards attracted nearly 150 nominations from government, the private sector, academia and civil society from 55 countries.

  • I’m sorry if this offends anyone. But what the actual F (yes, capital F) has she achieved that benefits the everyday users of IT in Pakistan? Even the internet was taxed under her ministry! Now we want to extort tech giants like WhatsApp and Skype for providing services here? Don’t all these bovine decisions fall under the jurisdiction of her IT Ministry? Granted, she might not have taken them but the she could at least have interjected them and brought them up under scrutiny.

    All she can be really credited for is women empowerment, which is a good thing on its own but it’s not something that had to be taken by the IT ministry to be accomplished. It could’ve been overtaken by at least two different ministries who are more suited for the task, ministry of human rights for example. Do people who decide to give these awards have their heads shoved up where the sun doesn’t shine?

  • Perhaps she is awarded for securing contracts worth billions for co-operations,
    obviously these projects would have nil outcome, though country will lose huge chunk of their tax money and government would have borrow more loans from IMF and tax public even more.

  • lol WOW, check out this line. “Anusha Rehman is given the award for INITIATING a number of projects and programmes ……….. on the ICT sector in Pakistan”.

    An award JUST for initiating several projects in Pakistan!!!!!! Sounds miserable! Makes NON SENSE at all because this is a country where 1000s of projects always start, BUT unfortunately they NEVER EVER COMPLETE!!!

    Anusha madam ne PayPal, Amazon or eBay ko invite karne ka jo sigha apney sir lia hai, atleast usey pura to ker dein, phir dena inhe koi award.

  • Congratulations. I hope this is not the award for the delays in laying OFC with China, Afghanistan, Iran, India and Oman.Because by laying these OFC, Pakistan can easily get 60 to 70 billion dollars a year.

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