5 Featured Pakistani Apps and Games: December Edition

Want to see what Pakistani mobile app developers and game makers have cooked up since the last time? We take a look at 5 mobile apps and games that have been built by Pakistani designers and programmers to serve the needs of the local audience.

Lets take a look at how these new apps and games do in terms of features, user experience, and functionality.

OBuddy Free Message & Stickers – Communication App

If you ever wanted to have a communication and chatting app from Pakistani mobile developers, then OBuddy is what you’ll get. The communication app lets you send instant messages, share multimedia files, and more.

screenshot-play.google.com 2015-12-18 13-29-27

Basically it’s the local alternative to popular chat apps such as Whatsapp and LINE amongst others. It works on both Wi-FI and data connections. The local developer continues development on the app, promising support for a web portal, security enhancements, live recording of audio and video, and more. Currently, only an Android version is available, with an iOS version coming soon.

We think that as far as chatting apps go, it’s got all the essentials covered. But can it compete against more established rivals? Only time will tell.

My Shift Work – Organize and Observe Work Shifts

Do you work in an organization with changing shifts? Want to keep track of whose shift is it and when? Then you need My Shift Work by Voyze, a local app developer, to keep your schedule all organized and tidy.

my shift work

This productivity app is handy for employers and employees both so that the concerned personnel can check the rosters and availability of workers at any time of the day. The app features a clean and simple layout with color-coding and icons to organize work shifts. You can even know data related to overtime, sick leaves, vacation, paydays, and more.

You can download it for Android here.

News Umbrella – A Local News Aggregator

Made by Umbrella Technologies, if you are looking for a news reading app that lists all the local sources, then this one is for you. It features all local news providers such as Dawn, Express, Geo, SAMAA, Dunya, ARY, etc.

screenshot-play.google.com 2015-12-18 12-55-28

The app is pretty simple in looks and operation, and works like your standard reading app that fetches the latest happenings from RSS feeds. However, if you like your newsfeed to be decidedly local, then give News Umbrella a try.

The app comes with ads. You can try it out for Android here.

Mind Tussle – Quick Mental Math Games with Friends

How about going head-to-head with a pal to see who has the best mental math skills? Mind Tussle does exactly that, a game that rewards quick thinking and quick reflexes in equal measure.


Mind Tussle was developed by the same talented folks behind Factor Monster, so if you’re looking for an educative game with a quirky art style, check out Mind Tussle.

It’s available for Google Play and iOS.

Stick Avenger – A Fun Puzzler-Platformer of a Game

For fans of platforming games, Stick Avenger by QWEXAR deserves a look.

You get to control a hero named ‘Stick’ whose objective is to hunt down aliens in the city. There will be lots of puzzles in the way as well as you navigate through the levels.


To play the game, you need to focus on aiming, forming the correct angle and time your shooting well.

Stick Avenger is available for iOS devices here.

ProPakistani will be regularly featuring the best apps from Pakistani devs so if you have suggestions, email us!

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  • FUELUP is another good app. It tells whether CNG is open in the city or not and also show you the CNG pumps on the map near your location.
    Another app is urdu quran 16 lines, which is hands down the best app for reading Quran Pak on your mobile. It has bookmarking feature as well. a must have app on your phone

    • Seconded. It’s a breeze porting your Android app to Microsoft’s Universal App Platform and make it work across a range of Windows devices, from phones to PCs, Xbox and even the upcoming Hololens.

  • sir ios wali Game Android k liay banaty huay Maut parr gai thi kya iOS is only 20% market while 80% Android LoLxx

  • Munajaat Maqbool and Share Board (by SHL Info Systems) are awesome polished Pakistani apps on both iOS and Android. (Honest disclaimer: I am the developer of these app)

  • والدین اپنے بچوں کو گھر سے باہر بھیج کر پریشان ہوتے ہیں کہ بچہ خیریت سے ہوگا، ابھی کہاں ہوگا؟؟
    کراچی کے ایک ڈیویلیپر نے اس سلسلے میں ایک ایپ بنائی ہے “Here I Am”.
    یہ ایپ ٹیکنالوجی سے نا آشنا اور پرانے نوکیا جیسے موبائل رکھنے والے والدین کو بھی فائدہ دے گی۔
    سب یہ ضرور دیکھیں

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