Crossover Launches in Pakistan & Promises High Paid Jobs for Professionals

Crossover, a platform for companies to hire talented employees, has officially entered the Pakistani market. The company held an official launch event in Gulberg Lahore yesterday. The event was attended by top executives from the private and public sector.

Crossover is a platform for highly talented individuals to work from home. The company hires people for full time jobs and connects them with international companies who are looking for personnel in their respective fields. The Crossover team is led by CEO Andy Tryba, who has worked in the US White House and Intel. The team consists of a global network of more than 1,000 individuals from over 80 countries.

Crossover is a platform for highly talented individuals to work from home

The talent-provider company is bidding to find talent from Pakistan and fulfill global demand for skilled employees. Atif Mumtaz, who will be the Country Manager of Crossover in Pakistan, says that Crossover has more than 50 employees working for them in Pakistan and the company aims to increase that number to 200 by the end of next year.

Unlike other remote-work platforms like Freelancer or Up Work, Crossover isn’t meant for part-time work. Crossover offers full-time jobs after interviewing the candidates a few times and taking several online tests. They only take the best of talent when looking for employees which makes them standout from any other similar platforms. Employees of the company are promised that they will be offered work opportunities with the Fortune 1000 of the world. A good Java Software Engineer with 5+ years of hands on programming experience can earn $60,000/year, claims the company.

Even if the employees don’t get any outsourced full-time work, they are continuously paid by Crossover

Crossover targets companies looking to hire employees that offer guaranteed high quality work. They work as a link between these companies and the employees. The companies pay Crossover, and Crossover pays its own employees. Even if the employees don’t get any outsourced full-time work, they are continuously paid by Crossover. Andy, CEO Crossover, promises that his company is well funded and they can pay such high wages without having to worry about going bankrupt or anything.

Crossover are also partnering up with PASHA and PITB. Representatives of both bodies were also present at the event making the venture as legitimate as it can get.

How to Apply at Crossover?

Those who are looking to apply should have some technical background and practical experience to stand a chance at scoring a job at Crossover. More questions are answered here. If you think you can make it into the Crossover team, head here to find the job openings.

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  • An employer will pay Crossover. It will pay the employees. Nice tactic to avoid employee benefits and exploit cheap labor. Crossover will be sued. They will classify employees as “independent contractors” and even mammoths like Google lose such lawsuits (which are not even class action). I can see many of their negotiated jobs listed at $15 an hour. I guess they are really asking for trouble.
    I dont really have a problem, but preying on Pakistanis considering them gullible – is deplorable. btw, those who will work at $15 an hour deserve only that much.

  • Crossover is a fraudulent company. I was onboarded at Crossover after a thorough technical test and practical project. But it proved to be a deceit. 3 months after onboarding I never got any work at all. Upon enquiring from a Philipino person who had taken my final interview, I was told different absurd excuses. I was finally told that all of their Frontend developers were laid off due to low quality work. This was a totally unbelievable story, as I had just passed their test and produced no other work of “bad” quality.
    What they do is they use your test project for their own benefit and waste your precious time. Forget the CEO and US based office, what you will deal with will be their deceitful representatives from 3rd world countries and they have no organizational structure where you can raise your concern, therefore you will be left with a distress for a complete waste of your time.

    • They are frantically posting their job ads at boards like monster, bayt, even LinkedIn. What sort of practical project you did for them? Curious if it could have any commercial value.

    • Exactly .. the same Happened to me. Got hired after technical interview and assignment. They said just wait for the project now, but did not got any kind of query for any project. After 5-6 months, Some more technical interviews were conducted and was approved again . But still did not got any kind of job or project.
      Couple of months a go , got email having this message:

      We are sorry to inform you that we are temporarily deactivating your profile on the Crossover Talent Marketplace

      So either they do not have any clients or they are just spammers , i don’t know , but 0% satisfaction ratio with Crossover

  • I also got offer but didnt got any work as they wanted person who can work fulltime, even though they pay only when a person is working on project so in between project there is no pay. And there monitoring techniques is also questionable.

  • Hi all everyone!

    I want to share my experience with crossover. If you are free and nothing to do then you can take chance and apply on CrossOver. Otherwise they will waste your lot of precious time. Like first you will appear in Online test multiple choice questions and one programming solving question. After you passed that test, they will asked you to do assignment in 3 days. Oh man! You are gonna to give them your precious 3 days to doing that bloody assignment. Your time, efforts are gone be wasted if you try to do assignment. If they have no position available for post you are applying then you are definitely gone to be FAILED. They will simply say that

    ” Unfortunately, the competition was very rigorous and we have decided to move on with other candidates for this position. we are sorry to inform you that your Project Evaluation did not score high enough to proceed. etc”

    Perhaps i see this blog earlier and save time and energy. For this, i am so behind for my other projects and client. CrossOver simply letting me down not because they didn’t select me. If i have been selected and see this blog then i will never work with this FAKE and SCUM company.

    If you guys want to look for online work then go to Upwork(merge with elance) best freelancing website i see so far.


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