MoIT and PSEB Launch Documentary to Attract Foreign Investment

Pakistan’s information technology industry has come a long way. Our country boasts a wide breath of human talent as evident by a thriving startup culture and IT prodigies. Given that Pakistani IT exports crossed $2 billion dollars recently, with an annual growth rate of 41%, the IT industry is poised to grow target to grow to $10 billion in the next 4 years.

MoIT and PSEB are Aware of the Need to Attract Foreign Investors

The Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) and Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) are cognizant of the need to make Pakistan an attractive place to invest in the 21st century. They’ve rolled out incentives for investors that give a great return on investment in the region. With all the talent and human resources that Pakistan possesses, foreign IT companies can take advantage of a skilled pool of technology workers. Given Pakistan’s figures for a rising populace that is connected more than ever with 3G/4G telecommunications technology, Pakistan’s ICT infrastructure is also improving rapidly.

To outline Pakistan’s attractiveness as an investment destination, MoIT and PSEB joined hands and developed a documentary that serves as a primer for Pakistan’s investor-friendly IT sector:

Make no mistake about it. Pakistan’s IT industry is set for a boom. The challenge is now for government and private sector to join hands and do everything it can to make Pakistan a top destination for global IT giants. Investing in human capital and infrastructure development are top priorities for Pakistan as we go forward into the digital future.

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  • Superb documentary! I think Anusha Rehman is doing good look at IT exports! YouTube is finally working,who could’ve thought of using 3g,4g in Pakistan!

    • Appreciated!
      Govt. is making the grounds to apply the tax following year, as in 2016, NO TAX on IT Export policy will be lifted up definitely. Govt. is enlisting freelancers to keep record so that taxes can be applied. If taxes are applied that would a disastrous to IT industry. Raise your voice when needed against taxes for about 10 more years, so that IT industry in Pakistan may get matured.

        • Usman the video is very nice but I am surprised at your comment that who could have though of using 3G or 4G in Pakistan. I am sure you have no idea of history of Pakistan Telecom. Anyway you did a nice job marketing the video.

          • First of all I want to tell you I’m a big PMLN hater but I really think that Anusha rehman deserves credit for betterment in sector. IT sector exports have gone up and I know that telecom sector is one of revolutionary sectors in Pakistan but they still deserve credit for bringing 3g,4g in Pakistan.

  • fire eye has a Mkt cap of $6 billion… seriously???
    Go check your numbers before uploading it in the video. That’s why foreign investors don’t come upon your country, because you falsify with their investments although PAK has dense pool of IT professionals.

  • Nice work by PSEB. This documentary is a great way to market Pakistan’s IT industry and its potential to foreign customers and investors who otherwise only see negative news about pakistan not only in foreign media but local media also. Fireeye’s market cap used to be more than $6B in June 2015 when its stock was at $55 which has dropped to $21 now.{“allowChartStacking”:true}

  • Excellent documentary, whenever someone do the hard work, everyone see the result. Minister for IT has innovative approach and she really know how to convert dreams into reality. she always complete the tasks which is her key to success. weldone

  • Good governance is key to success. Ministry of IT is being governed by Mrs. Anusha Rehman who is well educated. She is successful in attracting the foreign investors. they is much more investment in filed of IT than ever before. Good policies got the result

  • wel done PSEB and Minister for IT. At this time unfortunately world sees negative image of Pakistan due to terrorism but at this critical time depicting positive image to whole world is big achievement.

  • Nice work by PSEB. This documentary is a great way to market Pakistan’s IT industry, which has too much potential. Credit goes to Anusha Rehman as she is focusing this industry and she has succeeded in that also. Tech cities are being developed. IT industry will flourish more due to sound IT Policy again credit goes to current minister Anusha Rehman

  • Result of innovative approach is always fruitful. Anusha Rehman successful in winning the investor’s confidence

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