PTA Set to Auction WLL Licenses for AJK and GB on Dec 29th

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has set the stage for spectrum auction of WLL (Wireless Local Loop) licenses for AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan on December 29, 2015 without any further delay.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and LinkDotNet Telecom Limited have qualified for the spectrum auction of WLL licenses for AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan, we have checked.

According to sources spectrum is likely to be allotted at base price.

Chairman PTA Syed Ismail Shah told this correspondent that there is no delay in the auction and authority is all set to sell spectrum on December 29, 2015, as it was scheduled earlier.

PTA has notified qualified applicants through an information package containing all requisite information and instructions to participate in the auction.

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PTA has planned to auction spectrum in 1900MHz and 3.5GHz bands for WLL licenses for all three telecom regions of AJK and GB. If all offered spectrum gets sold then, PTA is likely to generate Rs 90 million in total for 2×5 MHz in 1900MHz band and two 30 MHz unpaired lots in 3.5GHz bands. The spectrum winners will have to pay the fee with-in 30 days of the action.

  • Base price for Spectrum:
    • 2 x 5MHz from 1900MHz:
      • TR-I Mirpur: Rs. 55.80 Million
      • TR-2 Muzaffarabad: Rs. 11.96 Million
      • TR-3 Northen Areas: Rs. 7.97 Million
    • 30MHz from 3.5GHz
      • TR-I Mirpur: Rs. 7.97 Million
      • TR-2 Muzaffarabad: Rs. 3.18 Million
      • TR-3 Northen Areas: Rs. 3.18 Million
  • Annual Spectrum Fee: 
    • The licensee shall pay an annual fee to the Authority as following:
    • 1900 MHz Band
      • TR-I: PKR 870,000/-
      • TR-2: PKR 185,000/-
      • TR-3: PKR 190,000/-
    • 3.5GHz Band
      • TR-I: PKR 1,000,000/-
      • TR-2: PKR 370,000/-
      • TR-3: PKR 370,000/-

Provisional winners will be announced upon the completion of the auction. Within seven (07) days of announcement of provisional winners, written intimation to the winners will be given.

Further within 30 days of having received 100% payment of initial Spectrum fee and license fee as per schedule given in IM, Licenses/Spectrum will be granted/awarded.

It merits mentioning here that PTCL, Wateen and SCO currently have WLL licenses for AJK and GB regions.

    • it was the responsibility of AJK govt. to legislate related rules which weren’t in place for PTA to proceed with auction. Since those matters are resolved, PTA can proceed with auction. Do some research before making useless comments.

  • An off topic question
    why don’t the gov make gb and ajk provinces of pakistan so we can do an individual thing together on time, sad these guys had to wait longer

    • Kashmir and GB are disputed areas of Kashmir territory. Although GB can be given a provincial status but its Pakistani govt. who have not given them that status so that in case a plebiscite is held to decide Kashmir under UN resolution of 1948, it would get the benefit of GB voters. Due to this GB people have suffered the most over the years despite declaring their accession to Pakistan early in the days.

    • Agr kabhi koi bat samjh mein na aa rahi ho ya kisi cheez k bary mein info chahiy ho to google search say help ly lein

    • Wireless local loop is used for wireless communication
      links which deliver plain old telephone services or broadband services
      to customers. This is an ideal application which provides telephone
      services remotely and is mostly used in developing countries where cable
      infrastructure is either expensive or speed in not fast. This wireless
      link can be a part of the connection between the subscribers and switch.

  • Janab ap ki madad ka shukriya
    Hum ap ke bhoot shukar guzar hain but no thankyou. Ye website mere khyal se bani hy is liye ke kog apas mein aik dosray ko batayen and samjheyen and knowledge me izafa karein.
    Agar ap nay aisy hy advices deni hy tu baraye meharbani ap beshakh apni advice apne pas rakh lein. Noone will be affected one bit.
    I searced on google of these wll locense can help bring 3g services in.? There was no clear answer
    Isiliye humare admins se hum ye sawal krte hayn.
    Agar sab kich google hy krna hay tu yahan ake apna time koi kiun zaya kre ga.
    Ap tu is website ki viewership kam krnay pe tulay hayn.
    Me canada betha hun aur me ye sawal khudh isliye kr ra hun kiun ke muzaffarabad me se skype viber krna aik azab hay
    Ptcl wingle hu ya chargi ya sky telecom sab bekar hain, tb se wait kr ra hun ke 3g 4g aye jab b ye question kiya koi update kabhi koi answer ni mila. Ab tu meine pouchna hy chur diya hai.

  • So Mr. Amin, why wouldnt you explain in your article what exactly these WLL services are? Like is it that dreadful eVo thing? and how is it going to improve the internet situation in AJK?

    • been asking the same question.
      i wanted to know if this will enable telecom operators to provide 3g 4g or if it is going to be something else ? but i never hear back. maybe its time to leave since whenever i ask anything about ajk i dont get a reply.
      i asked if there is an update of any sort in the ajk and gb 3g situation but no update no nothing.

        • I have heard on a facebook page that this was delayed to december 29th so both can be held together as they had plans to have telecom providers submit bids for 3g licenses. And by january 2016 they ll alot the license.
          Lets hope its actually done that way.

          • Seriously man, it’s like we live in stone age in AJK. It’s about damn time….but I don’t know why propakistani won’t explain to their visitors what exactly are they gona get after this auction…

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