Roundup: Holiday and New Year Deals and Discounts by Pakistani e-Stores

It seems the latter part of 2015 has brought some new traditions for Pakistanis when it comes to shopping, both online and in-store. The nascent e-commerce industry in Pakistan has seen a big boost this year. Long-time runners like Daraz have finally strengthened their foothold in the industry while several new entrants have brought new and innovative ideas to the market. At the end of it all, it’s the customers who are benefiting by opting for online shopping in Pakistan.

A growing number of online retailers offer numerous deals that can be availed by consumers who sit comfortably at their homes. Despite the growing presence of online retailers and the ever-growing 3G internet usage in Pakistan, most of the local population is unaware of this handy service available to them. E-retailers took a different approach this year by offering massive discounts to get those people, who are yet to experience the e-retail services, to shop online.

Online retailers took the front seat during Black Friday sales recently and offered massive discounts, a first for Pakistan. The biggest deals of the year brought many new consumers to try out e-retailers for the first time.

To take the new tradition ahead, some of the retailers are offering Christmas Holidays and New Year Deals and discounts just like the Black Friday promotions witnessed earlier. While searching for every single retailer offering discounts is a tough job, we have done all the hard work and made a list of all the retailers offering these discounts available for everything from fashion items to electronics. (by TCS)

Yayvo, formerly TCS Connect, promises to offer premium and branded items on its online store. Calling itself a premiere store, Yayvo does indeed have a wide variety of products, from some of the most well-known brands on sale.

Their Christmas Sales range from Fashion and Lifestyle to Electronics sections. You can check them out here.

Daraz has been the front runner when it comes to bringing these international sales to Pakistan. The retailer was the first one to offer the Black Friday sales and is one of the few to offer Boxing Day and New Year Discounts in Pakistan. Just like the Black Friday deals, these discounts will cover a very large set of items on the online store. Daraz is also offering free fashion advice from two of their in-house stylists to help those who want to stand out when they begin their new year. Boxing Day and New Year Sales will be available here when they go live.


Cheezmall is offering massive discounts yet again. The discounts are available on most of the items available on the e-store’s website. Buyers get free shipping and the option to apply a PKR 500 Cash Coupon to their shopping cart. The coupon is available for all items in the Christmas section, which are already offered at discount prices of up to 60%, and is available until the 26th of December. Customers can use the coupon on two orders at most. The Christmas sale is available here.

The new entrant also offers a winter sale with free shipping and discounts of up to 70%. The winter discounts apply to a very large inventory of electronics, household items, fashion and clothing items. The Winter Sale can be accessed here.


Ufone’s Umall has been around for some time now but has been left behind by other retailers offering a wider catalogue of items and better prices. Umall is coming anew with Holiday Season Sale with discounts of up to 42% on items listed on the online store.

Head here to find Umall’s holiday deals.

Telemart is offering some end of year sales as well. The deals are limited to make-up items and is called Grand Make-Up Gala. The discounts offers Buy one Get one free on some items while discounts of up to 50% on the rest of its make-up catalogue.

The Grand Make-Up Gala deals are available here.

Turbooz is offering a Super Sardi Sale. The newcomer offers a wide variety of items but the new sale is limited to Fashion items. The discounts vary and go up to 50% on some of the listed items.

To get your hands on Turbooz Super Sardi Sales head here.


iShopping is offering New Year deals with iShopping Bazaar. The deals are expected to run from 25th December to 31st December.

You can find iShopping deals here.

Kaymu.PK is also offering  great deals and discounts over the weekend of upto 60% discount across its wide product range of electronics, gadgets, winter wear, cosmetics, footwear and various other categories.

The Weekend Deals will start with Christmas Eve on December 24 and last the entire weekend till Sunday, Dec 27. You can find them here.


The Bytes New Year Sale will offer deals on 1000s of products with discounts going as high as 90%. The sale will start at 9 PM on 31 December 2015 and will go on for 48 hours. There will be numerous doorcrasher deals for customers throughout this promotion.

The sale will go live on New Year’s eve and you can expect them here.


Symbios will be giving huge discounts on left-over stocks as well as some amazing discounts on new deals for the New Year.

The deals are expected to go live on 00:01 am 30th December 2015 for 3 days. You can find the deals here.

We’ll be updating this roundup throughout the promotions. If there are any deals and promotions for New Years and holidays that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be including worthwhile deals.

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  • WT*? are they offering any Eid deals? Ramzan Deals or any other on Muslim events? Why Christmas?

    • they have just started offering deals from this black friday and judging by response they will be doing it on eid as well.

    • Because according to them if you give deals on Ramadan, Eid, Eid Milad-ul Nabi (SAW), you will be called old-fashioned, outdated and illiterate. However, if you give deals on some self-made Black Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas etc you would not only be called modern, enlightened, classy and well educated but also look cool n cute. This is the reason at least I’ve concluded so far.

  • I guess the writer forgot to put the “Cheezmall” (Read: Fraudmall), the orders which were given on 25th November sale are never reached to the buyers till to date, and while asking from their helpline they are replying that due to customs issues n etc its late but we might not be able to deliver the items, however same items are still for sale on their website. So the discount was just an eyewash because orders are never gonna arrive but one can order the same things without discount as all those things are displayed and readily available.

    Now who will raise voice for their frauds? when it comes to promoting their fake schemes and promotions, then propakistani leaves no stone unturned to persuade audience but when it’s about exposing them then no one stand for the consumers rights. I alone can tell couple of my orders which are not reached even after a month and may never reach and there are numerous other buyers who are going through the same. Inquire this matter and expose them that why they floated fake sales when they can’t deliver the orders even after whole confirmation process and all?

      • Dear nothing will happen u will see. We all have become corrupt. We only see our own interests in everything, no one bothers to stand by truth or raise voice for others. May be I wasn’t speaking too if i myself was not effected. I really feel sorry for our system.

  • telemart is mess, they are selling blacklisted iphone on the name of new with one year warrantly , and when we claimed warranty they had lame excuses on it, cheater

  • It’s a well appreciated
    thing so far that in Pakistan things are changing and eCommerce industry is
    growing rapidly and playing a good part by introducing such deals on special
    events. I myself an online buyer because it is easy comparing things and
    selecting the best item for your need. I would like to mention an online store
    here is bringing imported brands/vendors’ products in Pakistan, which
    is a positive change because now we can avail all those products which western
    countries are using. I am highly impressed by the Yayvo because they brought
    something up to date in the market.

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