5 Ways of Evading Taxes in Pakistan and Not Ever Getting Caught

If you are a startup, blogger, freelancer, small business, self employed individual, corporation, company or anyone who is liable to tax, today we will tell you a secret way of evading tax and not getting caught ever.

Warning: it would be tax evasion and not tax saving, but don’t worry — we can guarantee you that you will never get caught.

Before we get to details, read below 5 methods of not paying taxes:

  1. Don’t pay the tax
  2. Never pay the tax
  3. Forget about paying the tax
  4. Think of how hard it was to earn your money and refuse to give it up
  5. Believe that you have paid the tax and don’t pay it again

So once you adopt any of the above mentioned method, fear not and be confident that your government will announce an amnesty scheme for you a few years from today and that’s when you will have to pay few pennies to get your self cleared. Know more about this amnesty scheme below at the end of the story.

In case you don’t feel good about evading tax, just relax and think of parliamentarians, business tycoons and everyone else who are several thousands times richer than you but evade tax with pride.

If you still don’t feel fine then spend the tax-able money on UPS installation, generator, also hire a security guard to safeguard your places, car maintenance required due to bad roads or similar expenses.

Please note: This is a rant against tax amnesty scheme or financial NRO from government that will allow filers and non-filers to pay a nominal tax (of one percent) against all their previous earnings for which they had never paid taxes. More details on tax amnesty can be viewed here.

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  • Tax Amnesty Scheme is launched to benefit the money-launderers, thugs, thieves and corrupt people. it meant for Munshi Ishaq Dollar and their allies. A tax payer pays up to 30% tax just on income other huge taxes apart. Now by this bill who never paid taxes will only pay merely 1% . what a joke. Now does anyone have any doubt that this government is of thugs?

    • Yes you are right as per your mind but on the same way gov. will able to know about those who never pay taxes and how much amount they have. Not good step but only used to caught these people after knowing everything and later FBR will force them to pay taxes as they already showed their income.

  • Jis tarah Musharraf ke NRO ne mulk kharab kar diya ab ye financial NRO bhi usi tarah mulk kharab kare ga :(

    Jo 1 percent tax milay ga is NRO se wo bhi government ki jaib me chala jaega.

  • crucial part of the amnesty is to bring the long time tax evaders i.e. Traders & high level politicos in the Tax-Mix! pretty unnecessary this “RANT” was in the scheme of things.

    • how about FBR going after them and registering tax evasion cases against them and bringing them to justice instead of giving amnesty and converting black money into while money? makes sense?

      • No it doesn’t.. Mush tried that approach.. failed pathetically coz of infinite Dark-circle of favors between the said parties.

  • just relax and think of parliamentarians, business tycoons, Beaurocrats, Lawyers, Judges, Media Persons and Army Personnels (Most Corrupt One).

  • Amir Bhai mujhy pata ha apki site block kr k apko blackmail kr k ap say pesy liy jaty hein TAX k nam pay

  • Really useful info. The standard of information here has gone miles up since the inception of this Blog. Reminds me of evening news papers. Thumbs up and Now I totally understand how hard it is to write a informative write up.

  • yeah well , see the reason for all the comments i make ?
    lack of equality and equity here :/
    my family has paid tax since day one and we got NOTHING in return from the govt , the broken roads are still broken , national saving schemes got worse , robberies are common practice , jobs are hard to find , no social security scheme … just to name a few deficiencies that the govt have infected us with WHILE remaining FILTHY rich themselves!

    wish they could see how hard it is to survive in the economic climate , makes ends meet AND pay taxes to an undeserving govt as well !

    What a Joke Pakistan has come … not the Land Of Pure anymore now , is it ?

        • Solutions you are asking me? Government has state power. It can do anything for betterment of country rather than protecting the thugs and Ayyan Ali and giving them new year gifts in shape of amenity schemes. Criminals whether financial or terror are supposed be under trial not supposed to be given incentives and facilitation. So if tomorrow Zardari and Nawaz brings their ill gotten money from swiss banks and pay a fu**** mere 1% tax n make their money white and live happily ever after woth no fear and use that money however they want? What are you talking about? What about those people who are earning halal money and taxes. What incentives is government giving them? Every day imposing new and more taxes on those who are paying already every year increasing their tax slabs. Every week giving mini budgets? Every month increasing power and gax prices, every month issuing SROs to increase gst on petrol? And what are you talking about man? Are you even sincere to this country and it’s people or people like you and amir liaquat have sold their souls with shareefs and shurafa in few pennies?
          Solution? Solutions are many but it’s not the solution. It’s the will which is needed. N u find this ‘highway robbery amenity scheme’ a solution?

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