Telenor Brings Internet Easyload, Exclusive Balance for Internet

Telenor’s has started offering a new service called Internet Easyload. Customers can get exclusive balance only for internet usage through the new service — it will be like a usual easyload but balance will go to your internet account and will not be available for calls, SMS or any other service.

Balance recharge via Internet Easyload will be accumulated separately from the normal balance. Internet balance can only be used for internet consumption. Multiple Internet Easyloads will get summed up and the validity of the load will also get extended as per the top-up amount, just like the normal Easyload.

Customers will be charged for their internet usage from this separate balance unless its runs out or expires. Charges are Rs 1 per MB and can be used for 2G or 3G data. The internet balance cannot be transferred to normal balance and cannot be used to subscribe to any internet packages. Users always get charged at the default rate and there is no other way that this balance can be consumed.

After the consumption of internet balance, customers will be charged at the normal rates from the normal balance. In case, customer subscribes to internet package, the package data will be used first followed by internet balance when the package is exhausted.

All Telenor prepaid and Djuice customers can go to any Easyload retailer and avail this service. The new internet balance does not require any subscription and customers can start using this service immediately. Internet Easyload amounts available to the user (with bonus balance and validity) are listed below:

Telenor internet easyload

One Internet Rupee will get you one MB. So if you have 50 Internet Rupees (worth Rs. 25 of load) then you can use 50 MBs of internet till the balance is expired.

How to Check Remaining Internet Balance:

  • String to check internet balance is *200#

Terms and Conditions:

  • Internet Balance will be charged at Rs. 1 per 1 MB for both, 2G and 3G data.
  • Customer can dial *200# for internet balance enquiry and *444# for normal balance enquiry.
  • Any Loan Amount will not be deducted via internet easy load. Customer will have to do a normal recharge to pay the pending loan amount.
  • Customers will only be able to buy regular internet bundles with their main balance and not the internet balance.
  • Upon double recharge, amount will be added to the previous internet balance (If any) and the validity will be updated.
  • Reversal of internet easy load will not be possible thus please make sure your retailer enters the right phone number.
  • Customers doing internet easyload will also get a recharge notification which will confirm the internet balance posted.
  • Internet Balance can only be recharged via internet easy load. Recharge with scratch card or voucher is not possible.
  • After the validity period expires, the internet balance will be confiscated.
  • Internet balance cannot be used when the main balance has expired.
  • Internet Easyload is not mutually exclusive to any other offer.
  • Main balance and Internet balance will have their own individual validities independent of each other.

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  • The functionality was probably always there.. segregating the customer account for different purposes. Only took some thinking and market awareness.. simple !

  • Too expensive. I would have loved to load my internet balance with 500, get 1000 internet rupees and buy that 450 wala monthly package for which i need to buy cards of 550.

    Allowing package purchase off internet money will drive more sales.

  • Way too expensive. They should be giving Rs.1 per 10 mb of 3g interent. Just FYI, Zong in giving 25mb internet for Rs.1

  • Lol, Another topi drama.

    Rs 100 main Rs 500 ka balance but internet rate is Rs 1/mb, which means 500mb in Rs 100. While 500Mb bundle cost is almost same for monthly plan. Weekly/Daily is way more cheaper than this :D

    • bhai meray yaay recharge hai bundle nyi hai. default rate is 1/mb whereas normal default rate is 10/mb for all comapnies

      • Users always get charged at the default rate and there is no other way that this balance can be consumed. Which means, if you recharge Rs 100, you get Rs 500 balance which means just 500mb (Note that, Telenor didn’t mention pulse rate here). So, 500mb in Rs 100 is nothing.

  • o bhai jab package hee nahin kar sakte is say to jahanum main jaye aisi offer. Maine to yeh device le k ghalti kar li but aur koi option bhee nahin hai. I hate dhong and ufone and Mobilink signals aren’t everywhere.

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