YouTube Blocks Blasphemous Content in Pakistan

YouTube, after resisting for years, has finally blocked the access of blasphemous videos in Pakistan, we have checked.

The move is aimed at aligning YouTube’s content policy with Pakistan’s demand for blocking the access of blasphemous videos in the country.


An agreement, regarding this, between YouTube and Government of Pakistan was reached recently. Afterwards, YouTube also announced a local version of YouTube for Pakistan specific audience where specifically tailored content will be delivered to Pakistani users.

Pakistan, on September 17th, 2012, had blocked YouTube in Pakistan for showing videos that were blasphemous in nature.

Personally, I think the reason it took Youtube so long to make this move was because of the incompetence of our government officials, who either argued the case amateurishly or just never wanted the ban to be removed.

After recent developments, PTA has already requested Supreme Court to reconsider its earlier decision of banning YouTube as blasphemous content is now blocked in Pakistan.

While majority of Pakistani ISPs have already unblocked YouTube and Pakistani users are freely able to access the website, an official notification will be issued after Supreme Court’s review of the website.

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  • Zohaib Hassan

    Good news…………. :)

  • Mirza Moazzam Baig

    About time. ……..

  • Muhammad Fawad

    On PTCL Facebook

    • Muhammad Yasir


  • Only this movie is restricted. Otherwise, I have found blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which are still available even in local version of Youtube. I was trying to search “Innocence of Muslims” to verify this report. I am not going to share the cartoons for the reasons you can easily understand. نعوذ باللہ

    • Adeel

      Ap internet use karna chorh do aur aalim ban k wahan chale jao jahan k logon ko islam ka kuch nhn maloom aur internet in cheezon se bhari hui hai so stop using internet because ye duniya ye mehfil ye internet tere kaam ki nhn

      • Thank you for such a nice advice. قبر میں فرشتے کچھ پوچھیں تو بولنا، یوٹیوب پر دیکھ لو یا گوگل پر سرچ کر لو۔

        • Hazim Faisal

          KK i’ll do that u mad?

        • Agar aap youtube faide ke liye istamal nahi karte to iska matlab ye nahi ke koi aur nahi karta. Aap aise cartoons aur videos kyon search karte hen? Aise chizen to poori internet pe milen ge. Saare internet ko ban karen ge? Internet ek ilm hasil karne ka zariya he. Jesa ke kalam. Agar khuch loog us kalam se nauzubillah buri chizen likhte ya banate hen, is ka matlab ye nahi ke kalam ko hi ban kardo

          • KMQ

            uff Waqas bhai aap ne tu emotional kardia, aur aap ke is jumle ne tu aanso nikal diye ‘Internet ek ilm hasil karne aur phelane ka zariya he’

            • Haha, bari nazuk surat-e-haal he :P Khuch logon ko samjhane ke liye emotional hona parta he

        • Hazim Faisal

          everyone has a right to view whatever they want to view that is not was not and will never be any of your business and you do not have the right to pick on people for that
          nothing should be banned it shuold be your faith strong enough and if it is not that is completely up to you

          • Mainichi

            finally someone said it!

          • Muhammad Yasir


        • Adeel

          Good idea but mere paas itna time nhn k blasphemous video aur cartoon beth k dekhun jo ye cheezen banate hain aur aage share karte hain un k liye Allah kafi hai aur ap TV dekhna b chorh do sara din sunny leone ko dekhte rehte ho ?

          • I have neither watched nor it is my habit to search such content. I tried verifying this article on Youtube and found the one I referred above. Then, I just shared it for the knowledge of readers of this article. However, as usual, Pakistanis only know to criticise. Stay blessed!

            • Adeel

              God bless you and keep visiting, chup k chup k ?

          • Muhammad Yasir


    • Haroon

      Ap PTA ko Link k sath Email karden, In Sha Allah 3 4 Maheene Me Remove kardenge wo.

    • Khurram ShahzAd

      Yaar there is lots of negative stuff on internet. The very google you use to search have lots of negative stuff indexed on it. So we should get the best of positive stuff on our disposal. Without these searches that content will be buried but when you start searching for that, you cause it to be shown to more people as app thinks its popular in this area.

    • if u search bad content on internet u will get bad answers so plz even saudi arab did not block youtube stop living in stone age era find informative thing on youtube u will find 100000s of videos

      • Who the hell is saying to block Youtube?

      • Muhammad Yasir

        Saudi’s are the BIGGEST epicenter of hypocrisy and opportunism !
        they only follow suit with whatever benefits THEM !
        and as for the other muslim countries , they enforce every possible Sharia law they can to cripple it while going scot-free themselves

        so for all those molvis and saudi lovers detesting this move , please go to saudi arab. .. or hel , there’s not much difference anyway !

    • Fahad

      There would literally be bulk of such stuff available about our religion and other religions all across the internet! If you really are that much concerned, kindly stop using the internet or stop searching for such content!!

      • Good logic. By the way, how many years have we travelled back during last 3.5 years when Youtube has remained blocked?

        • Fahad

          How much have we achieved during these last 3.5 years? More use of VPN, Hotspot shield, ZenMate and the list goes on! Use a thing in a positive manner and you will get positive outcomes! Stop being a “digital molvi”

          • Adeel

            Hahaha digital molvi ?
            Molvion k bhi maze kara diye digital bana k ?

            • Muhammad Yasir

              lol :D

          • By the way, I am not too religious; but I wish to be. I’m a liberal person with open mind and shared above information for the sake of increased knowledge of readers of this article. As far as Molvi is concerned, they are an important part of Muslim communities. Without them, one cannot be born (they say Azaan in child’s ear when s/he is born), cannot die, cannot marry, cannot offer prayer, cannot learn Quran, etc. etc. If you hate a Molvi that much (that you use it to abuse people), I doubt about your way of life. Shame on you!

            • Fahad

              I never said I hate Molvis! The molvis you are talking about are a genuine followers of Islam. It’s the people like you who try to spread hatred I don’t like and many others too! Go and get a life! I am done arguing with such a stupid person as you are!

              • LOL! It’s people like you who spread hatred by interpreting the other way.

            • takunja

              Your molveeism is spilling all around. Did you dare to tell me that I cant learn Qur’an without a molvee? And you said I cant offer prayer without one? Ops. Thanks for correcting my religion.
              When we give unprecedented and undeserved importance to molvees in practicing Islam, we will surely think like you do.

            • Anon

              you don’t need a molvi to marry you – need two witnesses … that’s it. and Azaan can be given by anyone – not a malvi – please…. let people be.

  • umer

    now dailymotion is blocked :( :(

    • Saqib

      who cares!

      • Muhammad Yasir

        dailymotion and imgur are massive platforms !

    • Mainichi

      Probably a glitch. They also accidentally backed imgur a few days ago.

      • umer

        Let’s see

  • EffEff

    Yaayyyyyyy :D

  • KMQ

    Mere hisab se YouTube ke ban ka sab se bada nuksaan yeh hua, ke jo log pehle baki blocked site (specially related to p**n) nahi khol sakte they unko bhi humne sikha dia buhat easily ke how to access a blocked site.

    Because takreeban har ek ne seekh hi lia tha ke how to open YouTube aur isi chakar main baki blocked sites bhi unblock hojateen.

    And now YouTube tu unblock hogayi but people still know how to access the other blocked wahiyat sites.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    “the reason it took Youtube so long to make this move was because of the
    incompetence of our government officials, who either argued the case
    amateurishly or just never wanted the ban to be removed.”

    this is the VERY DILEMMA of Pakistan !

    • takunja

      Incompetence of our officials is a fact. But how come they became competent all of a sudden? There is more to it than meets the eye. I am sure Google was not begging for mercy.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        ofcourse not…. must be something to gain for them

  • Salman Qamar

    Who will block these contents. You just blocked one movie and considering what the hell u achieved.

  • and this so called ” tailored content will be delivered to Pakistani users. ” is very ‘vulgar’ i may say.