PTA Files Petition in Supreme Court for Removal of YouTube Ban

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Saturday filed a petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, seeking removal of a 3-year-old ban on YouTube.

The video-sharing website was blocked in Pakistan in September 2012 over its failure to take down the blasphemous “Innocence of Muslims” movie that sparked furious protests around the world then.

In its petition today, PTA contended that the authority had banned YouTube on the order of apex court. The authority, it said, however launched a local version of YouTube, removing objectionable content for users in Pakistan.

The petition says the ban on the world’s largest community powered video site is not necessary after the launch of the localized version. The court, therefore, should lift its ban on YouTube, the petition pleaded.

It must be noted that Google last week announced a local version for YouTube that will have tailored content for Pakistan region. However, unlike PTA claimed in the petition, the blasphemous content is available on the video sharing website.

It maybe recalled that Pakistani ISPs have already opened the access of YouTube in Pakistan, however, official removal of ban is subject to Supreme Court’s order.

In case the Supreme Court lifts the ban from the Youtube, the people of Pakistan will be able to gain access to the world’s biggest video streaming site after a gap of three and half years

With over 1 billion monthly users worldwide, YouTube is the world’s largest online video sharing community, and is now available in 88 countries locally, as well as in 76 global languages, including Urdu.


    • PTA ne supreme Court ko bhi paplu fit karne ki koshish ki hai. Koun sa ban hataney ki permission? when youtube is already open and working flawlessly.

  • youtube ban or any other online ban is stupid as there is a famous online saying

    “10 ways to block it 101 ways to unblock it”

  • “It must be noted that Google last week announced a local version for YouTube that will have tailored content for Pakistan region.” where is google announcing? it you, propakistani…. since when you start to spoke for google? further there is not such thing as local version… it is just a logo

  • Great, Google should now also enable adsense on youtube(for Pak accounts) so content creators like Karachi Vines etc can earn from their hard work.

      • Lol… Just mentioned as irony that if site was open without any proxy then what kind of ban it was… By the way PTA today notified about removal of it.

  • Sachi Baat ha. Govt of Pakistan ko paisay mil gaye hain. Jala Watan ki gayi gustakh youtube is officially Halal Now. Cheers

  • If the blasphemous content is not removed then what’s the point of going to the court? and why in such a hurry? I mean the news came just this week and they just rushed to the court without even checking if the content has been removed or not. It’s like they were running out of oxygen or something without youtube.

  • Do u think the world gave a fudge abt what pakistan thought and wanted regarding the vidz. Its us who want their website not them since they generate very little revenue from pakistan. Besides i have been able to access it in all these years so what ws the point of the ban. Stupid govt can only ban stuff which defames pakistan in whole world

  • Dear Amir, please update the article, Youtube has removed all the instances of the objectionable video from its Pakistani version. Here is the screenshot

  • Who The F*** Cares About Local Version As Long As YouTube Is Open In Pakistan Everyone Is Happy Stupid People Just Need Something To Keep Complaining

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