This Browser Extension Unlocks Secret Netflix Categories

Netflix is host to a vast amount of content and the service recently launched in Pakistan. The huge number of shows and movies can become unwieldy pretty fast. If you want to search for something, it’s pretty easy and Netflix shows what you are looking for. But for those who don’t have anything specific in mind, have a certain mood for a particular genre and prefer Netflix’s decent recommendations, there’s finally a solution.

Turns out there are some secret codes that can be used if you want to unlock quite a number of Netflix’s secret categories. These categories are pretty specific like movies for a specific age, anime, supernatural thrillers, etc. When someone browses Netflix, the URL changes and there’s typically a 4-digit number at the end of the URL. By changing the number, plenty of unique and specific categories can be viewed.

There are currently two websites which are hosting the updated secret codes along with their categories. The two lists are available here and here.

However, a developer was quick to develop a browser extension for the same purpose which is much less of a hassle. Users will only have to choose the categories instead of editing the URL and going to the above mentioned websites multiple times.

The browser extension is called Super Browse. Fortunately, it’s available as a Google Chrome Extension and a Firefox Add-on so those who prefer one of these browsers over the other one won’t be left in the dark. Of course, Opera users can also install Chrome extensions, so pretty much everyone (other than Internet Explorer users) can use the extension.

Super Browse adds a link at the top menu of the website and the left of the “Browse” menu. Simply hovering over “Super Browse” brings about a scrollable and searchable list of Netflix’s secret categories which are organised alphabetically.

The extension works the same for both browsers, but the Firefox version has been listed as a beta version so bugs should be expected. One thing to note is that these categories change from time to time, so some codes might stop working. Hopefully, the developer will keep the extension updated.

If you want to know how to try and unblock region restricted content, the tutorial is available here.

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