Standard Chartered Introduces Remote Cheque Printing for Zong Customers

Standard Chartered Bank introduced Round the Clock Remote Corporate Cheque Printing facility for Zong.

Clients can now print cheques any time of the day or week at their own premises, through the Bank’s internet based global delivery channel Straight2Bank. While existing options in the market today involve manual processes and authorization which is prone to error and risk, Standard Chartered’s solution is entirely automated with inbuilt security, controls and audit trail features.

CMPak is one of the first telecommunication company to utilize this value added Onsite Cheque Printing (OCP) facility, and has set a standard for other telecommunication companies to follow in the market.

Through this solution, users have an added advantage in their treasury operations by enhancing control, and bringing further efficiencies to their disbursement processes by managing them centrally in the head office via Straight2Bank; while reducing the turnaround time for delivery of payment to beneficiaries by printing these cheques directly in their own premises in remote or out of town locations across the country.

As part of the Bank’s commitment to put its clients’ needs front, the Remote Cheque printing service is available round the clock. Now clients can continue to make cheque disbursements after banking hours.

All clients in Pakistan have access to this new service via a secure online banking portal Straight2Bank.

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