Get Your iPhone Replaced with Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE or Note 5

Samsung is launching a special ‘Trade-In’ program to provide the consumers in Pakistan with an opportunity to replace their iPhone 6 and 6S with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or a Galaxy Note 5 devices.

This limited-time offer will continue from the 1st Feb till 31st March 2016, whereby the consumers can simply trade-in their existing iPhone devices with Samsung’s top-line devices.

Every customer who avails this Trade-In offer will also get a Free Samsung Gear VR. Samsung is thus inspiring the premium Smartphone users to conveniently replace their devices, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or a Galaxy S6 Edge.

This opportunity can be availed at limited Samsung outlets, across Pakistan, including SES shops and Hero Shops.

The customer can visit selected Samsung outlet to get their current smartphone evaluated by the shop-owners. This will ensure a fair Trade-In price. If the customer agrees to the offered price, he can simply pay the remaining amount and get his favorite brand new Samsung Galaxy model.

Customers can get additional information — about Samsung stores — through this toll-free number 0800-72678.

The Samsung Galaxy – ‘Edge’ technology has gained tremendous popularity, as the device’s unique curved Edge screen provides quick access to frequently used apps, alerts and device functionality all with the swipe of a thumb, even when the cover is closed. Users can also receive notifications directly on the “Edge Screen” while watching videos, without disturbing their viewing. The powerful Note 5 device is also equipped with unmatched features, Apps and fascinating cameras designed to deliver exhilarating smartphone experiences, on-the-go.

Mr. J H Lee, President at Samsung Pakistan; “This offer reflects Samsung’s commitment to provide globally leading technologies with unmatched convenience for the consumers. The social-networking enthusiasts and Online info-tainment fans, who aspire to own and enjoy their very own Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Galaxy Note 5 device, can now avail this great opportunity to fulfill their desire, to own one of these coveted smartphones, which will empower them to achieve the ultimate level of productivity and style”.


  • Bil

    I hope they offer a fair trade in amount for the phone to be replaced.

    • Truth

      I highly doubt that…

    • KMQ

      Its highly unlikely that they will offer fair price for old phone and even sell the the new phone at higher price then market. Thats the only way they will cover the price of Samsung Gear VR.

  • Usman Ashraf Rana

    There is no source to the news. I called them, the representatives are not aware of it.

  • KMQ

    only samsung phone can be traded or any brand?

    • Mainichi

      Samsung only.

  • Alright guys, Try to call the given numbers and their jaws will drop in curiosity.
    Its a false alarm. Go back to the work now!

  • Burhan Ahmad

    So, whats the big difference? I can still visit any phone outlet and “trade” my existing phone with a brand new S6/Note5 by paying the difference.

  • Raja Maja

    this trade in option is like a cross sell technique, (i have confirmed by calling them), if someone has latest iphone 6 series, they’ll be considered fro this trade in option only, no one else.

  • Asfandyar Munir

    After calling the helplione and talking to the rep, was told that this offer is valid for only those users who wish to exchange the following: IPhone 6, 6S , Iphone 6 + , 6S+ . So no point really otherwise….

  • Haroon Rashid

    Mr J.H. Lee President Samsung Pakistan initiative is sincere in line with the Digital Divide issue broadly discussed at the WEF Davos 2016. The Vice Chair WEF2016 being the CEO of Micrfosoft Satya Nadila had outlined a detailed map, which I’m sure you’re well aware of. It is understood the true spirit of Digital Divide as far as Pakistan is concerned is practised as per reccomendations of the ITU, Geneva. The Anti Trust Authority Pakistan is well aware and should observe such sales, marketing activity to the naive consumer should be handled with caution. Samsung by itself is a very highly responsible member of global society, and will contribute to Pakistan society on the Digital Divide subject for selling obsolete, for obsolescence. Pakistan being a very highly reciprocative society will remember your contribution to the development of Apps., and contributing more to the development of Samsung smart phone and beyond.

  • dr.shahid

    Please add that its only for iphone customers

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    Can’t ditch Apple for a piece of crap! -_-

    • Bil

      S6 edge , piece of crap?
      Typical Ifail fanboy

    • abobobilly

      For one, its much stronger than the iPhone.

  • Taha Najam

    You guys are a little early, it isn’t first April yet. Apparently, nobody at Samsung is aware of any such promotion and they are just as astonished to hear about it as we are.

    • aamir7

      Campaign will start from February 1st, as mentioned in the story. That’s when you should check for the info from Samsung.

      What you are seeing above is official release from the company. It has no input from our side.

  • Ali

    Galaxy s7 launch is near I think they want to clear their old stock.

    • Jaun Raza

      tabruqan daydaien :p

  • Imam Bux Mallah

    So, it’s actually like selling your iPhone to buy Samsung.. where is the deal man!

  • Test

    Will Samsung payback, additional price? :P
    Even second-hand IPhone 6, 6S , Iphone 6 + , 6S+, are worthier than their phones!

  • nabeel

    a move from Samsung to eradicate Apple from the Pakistani market..

    what will be reaction from Apple next? Replace your Samsung devices with Apple iPhones and get 50% money back as well !!!!

    • Atif

      Apple already done that in US, replace samsungs with apple phones… stunt

  • Scot Richard

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    • bilal

      and now you are in jail

  • RP

    So, did anyone go get a get an estimate for a trade-in amount being asked for an iPhone 6 against Note 5? I’m interested to know if it’s even worth bothering going all the way! Thanks

  • Faisal

    Aamir, i went to one of Samsung affiliated stores at Blue Area Islamabad last night with my Iphone 6, and to my surprise, he started asking questions regarding this campaign, as he was not aware of it (Date 3rd Feb) and i was like, “Seriously”

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