Pakistan Ranks As One of the Slowest in World for 4G LTE Speeds

Open Signal, a UK based Wireless coverage mapping company has badly exposed LTE/4G services in Pakistan by ranking it at 4th slowest in the world with an average LTE speed of just 4 Mbps; slightly above the average for speeds of 3G (3.5 Mbps).

Iran tops the rank, Costa Rica second, Saudi Arabia third with 3 Mbps and followed by Pakistan at the fourth-last position with an average of 4 Mbps average speed for 4G LTE networks.

Global average speed for 4G LTE networks is gauged at 13Mbps.

Singapore tops the list while providing the fastest average LTE speed of 37 Mbps, followed by New Zealand with 29 Mbps and Hungary with 28 Mbps.


According to the OpenSingal report, Pakistan has an average LTE speed of just 4 Mbps; which is slightly above the average for speeds of 3G (3.5 Mbps).

With coverage of 56%, Zong’s average 4G speed was recorded at 7Mbps, while Warid’s average speed for 4G was ranked at 3Mbps.

Though Sri Lanka and India surpass Pakistan in LTE speeds with 11Mpbs and 13Mpbs 4G LTE speeds respectively, both SAARC countries lag behind in terms of 4G coverage.

Pakistan has better coverage with 58 percent as compared to 49 percent in India and 39 percent in Sri Lanka. South Korea tops the list with 97 percent LTE coverage followed by Japan with 90 percent.

According to the latest data of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the number of 4G (Zong) users jumped from 254,122 subscribers in November 2015 to 282,701 million subscribers in December 2015, while Warid has a total of 10.69 million customers.

OpenSignal’s report on State of 4G LTE networks for Q1 2016 can be downloaded from here.

  • I am experiencing 18 to 45 Mbps LTE speed on Zong all over Faisalabad. Dont know about other cities.
    My experience with warid was horrible as It never reached beyond 10 Mbps.

  • Comparing the (area) size of South Korea and Japan, Pakistan’s 58% coverage will become 200% for those countries. Speed related issues will persist for another year or two because networks are expanding coverage, infrastructure is new and it will take time to settle.
    In my opinion, Pakistan is ahead of many other countries (who had launched 3G/4G services years before us) in terms of coverage, speed and rates.

    • India use 700Mhz, 800/850Mhz, 1800Mhz, 2300Mhz, 2500Mhz for 4G bands.
      and pakistan use only 1800Mhz for 4G band.

      This 4G average speed tested on AIRTEL 2300Mhz (20Mhz x1) 4G band.
      Pakistan operator use 1800Mhz (5Mhz x2) 4G band, this is why pakistan’s 4G speed slow compare to INDIA.

      INDIAN operator successfully tested on VO-LTE & VO-WIFI (HD voice call over LTE network & LTE WIFI network) & may be started in the next couple of months.

      Airtel and Reliance Jio – are working on next step of simple LTE – LTE-A and LTE-U – respectively. LTE-A (LTE Advanced) is more about carrier aggregation, which means adding different types of spectrum bands. On the other hand, LTE-U (LTE Unlicensed) is more likely to be the next step forward after LTE-A. It was originally proposed by Qualcomm for using LTE technology in the unlicensed spectrum (5GHz for example). Ericsson also uses the term License Assisted Access (LAA) to describe a similar technology.

      These technologies are aggregating LTE in both, licensed and unlicensed spectrum. LAA can be used in all the regions globally while LTE-U is region specific – USA, Korea and INDIA.

      • Pak operators using 1800 MHz (2*10) correct your knowledge. And we dont know how they calculate average speed. This is speed i am getting on Zong LTE with 2GB/day in just Rs 10 which is cheapest LTE in the world. What is rate of 4G data in india?

        • what you’re getting is 5Mbps lol, on better locations i get 10 Mbps on zong and mobilink 3g.
          lte speeds on better locations are 15 to 19 Mbps on zong.

          • 5 Mbps maximum downlaod speed is approximately 700 kB/s while in above screenshot its arround 5000 kB/s which can be get on 40 Mbps connection. Try to understand difference among Mbps, kB/s and MB/s first than comment.

            • no need to be rude or think you’re the only smart one, a simple pointing towards 5000kB/s thing would have sufficed.

              ps: yes i know the difference, most people post this way only to brag, thus it skips my eyes.
              also getting 40Mbps is on its own amazing as max ive seen or get was 30Mbps on my Find 7a.

        • NO, Zong paid $516 million for 10 MHz spectrum in 2.1 GHz frequency for 3G and 10 MHz spectrum in 1.8 GHz frequency for 4G making it Pakistan’s first 3G and 4G operator.
          check wiki:

          im using AIRCEL 3G, MAX speed i get 10Mbps (download speed on IDM 1.2 to 1.4 mbps).
          & i also get RJIO 4G sim with 75GB of free 4G data without any cost.
          RJIO 4G not commercial launch yet, commercial launch likely in March-April. RJIO 4G speed is 70 to 90 Mbps (may be speed decrease after commercial launch).

  • well lets dig the prices between the fastest singapore Vs the slowest saudi arabia

    in singapore there is no concept of unlimited data usage on 4G , singtel 10GB/month @ $49.90 , 49.90 singapore dollars translates to 35 USD.

    in saudi i am using 60GB/month data sim @ 96 Riyal which translates to $25.

    high speeds due to low data allowance and small population.

    these factors should be taken into account.

  • Speedtest is useless for this purpose. In order to truly gauge the performance of the network, you should give direct downloading, torrent running via a client a try.

  • Do not give such reports any importance. When they take average, that includes all kinds of users: users from low coverage area, users in overcrowded BTS area and the users who use internet during peak hours. In PK, people who live in areas where towers are not overburdened yet get good speeds. Like for example, I get upto 15 Mbps download speed on Telenor 3G and upto 25 Mbps download speed on Zong 4G. So, stop complaining and throw this report outside the window.

  • Zong is getting worst day by day. Now they throttle facebook and dailymotion video streaming. You are lucky if you are getting good speed using zong services. I think govt should allow more new companies to offer 3g, 4g internet services. Competition may increase value of service.

  • average is like …………. a person has 90,000PKR and the other person has 10,000PKR…..when talking in terms of average……..Both have 50,000PKR on average…….That’s how per capita income is also calculated by the economic “Masters”.
    I usually get 15-20Mbps speed from Zong……Off peak, it is upto 25Mbps while at peak times it is usually around 10-15 Mbps. Peace.

  • People are mixing up average speed on instantaneous speeds. Average speed is calculated by scientific methods not by some app or some download speeds.

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