Telenor and PTCL Sign MoU

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Telenor Pakistan through which Telenor Pakistan will be able to consume PTCL’s back-haul infrastructure till 2020.

This MoU will facilitate Telenor to avail PTCL’s vast network footprint and infrastructure spread nationwide for their rapidly growing 3G subscriber base.

Mr. Omar Khalid (EVP Carrier Services & Wholesale, PTCL) and Mr. Khurram Ashfaq (CTO, Telenor Pakistan) signed the MoU in a ceremony held at Telenor Pakistan headquarters recently.

Signing ceremony was attended by senior management from both the companies, including Mr. Sikander Naqi, (Chief Business Development Officer, PTCL), Mr. Saad Warriach (Chief Technical & Information Officer, PTCL) and Telenor side was represented by Mr. Espen Brettas Dahle (Chief Financial Officer, Telenor Pakistan).


In the post 3G/4G regime, cellular operators are foreseeing a steep incline in the data usage patterns of subscribers, hence requiring backhaul for their BTS networks through fiber connectivity. The aim of backhauling of BTS sites is to ensure readiness for the evolving data market of Pakistan.

As per the MOU signed, PTCL and Telenor Pakistan shall sign a frame agreement, where Telenor shall be utilizing PTCL’s technical expertise and extensive experience for fiber infrastructure deployment over a period of five years uptil 2020.

The senior management from the two companies emphasized on the need for closer cooperative ties to provide innovative, cost effective and readily available services for the Pakistani market. This partnership will go a long way in paving a bright future for both the stakeholders involved.

  • Zong also shares their infrastructure and ufone is in the same league too, so only mobilink is deploying there own infrastructure ?

    • telenor and zong are already in process of deploying their on backhaul but it will take time till that time PTCL zindabad :P

  • I had both Telenor and PTCL EVO, and Telenor only pretty much worked on my roof sometimes, and PTCL Evo Wingle 9 worked OK, so hopefully they can combine the technology, so we can have better 3G, Ideally I want 4G. But Telenor’s coverage maps for 3G are pretty much inflated, I could only get a signal in the evening on the rooftop or early in the morning. But yet their coverage map shows full coverage in my village. Money is not issue for me, Telenor should increase price or data, I am willing to 10,000 to 15,000 rs a month but give me 20mbps, Telenor needs to stop worrying about affordability, damn it they can stick a booster on my house for free, I’m in one of the richest rural areas in Pakistan. 10,000 rs is nothing to us we throw that kind of money on dancing girls.

    • Lol @ 10k on dancing girls for that amount you only get hijras . Or if u insist maybe 70 year old retired dancing girls! As for signing MoU until the tax rates are rationalised doesn’t really matter

      • Due to your lack of English comprehension abilities, you assumed the girls were hired out that is not the case, I am speaking in general terms if someone hires dancing girls out for a mala or a wedding, no problem 10, 20K is nothing to throw on them, one of the wealthiest if not the wealthiest rural area in north east Pakistan, and it’s not Kashmir or Jhelum either. I have nothing to prove to you, my twitter speaks volumes. You’re pretty much an unknown entity to me, not even on my level.

    • look how proud you are. btw, “richest rural area” is always composed of smugglers, drug dealers or robbers, or a combination. Want to make a bet?

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