Nokia Predicts 5G Boom May Begin as Early as 2017

With the increasing demand for mobile bandwidth, the world is eager to embrace 5G – the new generation of network architecture that will create limitless possibilities, impacting every industry globally. Nokia, the once dominant mobile company, has already set goals to invest in the network and start production of 5G capable equipment.

‘5G May Be Fully Operational by 2020’ – Predicts Nokia

With network speeds as high as 10Gbps,  5G will be ripening the flexibility and accessibility of the current communication era. And according to Nokia’s Chief Executive, Rajiv Suri, ‘5G will happen faster than expected. This may surprise some of you,’ he said, at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Highlighting the challenge of upgrading equipment to meet 5G requirements, the company is expecting stronger growth by capitalizing on the network, and preparing for sales of 5G equipment as early as 2017.

Since the acquisition of Alcatel Lucent in January, Nokia is hopeful of its future prospects in the 5G market, especially emphasizing on the year 2020 as the year of the ultimate showdown on 5G. ‘2020 is probably where we see global volume deployments,’ Suri stresses, adding, ‘We will start to see a lot of action ahead of 2020 – in 2017, 2018, 2019. Discussing several large telecom’s investment plans, Suri roused excitement by informing the audience of SK Telecom’s ambition to have 5G ready for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

What the Future Holds

With Nokia’s enthusiasm and predictions of 5G, it is safe to assume that the next two years will be one of tough competition, high-end devices and some spectacular advancements that could radically change the way we work, communicate and view the world. The implementation of 5G will drastically re-shape not just the tech industry but also the entertainment industry, the automobile industry, the agriculture and manufacturing industry – thus making 5G the, ‘Internet of Things.’ Are we ready for the future?

  • And we can place our bets safely(considering Pakistan’s previous track record) that 5g will only come in pakistan in 2025 or later.

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