Mobilink Rewards Its Employees with a ‘Well-Done Bonus’ Package

Mobilink has announced a well done bonus for all of its employees, including contractual employees, we have confirmed with sources.

CEO of Mobilink Mr. Jeffrey Hedberg felicitated company’s employees in an email, that ProPakistani obtained exclusively. He emphasized that the bonus is based on company’s past performance in the cutthroat Pakistani telecoms landscape during 2015.

Mr. Hedberg was pleased with how the company navigated various challenges in 2015, and given the merger with Warid Telecom, Mobilink is all set to become the largest mobile phone services provider in Pakistan.

To offer his gratitude to the Mobilink team, Mr. Hedberg referred to the company’s goal in 2015 to foster and instill a culture of performance and delivery and reward when everyone performed beyond expectations.

Therefore the company will be paying a ‘Well-Done Bonus’ to all employees for the month of February. Employees include those in PMCL, BCS, LDN, Waseela and on-premises third party support staff (security, IT helpdesk and admin). It applies to all employees who are part of the Mobilink family since 2015.

The ‘Well-Done Bonus’ is separate from the annual performance bonus that the company already pays.

The company, in 2015, had to weather challenges thrown in by the biometric re-verification drive, but Mobilink actually made it into a strategic success by translating it into a 1% increase in customer market share.

Furthermore, Mr. Hedberg credited the ‘the introduction of the Regional Operating Model, that allowed closer proximity to our customers, extracted localized insights on customer behavior, and enhanced responsiveness through regional empowerment.’

In his closing remarks to the Mobilink family, Mr. Hedberg looked forward to 2016 and the initiatives from Excelerate Program to power Pakistan’s largest mobile telecoms company in its future endeavors.

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    • Pathetic network, seriously? You should try other four networks and I am pretty sure you’ll change your view about Mobilink.

      P.S. I am not an employee.

      • Warid still not a part of maybelink, I am sure it will also become maybelink. It’s not even near to Warid’s quality standards. Warid is such a reliable provider only choice of sensible corporate sector.

  • “CEO of Mobilink Mr. Jeffrey Hedberg felicitated company’s employees in an email, that ProPakistani obtained exclusively.” Isn’t that a blatant disregard of confidentiality?

    Mr. Jeffrey Hedberg may not be very pleased with this sentence unless it was a paid content ;)

    All said, good initiative by Mobilink.

  • dnt worry this bonus is like the “chaara” given to bakra before qurbani. The Mobilink and Warid merger is going to atleast layoff 80% of warid employees and 20% of Mobilink

  • i believe Mobilink has released many managers, senior managers etc in the last few noths, Why has no one noticed that?

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