CCP Completes Hearing the Mobilink-Warid Merger Deal

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) on Wednesday completed hearing of the Mobilink-Warid merger case and may issue final order within 1-2 weeks of time, well placed sources revealed.

It was the 2nd hearing, where according to sources, lawyers and representatives recorded their arguments and as per sources the process was ‘hectic’.

Mobilink and Warid have submitted all required details and necessary documents for the merger.

It has been confirmed that that there will be no more hearings in the case and now CCP will issue final order after internal deliberations.

The sources further said that the Commission may string some conditions with the decision, but it is too early to talk about those.

The 2nd hearing of the Mobilink-Warid merger case was held after about a one month gap. The first hearing of the case was held on February 12.

The whole telecom sector is closely monitoring the case which is being considered as a unique one in the country’s history.

The case will have far-reaching effects on the overall sector as well.