GFive Starts Producing Phones with ‘Made in Pakistan’ Label on Them

After getting required approvals and no objection certificate from authorities, GFive has finally started producing mobile phones in Pakistan with label “Made in Pakistan” on them, reported Telecom Paper and separately confirmed by ProPakistani through official sources.

According to early information, GFive will assemble feature and smartphones in the country.

Currently, as per sources, total assembly line capacity of GFive is around 500,000 units per month, which is likely to grow with time.

Reports said that GFive is using PTA approved equipment for its assembly plant.

Just in case if you are wondering, a trial production has already been started and as many as 87,000 units have been assembled by GFive already.

These assembled in Pakistan phones include both smartphones and feature phones that will be made available to local market very soon.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Haier has already announced plans to start a phone assembly plant from April this year.


These new plants would not only help in reducing the import bill as smart phones are the demand of the day, but will also help bring good investment and create job opportunities for the youth.

It merits mentioning here that government of Pakistan has offered special tax incentive package to mobile phone manufacturers, which includes:

  • Income tax exemption for five years.
  • 90 % depreciation allowance for plants, machinery and production line equipment used for manufacturing of mobile phones certified by the PTA in first year.
  • Customs duty and sales tax exemption on the import of plants, assembly line machinery and equipment.

We are yet to see the quality of Made in Pakistan phones to give a conclusive opinion about the prospects of locally manufactured phones.

Keep visiting this place for more information on the development.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Bil

    Great initiative!

  • GGXD

    Good, more Jobs !

  • Muzz

    Great…. i will definitely switch to “Made in Pakistan” mobile InshahALLAH

    • Mahfooz Ahmed

      i am using already…. not a bad choice really except the lack of software updates and development. but launchers cover that all.

    • Salman ahmed

      Karoe .hath ke amdar phat jae gi pakistani technology

  • Usman

    We should support them. Support for Pakistan’s economy!!!

  • I want to give them (Y) Like

  • Haroon Rashid

    Good iniatives with following, as it may possibly have an export market as well, if the origin is certified as local manufactured. Hope this will not be like car assembly for kit car which is produced locally but cannot be exported due to non compliance of quality, and barred by World Customs Organisation to qualify for exports. Good its a Hungarian product, but was not visible at the World Telecom in Budapest 2015 which was visited by chair PTA, and the Ministry as well. Hope the brand and origin is genuine Hungarian, with quality criteria, and not Q Mobile trend. I
    With mobile technology visibly understood at the GSMA2016 a guideline for countries, already visited by chair PTA and Ministry etc., So it shouldn’t be a fake bubble with deceptive marketing. The Anti Trust is highly vigilant by Gatia, Gutka marketing practise by mobile marketing companies. It should be healthy, un-biased if the interest of enterprise, and consumer.

  • Waqas Rabbani

    Great news

  • Zaheer Abbasi

    Geo Nawaz shareef.

    • Salman ahmed

      Ganjae ne konsae apni jeab se lagaya ha jahil insaan?

      • Zaheer Abbasi

        Phaney khan sey to 100darjey behter hai.

      • Zaheer Abbasi

        G*y khan ki siasat khatam.


    From parts to tools to assembly line, everything is imported from abroad. So I don’t think the quality of the products will be different than what GFive was selling already. Good thing is the assembling jobs will be in Pakistani hands rather than chinese. Hopefully in future they will manufacture their own parts as well.

  • Azi

    Nawaz ki govt hai soon asa koi tax nakal k thokain gy in per k plant band karny pary ga in bacharo ko

    • Saleem

      And what about Internet Tax in KpK, stupid Potian?

  • RT

    hopefully this’ll help in creating the brand name for Pakistan for quality and reliability. inshaa Allah

  • G for Gfive

    my first phone was gfive, a keypad phone, a gift from my brother. though within one & half a year, mine and my sisters phone got corroded and circuit/lcd burned itself. lol. Well, lot of interesting memories belongs to it. So good luck for them.

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    Good Work By PML-N…. Jeay Nawaz Sharif…. Keep it up>

  • Potato

    This is such a good initiative. Let’s hope this move will contribute in the revival of IT industry in Pakistan.

  • usama

    I will try gfive for sure just to support made in paki initiative.

  • Salman ahmed

    Assembling cannot be called made in pakistan .

  • Muhammad Yasir

    true success will be when SAmsung , Apple , Sony and even Xiaomi/Meizu choose Pakistan as manufacturing partners.

    kudos to GFIVE but we need everything from circuit design to R&D , not just product assembly to merit being labelled “Made IN Pakistan”

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  • AbdulB1

    PTA approved equipment? what is that? PTA now even approves smartphone making machines?? PTA is seriously making a mockery of itself!

  • Wajahat Ali Chowdry

    Great Work.

  • Pathaan

    With so many tax/financial exemptions what are we really gaining except cheap labor for the manufacturer.