Qandeel Baloch’s Sensational Facebook Page is Now Gone Forever

After a temporary ban on Monday and then restoring it for few hours, Facebook has now apparently blocked Qandeel Baloch’s Facebook fan page for good, at least that’s what social media experts are saying.

Qandeel Baloch, who had been in headlines lately for her bold videos and visual stunts, got her Facebook page recovered when it was blocked by Facebook on Monday due to complaints on certain posts. Qandeel had reportedly removed such objectionable posts to retrieve the page but only for a while.

As soon as Facebook reinstated Qandeel’s page, her page was again bombarded with complaints — only with a difference that users complained about her page instead of individual posts.

Some social media activists and several Facebook page admins ran a proper campaign for pushing users to report Qandeel’s page.

Apparently, the volume of the reports pushed Facebook to block the page again and according to those who know Facbeook rules inside out, it is likely that Qandeel won’t be able to recover her page now.



Social Media experts, whom we spoke with, are saying that it would be very hard for Qandeel to retrieve her page now due to being blocked repeatedly. The user complaints show that a lot of community members don’t like her content and this is the conclusion Facebook has arrived at as well.

It bears mentioning here that Qandeel Baloch, in a yet-to-be-aired interview with Mubashir Luqman, has said that Social Media is not owned by anyone and she’s free to say or do whatever she wants to on Facebook.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Gone for good.

  • Kamran Nawab

    Why is Propakistani writing news about girls or models? Are you going to start writing about Vaneeza, Reema and Meera next time?

    This is Not IT, Telecom or computer related news at all. It’s gossip news which we find in fashion magazines or women’s magazines.

    I used to come to Peopakistani to read news about the telecom, IT, PC industry.. NOT to read news or gossip about models and actors, or wannabe-models.

    Propakistani, please stick to proper news. This article is pathetic.

    • Mohammad Ali

      Who said propakistani is all about IT ???

    • Waseem Anjum

      Agree… and look at the thumbnail of this post.

      • KMQ

        Bikul sahi, pictures tu dekh kar upload karte hi nahi yeh log.

      • BADAR

        Best Ever Photography. All are in international standards.

    • Talha Mufti

      Come on its a social media news its not just about her. Its covers Facebook’s complaining system too. And you know there is always an option not to read news.

      Stop hating & do something good with your life.. :)

      • qaisark787

        han bhai tum puri karo ankhon ki thandak

    • Ishtiaq

      well, gradually this site is turning to be an adult site. All we find here is Qandeel Baloch, Veena Malik, Uzu-e-Khaas, Lamba Chota Mota, Doraniyaa Barhain kam karien. Soon this site will only be left with pornographic news and contents n nothing else.

    • qaisark787

      make it simple
      how much propakistani will lose
      if they don’t post such article ???

    • Arslan

      I agree with this man.

  • Bil

    Check out Mubashar luqman gving this hoe so much importance. . .

  • Atif

    If people dislike her so much, why are they always reading her page all the time…
    leave it if you don’t like it.

    While I do not agree with her views, but our society is very judgmental.

  • Fakhre Alam

    How about pro Pakistani attaching a vulgar pic of qandeel to the post?

    • M. Aamir. M

      Let’s report Propakistani for that :P

    • mrtomatohead

      Vulgar is subjective :)

    • BADAR

      Best Ever Photography. All are in international standards. Thumps Up ProPakistani

      • Fakhre Alam

        hahaha acha ji? apni pic bhi lagao aisa phr. leken tum to larki nahi ho shayad. PMLN ka koi paid worker ho.

        • BADAR

          We have to do this if we want a better Pakistan and compete with other countries. Recently Mobilink had done a world class advertisement complaint but cheap people don’t like their creativity. So the Problem is not the govt problem is people itself. They don’t want Pakistan to grow.

          • Fakhre Alam

            We need to compete in education, research and technology. if nudity can bring growth or development whatever you call it. then animals were supposed to be the most developed. See this pic below? No cleavage, but still they landed a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in saudi arabia in March 2016. nudity has nothing to do with growth.

            • BADAR

              Vulgarity is the most important way to catch people attention to their products.

              • Fakhre Alam

                hahaha. PeghaamTV isn’t vulgar, still it has a huge viewership.

                • BADAR

                  I think it is the channel of so called mullaism in Pakistan. but i dont say anything about thayt channel because i don’t know aboutthis channel. But ARY QTV and MADNI TV is absoloutly aso called mullaism channel.

                  187,087 people likes Paigham TV(FB)
                  website is down.

                • BADAR

                  Peace TV Urdu 23,786 people like
                  QTV 3,746 Total Page Likes
                  Madni Channel 5,091 people like this

                  Now compare with most vulgur channels of Pakistan
                  HUM TV 5,527,882 people like this
                  ARY DIGITAL 1,327,073 people like this
                  GEO TV 5,353,868 people like this

                  • Fakhre Alam

                    would u let your daughter go out wearing a revealing or vulgar dress? would u allow ur children to watch porn ? would u marry your daughter to someone who is attracted to vulgarity and will get attracted to every other vulgar girl?

                    • BADAR

                      Its depends of people thinking.

                  • Fakhre Alam

                    You are telling me about facebook likes ? hahahaha

                    • BADAR

                      yeah absolutely, hehehehehe

                  • Fakhre Alam

                    you are just another trying to be liberal and you are as much hypocrite as other liberals are.

                    • BADAR

                      How hypocrite?

                  • Fakhre Alam

                    vulgarism brought rape culture to india. i hope you agree.

                    • BADAR

                      Its only the human mind. If its good then not a single source can interfere on it.

  • qaisark787

    Bhai mein ise janta bhi nai tha
    propakistani kay through pata chala
    why are u advertising her ?

    • KMQ

      exactly thats the point I made on earlier article about her. They are indirectly marketing for her.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      HAHAHA LOL same !

  • A. Khakwani

    Really? Do we Pakistanis really have that much free time to indulge in such useless, crybaby-esque activities? It’s her page, she should be able to do whatever the heck she wants over there. If you are so concerned about the morals and ethics, you should not be visiting the f’king page in the first place! And just look at these idiots, reporting her page for “harassment” and “hate speech”. Really? When did she harass somebody or display hate speech? We are committing one unethical act of lying in order to get rid of another so-called unethical act. God, we are getting dumber with each passing day.

    • Hyder

      Glad that there are still some level headed sane Pakistanis left.

    • Hyder

      The only possible reason for her page getting blocked that I can see could be her persistent offers to Shahid Afridi and Virat Kohli to strip tease for them, This could well be classified as sexual harassment until or unless the subjects approve of that.

  • CoMrAdO

    I read couple of previous posts on that issue.. I am still confused whether it is an IT news or not.

    • Hyder

      Madni bhai aap toa rehnay hi do. Mumtaz qadri kay chaleeswain ki tyaari kero.

      • CoMrAdO

        Sawal gandum aur jawab channa… Bohat khob…. Kitni jamatain pass ki hain apny ?

        Mr. Rizwan Saleem

  • M. Aamir. M

    Look at the Google Trend what’s going on because of her :D People are so much strange!! LOL!!!

  • Daniyal Rawala

    Shame on Facebook for Deleting Qandeel Baloch’s Page just on the basis of Large Number of baseless Complaints, I Totally Disagree with QB’s Philosophy but This Step of Facebook is actually Slaps on the Face of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. Every Person has Rights to express His/Her Expression/Words & No Body will be allowed to Forcibly Stop Him/Her- Shame All those who Support Facebook Decision against QB!


    Very Bad News. QAndeel If you saw this comment then switch to YouTube. Every body have right to do whatever he/she wants to be.

  • Hyder

    How could a global social media entity such as Facebook itself hold onto such a judgmental stance. I fail to see how her content was against any terms prescribed by Facebook. If number of reports is the only metric that was considered while taking an action against her page then I can only imagine where this lunatic mob would take this free speech social media.

  • Jaun Raza

    All those who are saying we dont care abt her and blah blah and spare their time to read this article and comment lol munfiqat at its peak, between she has freemdom expression agher aik molvi ko bolnai ka haq hai jo merzi then she has too, u shouldnt like her page or dont watch, but the fact is that 4 lakh people liked her page.

    Baqi those folks who is saying its it blog blah blah jab mumtaz qadri par article likha tha tab kiun nahe kaha yeh ?


    Social Media Experts :D ye kon log hote han ?


      HatESOff to ProPakistani’s Social Media Experts :D Phr se Dalo k uska Page Waps Sai HogyA :D Khelri ha wo Awam k sath, Khud Page Hatari ha :D

  • Rahima Rahemo

    bht acha hoaa gggg

  • Forever, duh! the page is back again. Get ready to make a third story :/