Facebook Blocks Qandeel Baloch’s Fan Page [Updated]

In a development that is being billed as consequence of Qandeel Baloch’s videos during past two weeks, Facebook has removed her fan page, we have checked.

Update: Qandeel Baloch’s Facebook Page is Now Gone Forever

Qandeel Baloch is a Pakistani ‘model’ and ‘singer’ who has earned notoriety due to her social media antics. She became popular on social media due to her self-made videos discussing her daily routine and various matters.

She became controversial due to her bold videos and had over 400,000 fans on her Facebook page. Moments ago, the Facebook page “Qandeel Baloch Official” was removed and anyone pointing to the URL is redirected to home page, indicating that page has been officially removed.


The model works with various commercial agencies and recently rose in popularity when she said she would do a strip tease if Pakistan cricket team won against India. At least there was some positive side to our national team losing in T20 world cup game.

It is still unclear why the page was removed, but we think that a flurry of user reports triggered the action on Facebook’s part.

Update: We are just tipped by Irtiza Farooq that Facebook removed Qandeel Baloch’s fan page for violating community guidelines.


While we are in process of obtaining more information, we have seen similar pages disappearing from Facebook in the past.

some of such removed pages were retrieved after the owners explained the case to Facebook management. It is yet to be seen if Facebook will give the page back to Qandeel Baloch or not.

Update 2

Facebook has unblocked Qandeel Baloch’s Faceboook page. Like we said above, if owner removes the objectionable content or if he/she’s able to explain to Facebook then pages are returned back to owners.

Apparently Qandeel Baloch has learned the lesson as its evident from her first post after getting back the page. “Aaj se no video”, said Qandeel Baloch in an update on her page.

Update 3

Qandeel Baloch’s Facebook Page is Blocked Again.

  • It is working for me.. I think it is blocked somehow in Pakistan only as i am checking it from U.S

  • Great move to remove the page (although I have only heard about her adult videos).
    On a serious note, why they deleted her page when they STILL have hundreds of abusing, blasphemous and adult pages.

    • Simple Yar! A lot of people reported the page as I did the same, that’s why, it was deleted. Other pages are not reported, that’s why, they are not deleted!

      • Other pages are reported too but Facebook has a strange rule for deletion of religious pages.

  • whoa!! Keyborad Jihadis in full swing. Be a flag bearer of your modesty if you can’t stand her & DON’T VISIT HER PAGE OR SHARE IT….. simple.

  • What was the purpose of this article. She having looks like HE is not even that important. Who cares what she does. This is her marketing too. There are worse pages on FB than this one. Why dont you guys report those too.

  • kuch samajh nahi aaya is post ka, is tarah tu ap encourage kar rahe ho logon ko to go and check the page :S

    Mujhe is page ka pata nahi tha aur ab pata chal gaya, is tarah kitne log honge jo unaware honge but aapne indirect marketing hi kar di Qandeel sahiba ki…

  • I think Altaf bhai kae baad yeh sab say zeyada hated personality hae, Alamgir pata nahee kaha hae, pehlay is ko FIX IT karay! Social Media ki gandi machli, tharki awaam khoob mazay lae rahee hae!

  • I never knew about her. Now I searched a little after reading at propakistani and thanks God I never knew.

  • Seriously!! I’m seeing this on pro-Pakistani… some thing related to telecom or technology..?

  • Qandeel did nothing wrong, har insan ka apna haq hai. Islam to hai he aik problematic religion

    • Right said, Har Insaan k apne apne Haqooq hai, Lekin iss k sath sath her insaan per kuch faraiz bhi hote hai, Agar Insaan apne apne Faraiz adda kare to mere yaqeen hai insaan ko apne haqooq k lia itni zilat ameez harkaat na karne pare.
      Baqi rahi baat Islam ki, to FB waloo ka Islaam se to koi Taluq nahi phir unho ne QB ka page block kio kiya, Muhtramma?
      Becuase aap ki QB ne FB ke faraiz(Terms & Conditions) ko follow nahi kiya tha. Iss tarah to FACEBOOK Problematic ho gaya kia?

      • QB k followers bhe isi qaum aur mazhab k log he hain. Terms ka raag aik bahana hai. Sab kuch terms pe ho raha hai na FB pe?

        • Special Tip: Kissi insaan ka character jannana ho to us ke dostoo(followers) ko dekha jata hai. Followers kam/ziada, national/international hona koi miaar nahi, because followers to shetaan k b buht hote hai, To kia ham ab shitaan k aage b gutne taek de? Nahi sister.
          Baqi raha aap ka sawaal(Sab kuch terms pe ho raha hai na FB pe?) to iss ka jawaab to FB waale hi bahter de sakte hai.
          In the end respected sister, pls don’t blame the Islam on base of personal like/dislike.

          • Islam is the excuse for many in Pakistan. Kisi ko maarna ho Islam k naam pe maar do, jhoot, chori, etc all things happen in the name of islam. Mumtaz Qadri ki haqiqat bhe samnay he hai , is mein koi shaq nahin

            • Buraiya to poori dunia me ho rahe hai, to kia yeh kissi khaas mazhab k waja se hai. No way sister, because there are no any religion in the world who promote the evils.
              Bus insaan hi apni nafsi khawashaat ko paane k lia galat raaste choose kar leta hai.

              • Poori dunya ka thread nahin hai yeh. It started on a Pakistan’s forum about a Pakistani girl’s account from FB. Islamic areas of the world are in deep trouble. Violence is only in parts of the world jahan islam hai. Why no such violence happens in Switzerland? Why not in Finland?

                • I have already answered you about QB two day ago, further, she also apologies about dance strip statement in MUBASHIR LUQAMAN SHOW.

                  Others i requested you sister please don’t criticize the ISLAM as base of personal like/dislike.

                  ISLAM is premier religion for all mankind & Muhammad BPUB is premium + finest personality for all mankind.

                  The vast majority of Muslims are moderate, pious people who suffer more from terrorism and violence than non-Muslims. Ninety-three percent of Muslims do not support extremist views of terrorism.
                  Gallup, Inc. conducted a revealing poll about Moderate vs. Extremist Views in the Muslim World. pls follow the link for confirmation (http://media.gallup.com/WorldPoll/PDF/ExtremismInMuslimWorld.pdf)
                  But our & international media has sensationalized the views of a small percentage of violent extremists as the legitimate understanding of Islam as a community seeking global domination by force.

                  Insha Allah, We all together make defeat the enemy in each sector with our positive/productive factual thoughts.
                  Then again our country may become harmony state as like before 1960-1970 decade.

  • 0307 5209337 i am better then her at the age of 35 and single i dont openly do this stufff

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