PTA Given June 2016 Deadline for Auction of Remaining 3G/4G Spectrum

The government of Pakistan has given a deadline of mid June 2016 to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for conducing auction of the remaining spectrum, as it needs Rs 65 billion revenue for meeting budget deficit for ongoing fiscal year, official sources revealed.


PTA has reportedly informed the government that InterConnect Communication; the UK-based consultant for spectrum auction has recommended holding the auction process next year. It was further detailed that now a sub-committee of experts is engaged in conducting techno-economic review to reach final decision regarding the auction.

However the Finance Ministry is sticking to its guns and is reportedly pressing the Authority for conducting auction in the current financial year.

According to sources Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has chaired a meeting to review current status and progress of the next spectrum auction. Minister of State for IT, Anusha Rahman Khan and Chairman PTA Syed Ismail Shah briefed the meeting on the progress regarding the upcoming spectrum auction. The meeting noted the progress made on implementation framework being developed by Ministry of IT and PTA.

The Finance Minister directed to ensure complete transparency while concluding spectrum auction processes in the current financial year at latest by mid June.

According to sources, the IT Ministry did a follow up meeting on Tuesday where PTA officials briefed the participants on different aspects of the auction process.


According to sources, officials are engaged in finalizing different stages and timelines which include advertisement, Information of Memorandum (IM) etc. In light of these developments, IT ministry is drafting policy directives and would issue details once the process get green signal from PTA.

Finance Minister is going to chair another meeting on spectrum auction on Thursday, where PTA and IT ministry would give briefing on the process.

Fearing poor market response, the Auction Advisory Committee decided not to give a go-ahead for the auction of remaining Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) Spectrum Auction and decided to form sub-committee of experts for conducting techno-economic review to reach final decision regarding the auction.

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  • Why don’t they issue DTH licenses if they’re just auctioning spectrum to meet budget?

    • bhai auction rate hi kam kar do…. but no they want to suck this nation’s blood…

    • Very good point, but they have no plans for dth bidding, there is involved cable monopoly,

  • Honorable Finance Minister should understand that the trails of fifth Generation 5G of internet should take place by year end, and the likely trails which would need spectrum is being auctioned at the saturation prices of 4G/LTE which on top is bearing Federal Taxes on MBB, which is being an active subject at the ITU, Geneva. The Hon. Minister should consider complete waiver on MBB, and categorical assurance for a prospective IM (Information Memorandum) that in future MBB would not be taxed. Earlier attempts on auction of 4G/LTE was haphazard obtained a fraction of what was expected. We have to exempt MBB tax with immediate affect, before the budget. Encourage our preparedness for 5G trails, and issue license of 5G after trails. This should be the thinking of our regulator and the Government. We have to be a nation of 5G and first, after 5G trails which is likely possible. In todays recessionary markets of China, Japan, and ROW we have to prepare for 5G and seek premium bid for being one of the first nation on 5G. Lets pray for the full mast flag of Pakistan.

    • Wake up bro you are in Pakistan. And 5g will nover reach till 2022 atleast even in China. Forget Pakistan

      • Talking about trails of network. Already simulated at GSMA2016 Barcelona by Huawei, ZTE and others.
        Testing requires spectrum availability by the admin., which is conducted by major Chinese groups, if spectrum available. Yes commercial deployment sale, licensing comes later.
        Please do read carefully. I’m in Pakistan day dreaming 5G.

        • Do you think Pakistan has sufficient infrastructure and equipment to test 5G? R&D is not our cup of tea. It needs lots of investment before skills and spectrum

    • its due to small allotted spectrum size and slow server connection to website hosts.

  • 600 BW is for 5G spectrum and speed is 1 GB per second. It uses 256 QAM and speed is achievable by having too many small cells on every where so customers are close to the cell towers.

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