This Startup Wants to Put Ads on Your Car and Pay You Upto Rs. 20k Per Month For It

Buying a car is an expensive endeavor. Maintenance, upkeep, fuel and repairs (if you’re a terrible driver or are unlucky enough to come across one) add to the cost of owning any vehicle. But what if you could offset some of those costs through no effort of your own? That’s the premise of Ticket Kataao, a startup that makes of your car a billboard and pays you for it.

There are three factors that decide how much you can make per month with Ticket Kataao.

  • Whether you own a hatchback or a sedan
  • How much distance you travel each day
  • If you want partial or full vinyl coverage of your car

While the startup has kept things simple, Talha Zaheer, the founder of Ticket Kataao, says that they will consider moving to a more granular level of calculating payouts if the market demands it. Once you’ve decided on branding your car, you start using the company’s app while driving around till you get matched with an advertiser.

ticket kataao 1

For branding the car with high quality vinyl, all costs are covered by Ticket Kataao and a locally manufactured tracker is added to the car (which can also double as an emergency tracker). Each advertising campaign lasts around 3 months.

As you’d expect, location and routes matter since advertisers value high traffic and busy commercial areas. Naturally, there’s variability introduced due to that. However, Talha tells me that:

What is important to note is that regardless of what area you drive in, so long as you meet the minimum requirements (30-50 km a day; varies per campaign, area and zone), you’ll get the 20,000 rupees (for a sedan) or 15,000 (for a compact).

As with any startup that gathers customer information, there are privacy issues. In this case, the tracker technology. To alleviate any concerns, Ticket Kataao provides heat maps instead of track lines to advertisers. ”Big data analysis is our sole concern”, adds Talha.

ticket kataao 4

For monthly payments, Ticket Kataao relies on checks until they automate the system through direct bank transfers.

Concluding Thoughts

While the idea behind the startup is smart, there are a few possible hiccups. Firstly, it’s going to be an uphill battle to convince owners of high end cars to put ads on their cars. Usually if you’re buying a car worth PKR 2.5 million, you don’t need the extra cash. Furthermore, for some people it might reduce the premium feel of the vehicle.

Secondly, Ticket Kataao’s success is going to be entirely dependent on the strength of their marketing efforts. Initial numbers (the startup has around 500 signups already) have been encouraging and I’m of the belief that commercial partnerships are going be the rarer commodity rather than the number of people willing to put ads on their cars.

ticket kataao

This also provides a potential solution to my earlier point. If Ticket Kataao can provide a wide selection of vinyls from advertisers across multiple industries to customers, they could actually bill it as the cool way to show the world what you’re passionate about. So rather than a sterile sticker about Panadol, it could be your favorite football club or your preferred brand of clothing. Now who wouldn’t want that?

You can check them out here.

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • shahzad

    This is bs such garbage ad 50 lac bhe dau gay nahe lagao ga.Apni car ke azit nahi becho ga.

    • KMQ

      Shehzad bhai aap tu emotional hogaye.. :-)

      • ABDUR RAUF


    • Khalid Yaldram

      ap ka banyan sa lagata ha ap na vote “noray” ko nahi dia tha ,,,,,,,,,salute you !!!! koi tu azit dar pakistani mila jisay car ki b fikar ha

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    This may actually work, especially for budget concious people . (But hey! Who cares about money anyways if he’s got enough money to get a “luxury” sedan anyway)

  • Zahid Hussain

    A good start. It will work definately. Can get more exposure by making ads more beautiful, image based instead of just text.

  • KMQ

    Idea is good, but is it legal to do branding like this? I think there is some kind of tax for this sort of advertising.

    • Arsalan

      It’s not illegal. A law governing it will be complex because it has to cover stickers, written messages too. Almost all rickshaws have some sort of advertisement (Bol, Rozee, Movie posters or even Hakim ads).


      definitely there is

  • Seconding the other comment here, advertising such as this is taxable. Hope this will be taken care of by the “startup” and the vehicle owner won’t get into any trouble with the law.

  • Umair Javed

    Main possible problem with this could be: is that ad going to be the permanent one? are you going to repaint my car? because if it is, then it will eventually decrease value of car significantly (everyone knows difference of prices/car value between original painted and repainted car)

    • Mr U Asar

      It wont decrease value of your car in long run, this vinyl coating is like a plastic sticker, that can be removed without any hard labor, but if you may ask, it maintaining the value of your car in long run, then yes as underneath the vinyl coating, your paint remains in pristine condition, no scratches, no fading from sun.

  • M. Aamir. M

    What about putting ads on my smartphone cover? Monthly bas 100 ka load karwa diya kro logo ko :P

    • KMQ

      Yeh cheez!! :D


      good idea

    • aa

      GPS ON Rakhna paray ga phir!

  • Ashraf Quraishi.

    Does someone try it? I did. I sent them reply they welcome me and disappeared. I tried to contact on their email and it returned permanent failed delivery marks.
    I know why they disappeared because they came to know that I am a journalist. I request you all to contact them and share your experience with me.

  • ahsen

    Could be suitable offer for Rent A Car business owners.
    But obviously not for family cars…

  • Talha Balaj

    hehe, one who can buy a car, why would he want 20k for month

  • Stickers laga do, paint ki zarorat nahi

    • Saad Raza

      Hi I’m Saad Raza.i have 2 vehicles.1 is Suzuki hiroof other is Mitsubishi van n I want to do vehicle wrap advertising for any company .kindly prefer if have any.thanks

  • I’ve been thinking same idea for long, but really afraid about market, I was new so I did not started due to lack of people Interest many love their cars. Now I am happy to see someone started this. This is good, Good luck Talha Zaheer. Now I can start with my concept better than this startup, I was thinking to add motor bikes, rickshaws and even low class people, rehri waly, pheri waly etc.. they will happy use ads stickers. If someone Interested to join me with this idea, do let me know.

  • Mr U Asar

    Would be more win-win situation if used on public transports, they would even agree for less for advertising, and added benefit of their paint protection against minor scratches and paint fading from sun and for advertisers, imagine the ad rotation.
    Though not absolute, where our society is based on display of wealth and financial stability, who would like to let others know they have to go extra mile for maintenance of their vehicle
    Covering whole rear screen is though illegal!


    only good for taxi owners…………..running for cash

  • Mohammad Sharaf Ali

    One day I think they would say place the ads as tatoo on your body, on your clothes, or whatsoever.

    They should have thought 1000 times before starting this venture…

  • great great

  • Waseem

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  • umar mahir

    hi sir

  • Mirza Shoaib Hassan

    Civic old i have..
    I need this ??

  • Zahid Khan

    Vitz new model running on careem need this stickers add plz contact

  • kawar

    Mujhy apni car k oper karwana hai pso ka advertise kahan contact karun?