Tesoro Introduces First Pakistani Online Store for Women

Globally famous online stores cater to a mix of customers. Big players in the online retail business give a common platform to various other brands to showcase their clothing, accessories, electronics and other products. But there is no such company in Pakistan, which only caters to a specific market segment.

Recently we have seen popular clothing and accessories brands in Pakistan having a strong presence in the e-commerce industry, but that too confined to fashion wear. Even though they did introduce a few categories of accessories, there is lack of variety.

Consequently, there has been a growing social media presence of retailers for women accessories, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, but they only cater to a limited audience.

One brand has managed to cater to the women’s market on a larger scale, popularly known as Tesoro Accessories. It has been in the fashion industry for the past eight years, and keeps to its slogan, “It’s a woman’s world” by offering a women-centric product range. While the whole country is busy in a lawn war, Tesoro offers a fresh way for women to accessorize.

Paula Tesoro, the Creative Director of Tesoro Accessories, believes that every woman has a right to feel beautiful, inside and out. “Why do we wear makeup? In order to look and feel great about ourselves. I pay highest tribute to all things beautiful so with Tesoro, you can feel even more beautiful when you wear it and are able to accentuate that inner glow,” she says while reflecting on the ideology behind her brand. “I want every single woman in Pakistan to have access to us so that we can help them feel amazing about themselves.” And that is what their new online store, Tesoro.pk is all about.


Being a Woman’s Bazaar it offers a range of women accessories including fashion jewelry, western wear, handbags, lingerie and sunglasses, at an affordable range under their own brand. Pakistani women who have access to smartphones and the internet can easily shop through its online store and avail the free shipping service.

Nowadays a large number of women in Pakistan are entering the workforce or simply busy elsewhere. They may have financial independence but no spare time for physical retail therapy. Online shopping is the trend that has taken these women by storm and they crave for choices. So, in a place like Pakistan, where the quality and price of women accessories is questionable, Tesoro.pk is a blessing for all.