Poll: How Was Your Experience at Startup Expo 2016?

ProPakistani has been receiving a startling amount of communication from its readers about Startup Expo 2016.

The event was conducted over the weekend and aimed to highlight the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan. Alongside an exhibition, it featured investor pitches, workshops, freelancer meetups as well as a food festival.

For a story that portrays each side fairly, we’re conducting a poll from our readers about their experience at the event. You can simply select the option in the poll below or leave a detailed response in the comments below.

We might be featuring some of the response in a post at a later time.

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  • It was a great event. I don’t know where these paid voters are coming from, voting shit about the expo.

    • Fakhar, I paid 2000 for standard pass, for my detailed feedback you can read my rants at my own page, but frankly , this was not a national standard exhibition and the kind of marketing done by the event planners, we thought we would get atleast an “Organized event” . Ask the participants who had stalls on the second floor and were sitting ducks because the organizers failed to put up a simple arrow with instructions to go up the stairs (40 stairs.. I counted).
      And yes if you think because of that I am paid voter, then yes, I paid.

  • If i know any organization which is supporting startups is #EDI. Atleast they are the ones who takes the 1st steps of motivating the startups and providing them a platform to showcase their startups. After their initiative now there are 100 of programs and institutes who started organizing such events and started supporting startups even at government level. This is change which we want and need. Great Work EDI (y)
    I can say that after attending the last 4 conferences and startup events i have came to this point that i should be a job creater rather than job searcher. I got my motivation from EDI Startups and Conferences. (y)

  • it was a Perfect experience for me, really very helpful, i wish it will held again, again and again also participate more multinational and international companies included pakistani news channels….

  • Poor management by the startup team. I agree with @rebeafirdous:disqus 100% as i too was a paid participant and was greatly disappointed.

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